REVIEW: Nitecore TUBE T-series (45 lumens, integrated lithium 100mah) + my LASERs

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First impressions:
Shipped from: GearBest
(recently they added the option to chose the COLOR)

Really small and arrived in original packaging

Modes and estimated lumens:
Switch type: ELECTRONIC
There are “ 2 ” modes in the following order:
1 click= Low mode 2 fast click= Hi mode
How to set variable brightness?
Press 1 click, then click a second time and keep it pressing to se a gradually increase in light output, JUST LEAVE the button and the light output is “fixed” at the desided value

My estimated lumens are 45 and its tint is cold white

>>LIGHT >>> The angle of refraction:

Weight and dimensions measurements (made myself, not by specs):
This flashlight weighs precisely 9,1 gr
Height 56 cm
Width 21 cm
Thickness 8 cm

Construction quality:
I can’t say many words about it, it is made by strong polycarbonate and feels really durable in hand.
Led type is unknown and the feel of the electronic switch is comfortable, not too much soft or hard to press.
The integrated lithium battery is rated 100mah.

Outside beamshot at 25 meters, only at FULL power (same place for all my reviews)

Wall beamshot at 250 centimeters, from lower to higher power (same place for all my reviews)

Ceiling bounce test with LUXmeter:


- chargeable with micro usb port (perfect as gift)

- very lightweight but still good amount of light

- integrated battery

  • price is really low


  • no cons

Final thoughts and why you should buy it:

I personally own other AAA flashlight but i think that this one is really useful and much different from the others.
Ok, it’s not paragonable to 80/100lumens emitted by most powerful1xAAA (nimh) flashlights , but the COOL TINT do actually help to improve the night vision respecting a more warm tint, and so also 45 lumens seems adequate.
The option to recharge it with microusb is more convenient to extract the battery and charge it with a stand alone charger….most people do not own it (parents, uncles, grandchildrens)

Thanks for reading……
….and if you notice some bad written phrases, feel free to correct me suggesting the right way to write it!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your review! The Tube is a great light! :slight_smile:

I have one and I love it!

I have three and love’em! :smiley:

:HAT: :wink:

Thanks for all the effort realista. Very nicely done. :))