Review: New 612 - A great budget P60 SIZED alternative for 10$ (+ mod and beam shots)

Thanks Johhny.
I would assume its anodized, looks anodized to me. I have had at least 2 lights that surely wasn’t. Around edges the paint would “easily” go off, and it was possible to see the point where paint was stopped being applied (typical paint spray transition between paint and aluminium)

Is there an easy way to tell the difference between a good paint job and ok anodizing?

Thanks. I :love: it

Looks like a very good flashlight for the money.

It is also cheaper on fasttech! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review! Nice mod host! And I just got in some KD 28mm & 29mm coated lenses.


Garry. Sounds like faith…You got a nice 29mm lens, the NEW 612 could need one :stuck_out_tongue:
btw, did you order 28mm, and got 29mm by mistake? That happened to me some time back. KD always mess up something. I try to avoid them if I can find similar product elsewhere…

Yes I have some 29mm right now too……

No, I ordered a few different lenses (for A60, BLF A8, P60's) and they sent all the correct items. I ordered two different 28mm and the 29mm. My experience from KD is limited, but so far they haven't messed anything up on my orders. It did take 3 weeks (1 week until they even shipped it out) to get my order - typical.

RaceR86, where did you get your 29mm lens?


Nice review, I was thinking of doing one myself but I guess I’m to lazy.
I got mine in feb from Fasttech and it now it’s got a XP-G2, 2.1A nanjg driver and AR lens from KD.
It’s a really impressive throw from this little light now.
Oh you should try install the reflector without the centering ring

Hmm, the listing on Fasttech says plastic SMO reflector. THE DX one is clearly aluminum. Only $1 more to get aluminum reflector… I’m surprised they would be different. Otherwise, they look identical.

Here you go. We'll see how FastTech responds. I bet they will find it's really aluminum and change the description.



I’ve found that FastTech usually responds much faster if you open a ticket. I think that “geek” has said that they don’t monitor the forums as often. I think in one thread on their forum, I said that it’d make more sense for them to answer these kinds of questions in their forum so others who have the same questions can see them but I don’t know if they’ve done that or not.

I have the Fasttech one and the reflector is plastic, would be very surprised if the DX one is alu.
It looks exactly the same as mine.

Edit: Wrong info, it is alu

Hmm . . . interesting. I assume it’s still a “good” quality reflector? I’m not against plastic reflectors.

RaceR86 does list his from DX as having an aluminum reflector. Want to double check that RaceR86?


Yes I would say it got excellent quality :slight_smile:

Edit: Had to inspect the reflector again now and I’m sorry, it is in fact aluminum :X
Really hard to tell though had to use a knife to be sure.

Ah good!


KD. It was supposed to be a 28mm lens…

There was never a doubt mine had aluminium reflector… :slight_smile:
I would recommend others FT over DX though, better price too, and also aluminium reflector, so its probably the same light…

Thx all for digging into the reflector type. I’m gonna order one and probably do an emitter mod, XP-G2 NW on copper, just because. :wink:

anyone want to know how much this is in gbp? put it this way, I think I could build 2a 3mode xp-g2 versions for not much over £10 if I shopped wisely. Nice review r86 I’m going to have to get one to play with I think.

FastTech replied to the thread I posted on their product page, confirmed it's aluminum, and updated the product description.


If you shop wisely? If you just want a decent budget build. Just buy everything from FT. :stuck_out_tongue:

612 8,96
28mm glass 0,56$ (per glass in a 2-pack) (5 pack with tempered glass would be even cheaper per glass)
XP-G2 2,86$
6*7135 2,71
=15,09$ (already below 10£) –5% discount
=14,33$ after discount

Would take about the same time replacing those parts as I used writing this post…

I would without doubt paid a little extra for a Qlite driver though, would give you some spare 380 chips if you removed 2…

I dont need to say it, but Ill say it anyway… Copper MCPCB would not add that much in price… :stuck_out_tongue: 0:)
And Ill guess you will qualify for some discount when you buy a fair amount of Qlite drivers, and maybe some of the other stuff… :wink:

Id guess gords1001, did not need the links, but might be nice for some others out there who are not so used to shopping around.

This is probably the 29mm AR coated lens I put into my light. 2,16$

For some less cool XP-G2s, check my signature…

that’s fine r86, I’d definitely be thinking qlite drivers and hexicon? copper pcb as they come from our mutually favorite store for parts. :bigsmile:

that said, I do intend to do a c8 build involving copper, 3 - 4 amps, xp-g2 and xm-l2 and silver solder. J)