Review: Microcosmos JH-815h aspheric zoomie

Bought this in a local chinese superstore, as present for a friend.

Build quality is acceptable for a very cheap light, especially if given as present to someone who is used to cheap unbranded 2D incan flashlight.

The box claims big specs, which are obviously fake and misleading.

It's nowhere near 500lm, I'd say 180lm is an honest guess.

Given the zoom ring design, it's absolutely NOT waterproof, not even a single drop splashproof.

Obviously it's NOT explosion proof!

It's a pocketable 18650 or 3xAA (holder supplied) aspheric zoomie that changes the focal by rotating the green ring. Rotation is in 15 increments with nice clicks at each step.

Black rubber reverse clicky tailswitch, unknown 3mode driver with High-Med-Strobo.

Emitter is an XP-E driven at 0,9A on high and 0,2A on Med. By the emitter spec, this should translate in 180 to 200lm depending on bin.

Lens is plastic but very clear, without visible scratches or defects.

Flashlight came with a lanyard, rubber cigar ring and pocket clip, all of them removable if wish so.

The zoom feature uses a floating dish that engages the threads on the inner face of the green ring. It's nice from outside because the zoom doesn't change the shape or lenght of the body, but the bad counterpart is that the floating dish has a poor thermal dissipation, through the threaded arms only.

The ring anyway gets warm in a few minutes on high, which is good. At least some heat can be dissipated.

The emitter is grossly offcenter. Will try to center it later.

EDIT: the emitter is held in place "pressed" by that shiny chromed dish, which is pressed into the main dish struct. No way I can remove that pressed in holder without breaking it out, so it was left as is.

Beamshots at full closed and fully open zoom position. Throw is not bad at all fully closed, the emitter shape is perfectly focused

this pic is darker than real, to show the emitter stripes

Sorry forgot to adjust white balance, from real it's cold white, not blue like it seems from pics.

Final consideration: nothing to scream about, but as a cheap honest pocket flashlight it gets the job done, and the solid feel zoom feature is handy and useful.

Is this the light in your post about the uber cells. I thought you said it had an integral charger, or was that some other light?

This light looks nice. Depending on price

The one with integral charger was another model with 2 cells in series, but there were no less than a dozen different models and sizes available.

This one was preferred because it was single cell and had the optional holder for 3xAAA cells (safer for non-flashaholics), small enough to be pocketable and got a clip also, and emitter was XP-E, meanwhile many of the other models had XR-E, which is good for throw but has less lumens for general use.

Price, I can tell what I paid here in Italy but I'm pretty sure in other countries or on the net you can find them cheaper. Anyway here it was 8 Eur, the set has a charger (low quality, you can guess) and one of those "uber quality cells" in a nice gift box.

Needless to say, I swapped the fake cell with a genuine samsung. The charger stopped at 4,21v so the precision is acceptable.

Thanks very much! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.