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Sent for review from Nitecore - EC4GTS ( 2 x 18650 )

For review I have the Nitecore EC4GTS , a relatively compact 2 x 18650 flashlight with a Cree XHP35 emitter and maximum output around 1800 Lumens . My initial impression on picking up the EC4GTS was that I really liked it , I am not sure I have as yet found anything not to like about the EC4GTS . I think most people are interested in performance so lets see what my light box returned .

Ultra Low - 2 lumen ( Factory 1 Lumen )

Low - 71 lumen ( Factory 50 Lumen )

Medium - 271 lumen ( Factory 240 Lumen )

High - 785 lumen ( Factory 800 Lumen )

Turbo - 1740 lumen ( Factory 1800 Lumen ) 40,000 Lux @ 1 meter . ( MT42 was 55800 )

Now take into consideration I am running some older button 18650 in the EC4GTS because the light does not utilize flat top batteries , ( You need button tops in the EC4GTS ) so I am not using my high performance 18650 .

Taking the EC4GTS for a walk

The EC4GTS was easy to hold and use , the shortcut to Turbo just made lighting things up as needed so easy . With a gloved hand the light was some what challenging to use but after a few clicks I was getting the hang of it . With a bare hand the EC4GTS is just simplicity in operation and there were no challenges what so ever . I really found the short 2 x 18650 format easy to live with as the light went into my jumper pocket as easily as a single 18650 flashlight . The most challenging thing I can see the EC4GTS offering some one is inserting the batteries and anything beyond that is just , well easy .

Using the EC4GTS

I did mention that the EC4GTS was easy to use , there are two buttons to play with . The on / off or power button and the mode button .

Turning the light on : There is more than one way !

a) A quick press of the power button ( into what ever chosen light level )

b) Hold the power button down ( Short cut to Ultra Low )

c) Hold the Mode button down ( Short cut to Turbo ) There are two ways to utilize Turbo .

1) Hold down the Mode button till the light turn on and then let go ( Light starts and runs on Turbo )

2) Hold down the Mode button and keep holding the button down for more than 3 seconds and you have momentary Turbo and when you let go the Mode button the light turns off .

Turbo :

No matter the light level you are in , pressing and holding the mode button will short cut you to Turbo momentarily , well for as long as you hold down the mode button .

Blinky Modes : Strobe / beacon / SOS

The time may come when you wish to utilize the blinking modes . To do so , with the light off . Give the Mode button a double click to enter strobe , a single click to enter beacon and another single click to enter SOS . To exit simply click the power button .

Lock out :

For short term storage or travel purposes you may wish to lock out the EC4GTS . To lock out , with the light off hold down both buttons till the light gives you a flash … You are now in lock out mode . To exit lock out , once again hold down both buttons till the light gives you a flash .

Battery State :

With the light off , give the mode button a quick press , a blue light will flash around the power button .

1) 3 flashes means batteries are above 50%

2) 2 flashes means batteries are bellow 50%

3) One flash means batteries are nearly depleted .


A compact 2 x 18650 flashlight that fits in the pocket almost as easily as a single 18650 flashlight . Obviously with two 18650 there is more weight to contend with but for the purpose of portability / size the EC4GTS does very well . Also the power ( output ) and throw are nice as well , these two aspects are what grabbed me when I took the EC4GTS for a walk . So much power in a compact form , and by power I mean the combination of output and throw . They really do complement each other . And I really like the shortcut to Turbo . You may wish to use Low or Medium as you light level of choice as you go walking at night , but Turbo is just a click away if you need more power ( press and hold mode button ) . It is such a neat feature to be able to crank the power when it’s needed , either to see or possibly to use as a warning to car drivers if they fail to notice you using a lower light level .

I can’t think of anything negative to say about the EC4GTS when it comes to fit and finish ( build quality ) , it is simply superb . Now there is a little bug bear ! The EC4GTS does not utilize flat top batteries ( yes I tried ) . Most of your high performance 18650 are flat top . I do not personally wish to use re-manufactured 18650 and very much prefer the factory stock unprotected high performance 18650 as they are ( For my own reasons ) . I would really have loved to have thrown in some of my 3500mAh LG , but even with two older button top 18650 that would have been middle of the road performance wise say 5 years ago the EC4GTS performed really well . ( Actually I never thought it would do as well as it did with these older batteries ) .

My apologies to Nitecore , because I am still suffering from the flu ( into my 2nd week ) and as I write this nausea is affecting me and it’s really hard to concentrate . There are so many more great things to talk about , please take the time to visit the product page and check out the EC4GTS because I really feel the need for a lie-down .

I like everything about the EC4GTS , the tailcap ( yes I like it ) and the way the Rubber seals have been done . I really like the two button system , the lock out , lack of battery slop , size , the emitter , seriously !!! The only thing and it is just one thing ! The EC4GTS does not utilize flat tops …… This is for all purposes a 10 out of 10 light , but I am docking half a point for not supporting flat tops .