[Review] NEXTORCH P81 Law enforcement patrol flashlight - SST70 - Type C USB - 2600 lumens - dual switch

Decent light, shame you can’t access High again until you turn off/on, the vanilla trend continues!!!


Nice review... don't see this model for sale anywhere yet ... what's the price expected to be ?

I’m not sure, it just gives you a submit enquiry form to fill out. I’ll ask them.

Is the the same company as NexTool?

They may be both Xiaomi but I’m not 100% sure

Thanks for your review.
One question: you wrote that the torch slowly steps down and reaches the 40% of its maximum power after 3.5 minutes, then you need to do 2nd high activation to get max power again, is it correct?
Is it an issue of your sample or is a normal characteristic of this P81 model?
Is there a model of torch, similar to this one, that doesn’t steps down from max power, or it’s a common behaviour of these kind of torches?
Maybe a model with less maximum lumens…
Thanks for you help.

Most high lumen lights will step down either by time or temperature control. Heavier lights can sustain higher lumens longer. Check out Convoy’s larger lights. I own the M3-C which is medium sized and can hold about 1600 lumens without getting overly hot.

Thanks Pennzy,
sorry, but I’m totally inexperienced in this field.
I need a torch with measures similar to the P81, because I have to put it in a holder that I cannot change.
At the moment I’m using a Nextorch E51UV (1.010 lumens) and it’s pretty fine for my purposes.
It also looks like the maximum power lasts till the end of battery power, without any step down, but it could be just an impression and, maybe, the E51UV also slowly lowers its power without me realising it.
The real problem for me is that this torch is a Departmental equipment, it’s not my own property, but I’m obliged to bring the torch with me when I’m on duty, with the risk of loosing or damaging it.
For this reason I’d like to buy another torch, with my money, similar to the E51 for shape, aspect and measures.
Since I have to spend my money, I’d like to buy a product that’s even better than the E51UV, but I don’t know anything.
The P81 looks perfect to me, for all the characteristics, but I don’t like the high power mode stepping down during use.

My advice would be to find something similar in size to what you want then search out reviews with run charts for it. In that size range you can find something that does not step down drastically. In the E51 size I would guess it is stepping down to maybe 5-600 lumen range or it’s getting crazy hot. Here is a tail switch light close to what you want.

I would also recommend looking at Sofirn. High quality for the money.

Here is a good review on the C8G

Looks like when starting from turbo it steps down to about 50%.

Man, many thanks, Pennzy!
Now that I’m starting to give a watch around, also ti the reviews you’ve posted, I’m realizing, as you wrote, that almost all the torches of these dimensions with more than 800/1.000 lumens has a system that lower the power after a while, probably it does the same also the E51UV that I’m using now.
With this fact in mind, the Nextorch P81 could be a good choose, anyway, because 40% of power stills a great 1.040 lumens.
Thanks again!

Great review. I’m waiting a manufacturer to make a case that a) doesn’t cause you to accidentally turn on the light taking it out or putting it in, and b) can actually be gotten out and in every time, but stay secured.

Unfortunatelly most of the manufacturers do not care about accidentally turn on.