Review: NITECORE P25 Smilodon (XM-L U2, 1x 18650 / 2x (R)CR123

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Destination - Slovenia (Republic of)
The item (RCxxxxxxxxxHK) will leave Hong Kong for its destination on 10-Feb-2013

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Destination - Vietnam

The item (RCxxxxxxxxxHK) arrived at its destination country on 7-Feb-2013.

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What do you guys say, P25, Rofis TR31 or Fenix TK22? All have their own pluses and minuses.

Does someone recognise the laser with mount that is shown in next picture and more importantly do you know where can I buy it :)

I don’t have the TK22, but I have the TR31C & the P25:
The Rofis is a more simple and basic flashlight compared to the P25.
Both have built-in chargers, but the Rofis uses a “propietary” plug, and the Nitecore adopts a MicroUSB plug, which I consider to be WAY more usefull (ie: You don’t have to carry the specific cable, any smartphone charger or microUSB cable will charge it).
Also, being the user interface in the P25 is one of the most complete I’ve ever seen, you can use it without any “advanced” features right away.

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Wow, thanks UPz. I ordered P25. As you’ve said, it gives you many reasons for choosing it, while I can only say a Fenix / Rofis may be stronger, which has never been an issue for me.

You’re welcome.
Please, don’t forget coming back and reporting your impressions when you get your Smilodon.

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Upz, this P25 is something special. Lately I’ve been trying not to post impressions too early after receiving a new light as I’ve been guilty of over-hyping certain lights thanks to a previous lack of experience and new light enthusiasm. But I can already say this light is my favourite single emitter light. Here are some of the things I like about it:

• Quality and build is top notch
• Visual aesthetics can’t be beat
• feels great in hand (good knurling and well balanced weight)
• has a very nice beam profile
• UI is fantastic
• love the flashing button standby mode, so convenient at night when you need a house light. Also gives the light a real high tech feel and look.
• Anodizing feels and looks very tough

Beam profile and reflector looks and performs very similar to the Shadow JM07, which means it also makes a great cycling light. Not a compact thrower and doesn’t throw as well as a C8, and you wouldn’t expect it to as the reflector diameter is smaller. More of a beam for all purposes and a very smooth beam at that, with a decent amount of spill. I love the UI, moon mode adds some real class and you can skip all modes and go straight to turbo with a half press and hold. Some people have commented the UI is too complicated, which I can disagree with now that I have it in hand. The advanced UI features are there only if you want them. Otherwise, the side switch basically operates like a reverse tail switch, half press to cycle through modes, full switch to turn on/off(standby mode).

Some cons:
• Tailcap doesn’t seem to align with the rest of the body
• Awkward due to its length to edc
• Half press and hold to skip modes for turbo, would be nice to be able to half press and hold to go back to the last mode.

The tailcap mis-alignment isn’t eye catching and doesn’t seem to bother me or take away from the visual asthetics, so it’s hardly a con. At $62 from fasttech this is a good buy, cheaper and probably better value than a lot of the $100 premium lights out there.

Just took the P25 out for a night ride, it is indeed a very good thrower for a bike light. Stopped for a while to shine it around some rice paddies against the C8. It performed very well against my C8, in fact it was kind of hard to tell the difference in throw.

It has the reflector of EA4. I didn’t believe it would throw much with the fact that it only had a 40mm head. An already deep Thrunite TN11 isn’t as throwy as an EA4. So P25 should be a real thrower indeed. Maybe even better than those classic c8s built for XRE but not tweaked for XML.

no one knows anything about the laser? :(

Something like that?

(inače ima toga ne ebayu i aliexpresu kolko hočeš :slight_smile: )

not quite there but that one is very close :)
Now I know where to search, thanks

(ebay mi je pomalo nesiguran!)

Hmm, just realised the holster for my P25 is too small, apparently this is a known issue for the first batch of P25’s and nitecore is directing customers do go to their sellers to get a replacement sent out.

Thread here from candlepower forums, I’ve just sent fasttech a message:

Let as know how it turns out.

I was just planning to get P25 from FT, this week...

All P25 from first batch have wrong holsters. Nitecore have sent right holsters to their distributors. When I contacted FT, they answerd, that they will include free correct holster with my next order. And they did!! :slight_smile:

Yeah agree I just got this last week and love it. The beam and throw are impressive for a single emitter. The USB charging is a big plus, don’t know why the rubber seal is a no no for some users? It’s small enough to carry when you need a throw light for lots of applications. For the money I am extremely happy and becoming a fan of the Nitecore products.

Just wanted to make sure. You can use any micro usb cable and adapter (say from an android tablet) to charge this flashlight and it will be safe?

I’d also like some clarification on this >.>

I just got this today, abit hesitant to try the charging function until I find out if it’s safe. My phone’s charger outputs 1.2amps which is probably more than this needs. :S