Review NEW Olight H1 R Nova Headlamp

This is the Olight H1 R Nova Headlamp (neutral version) provided for review form Olight and no other compensation other than the light itself.
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I mentioned alot of this in the video portion , but i thought I would also post it here , in case someone does not want to watch the entire video.
The H1 R Nova is the new “upgraded” version of the H1 Nova. The H1 R has a couple of things the H1 model did not. The first thing is the H1 R has the built in charging , which is done through the tailcap by simply sitting the light on the provided charging base , or if you have the charger that comes with some of the “S” series lights it can be charged from those chargers too. ( the current is 0.25 higher with the S series chargers I believe) The cell can be revoved if you prefer and charged on a traditional charger for those who prefer to use that method also. Both the H1 and the H1 R came with a 650mAh RCR 123A Olight branded cell in them.
The built in charging does make the light slightly longer but only by 3mm which is really not a big deal to me personally , as these are pretty small lights anyway. The H1R has the magnetic tailcap also as the H1 does.
The ribbing or “knurling is done slightly different on the new H1 R tailcap also than it was on the H1 , but not a significant difference , and may not even be noticed if one was not paying attention to the details.(still shots of that in video portion)
The other improvement was the Lumens increase in the new H1 R model in the Turbo mode , to 600 instead of the 500 lumens the H1 has. The H1 R can also be used for an EDC if desired , as it comes with a clip that can be used to carry the light head up or head down in the pocket or clipped in a womans purse , used as a work light under the car hood and such with the magnetic tailcap.
I also like the soft on / off , of the UI as it is a gradual (but quick) on or off , instead of the traditional ”wham” instant on or off. With the TIR optic in it , the beam is a floody beam with somewhat of a hotspot up close , but as you move further out the beam is a very smooth and wide pattern with NO artifacts or rings what-so-ever in the sample i received. When wearing the light as a headlamp and pointed at 90 degrees forward , the beam starts almost directly at my feet and covers (as a guess) 120 to 140 degrees out to the sides.

I had also understood that the Turbo mode was not memorized with these lights , however that IS NOT the case with mine , as it will come back on in turbo if that is the mode it was turned off in , even after it has sat there for at least 15 minutes.
The runtime I got with the provided Olight RCR123A cell from turbo (with auto step downs) to the time the LVP kicked in and turned the light off was 93 minutes total , (13 minutes better than the listed run time of 80 minutes).

I have been using this light alot for the last 5 days (nights) and so far I have found the overall fit , finish , quality and performance all to be very good.
I personally have Zero complaints about this one.(other than the normal gluing Olight does)

Here is a comparison of the lights used.

I will mention again , my cheap video camera does NOT show near as true to life as the still shots do , as the still beamshots are much closer to what I actually see out there.
The rest should be covered in the video and for those who might not want to watch the entire video , the still photos and beamshots start at 8:45 in the time line and the outside comparisons with the H1 Nova and the ThruNite TH20 starts at 12:26 in the time line.

Video followed by listed specs ………………

Light Form wide
Light Intensity (candela) 1,280
Max. Performance (lumens) 600
Beam Distance 72m

Level 1 600 lumens (180lm) - 80m (3m)
Level 2 180 lumens - 100 minutes
Level 3 60 lumens - 5h
Level 4 15 lumens - 20h
Level 5 2 lumens - 6 days
Strobe SOS mode

Compatible Batteries 1 x CR123A / Customized RCR123A
Led Cree XM-L2
Waterproof IPX8
Weight 1.82 oz/51.5g (Including Battery)
Length x Body Diameter Length: 2.4 in / 61.5mm Head Diameter: 0.8in / 21mm Body Diameter: 0.8in / 21mm
Packaging Zippered Reusable case
Package Contents Headlamp (including head strap and silicone mount), 1 x RCR123A (650mAh), Pocket Clip, Pouch, Instruction Manual


Warranty 5 years