Review-NEW Lumintop ODF30C -With reverse polarity protection.

Hi, everyone lumintop has recently upgraded the odf30c, with a reverse polarity safety feature.

The overall flashlight looks the same, except that now the usb port is not having any blue pvd treatment and the usb swivel cover doesn't have the logo etched to it .
The flashlight comes in the usual cardboard box, with necessary accessories.

The flashlight has a high quality type iii ,anodized matt finish.Compared to other flashlights in this price segment , lumintop builds really solid flashlights.The flashlight head is well machined and the overall fit and finish is excellent for this price range.

As earlier, the bezels around the flashlight head and switch are blue coated.

The head contains adequate no of thick fins to dissipate the heat.
The tail cap is flat and helps in tailstanding.
The tailcap springs and positive contacts are gold plated and sturdy to support high current draw from the battery.

The threads are square cut, to provide long life and smooth operation.

The flashlight containes the same xhp 70.2 led in an orange peel reflector setup.This gives a floody beam with decent throw.

The spill is very wide and bright.The hot spot blends with the spill.

As, before the led tint is toward the cooler side.

The supplied holster is of very good quality and protects the flashlight well.

The flashlight has a good user interface, with direct access to low and turbo.Press once to turn on the flashlight, subsequent clicks cycles through different modes.Press and hold to turn off.
From off press and hold for 2 sec to access low.Quick double click , gives direct access to turbo.

The flashlight is equiped with usb charging ,with upto 2A charging current.The flashlight can be used in low mode while charging.The indicator inside the switch glows red while charging.When fully charged , the red light becomes steady.

The advanced temperature feature prevents the flashlight from overheating .It steps down, the output , if the flashlight reaches 55°c .The flashlight gradually decreases the output, when temperature at head reaches 55°c.

The flashlight can take either 26650 or an 18650 with the supplied converter tube.The batteries should have a high current discharging capability above 10A.

To summarize let me state it's pro's and con's

1.Very high output flashlight with a compact design.
2.High speed usb rechargeability.
3.Intelligent temperature control.
4.Electronic reverse polarity protection.
5.Wide beam with good throw.
6.Good quality anodization .
7.Blue coating on bezel provides an attractive look.
8.Toughened glass with anti- reflective coating.
9.Ipx68 waterproof rating.
10.electronic lock out function.
11.low battery indicator on the switch .
12.Good quality , padded flashlight holster is provided.
13.Sturdy battery contacts to support high battery current.
14.Anodized tail cap threads for easy mechanical lockout.
1.The beam is having a very cool tint.
2.The suppiled usb cable and lanyard is not of good quality.
3.No battery comes with the flashlight , needs to buy it separately (added expenses for buying high discharge batteries).
4.To exit the electronic lockout , we have to loosen the tailcapand re-tight
5.Output will not stay in turbo , when the battery voltage is below 4.0 v.

Very nice review jjp888. Thank you. I disagree with two points though:

  • I would not say this light has decent throw. It lights up the near field with a smooth floody beam very well.
  • I love the lockout feature. I've had some momentary switch "lock outs" accidentally activate. This lockout approach is reliable and safe.

Thanks for doing this review.

Why does this light remind me of an Olight?

Blue bezel

I agree , but at turbo it can reach enough distance,mainly due to it's sheer output.

About , electronic lockout I would have preferred another double or triple click for exiting lockout.Now it's like we have to do a mechanical lockout first to exit from electronic lockout, reducing it's usefulness.Just my observation that's all.

You observations are important and I think most folks will agree with them. I've gifted this light to 3 people and they all were floored by it. One said it lights up the world. I love the form factor and would probably buy one for myself if it came with a smooth reflector.

I don't get why most of the mainstream flashlights manufactures still prefer this icy cool tint.I guess maybe,they just wanted to make their flashlights as bright as possible,and are not willing to compormise lumen output for a better tint or cri index.

Manufactures should give more importance to tint and cri index, instead of marketing soley based on lumen output.

jjp888, CW projects brighter light. Hence, the flashlight makers choose to use tint.

The review is very good. I would have to disagree on comment being ” smooth floody beam ” and not throw. Of course this can not compete with dedicated throwers. BUT shear amount of light put out has very good balance of throw for sure.


Maybe I didn't test the light out enough, but I found throw quite lacking with this light. The near-field is so lit up that I could not see much beyond it. It does make the light great for most purposes such as hiking, etc.

One of the reasons I'm a fan of this light is because of it's run times for a single 26650. Some reviewer tested run times for hight at 20 min @1600 lumens and then another 2.5hrs @1000 lumens which is very useable.

I might have to grab one. Any place to get at reasonable price? Thanks.

I think M4D group buy is still active

Just got mine from amazon. Mine came with 4500mAh.

The 5500mAh battery from Rofis MR70 will not fit at all