[Review] Nitefox K3

The light review sample was provided to me by Nitefox shipped here in the Philippines.

Comes in a small rectangular minimalist plastic box.
A transparent rubber band is used as a double precaution, probably to ensure the box does not open itself during shipment.

Quick Overview (Manufacturer Specifications):
Body Material: Black HAIII Aluminium
Battery Format: 1 x AAA (1.2V NiMH rechargeable/1.5V lithium primary batteries/1.5V alkaline [not recommended]) ONLY
Output & Runtime:
Moonlight (0.1 lumens / 120h)
Low (15 lumens / 6.5h)
High (150 lumens / 0.5h)
Max Beam Distance: 45m
Beam intensity: 513cd
Waterproofness: IPX-8 Standard (2m)
Impact Resistance: 1m
Dimension: 70mm (length) x 14mm (body diameter)
Weight: 12g (excluding batteries)
Battery reverse polarity protection
Accessories Included:
1*Key Chain
1*Split Ring
1*Spare O-rings

Form Factor:

The light is extremely small almost the same size of the AAA battery. It has an Orange peel reflector with the LED perfectly centered.

The barrel/tail is made of 1 piece only. On the bottom it has a spring to make contact with negative pole of the battery. The edges near the head are not anodized to make contact when the two parts are tightened together.
It has 2 grooves to place the pocket clip towards the head or towards the bottom (can be reversed to your liking). It also 2 flat surfaces which has “Nitefox” and the other “Mini K3” inscribed.
The light has ample knurling with small diamond pattern all over the barrel that it can be activated with one hand easily, even with wet hands.

The threads and o-rings were mildly lubricated. Threads were rather smooth and clean,great for twisty lights. Ample threads for a twisty light to remove any likelihood of the head unscrewing off from the body and dropping off by accident.

The provided clip can be reversed installed. It has sufficient tension to ensure that the light will stay clipped to any material to prevent the light from falling out. Hence, attachment of the light to a baseball cap for hands-free usage is possible.

The light is still able to tail-stand perfectly, the bottom is flat, and it has a hole for a lanyard or a keyring.

Anodizing of the light is uniform without any missing specs.

Key chain provided is of good quality.

UI for this light is straightforward for keychain or pocket duty due to its ease of operation.

Switching ON and OFF is done by twisting the head of the light. Twist the head clockwise will activate the light then anti-clockwise will deactivate the light.
Mode changing (Moonlight, Low and High) can be done via the twisting action as above. After the light is switched ON, a quick twist anti-clockwise and clockwise again will bring the light into the next mode.

To activate Strobe – quickly rotate the light ON-OFF-ON under 1 second.

The mode memory lasts for ~15 seconds. After which, the light will reset to Moonlight upon first activation.

The light has no memory. However it appears to have “next mode memory” under some circumstances (15 seconds give or take).
After turning it ON and then turning it OFF, if the head is twisted to turn the light ON again within a 15 seconds period, the modes will change.
If this 15 seconds period has passed, the light will turn ON in Low mode.
There is no memory for Strobe.

Beam Style/Beamshots:
For this light, the spill, corona and hotspot is somewhat predictable due to the shallow Light Orange Peel Reflector and emitter used. As such, it is a predominantly floody beam light sufficient for most close range use.

Below are beam shots and creative shots for the light:

Low with diffuser:

Med with diffuser:

High with diffuser:




Low at 26 feet:

Med at 26 feet:

High at 26 feet:

Creative shots:
Size comparison with the Thorfire TK01

To sum up, I believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for our own, would we still do it?
For this light, it is a definite YES; as it makes for an excellent backup light. I am thoroughly impressed that it has different modes and even has strobe given its size, compared to a recent review I did for Thorfire TK01 which has only 1 mode.

The provided diffuser fit perfectly on the light and provided great soft flood lighting like a lantern would (we found ourselves using this accessory a lot during the review period – excellent for reading and up-close stuff). At this price point, we were hard pressed to find any flaws. If we were to nit-pick, it would be the slight variance in actual output on the MOONLIGHT mode.
The tint of this flashlight is tending to be a more Cool White. It has some “artifacts” on the hotspot and the overall beam is good. This tint is for those who prefer a cooler tint than the Nichia warmer tints.

There is no PWM in any mode (tested using the water and fan blade test).
The light doesn’t illuminate far, but it is supposed to be a “short range” light, so it performs ample enough, bright for its size.

As with all gears, two is one and one is none.

Light on brothers!

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Nice review mate :wink:
I reviewed this one some days as well and have the same feeling as you, this is definitely a light I would buy!!
I carry it now on my jeans’ small pocket as EDC (on the backpack I have 2 other lights, of course), but being small, lightweight and easy to operate makes this a nice light ! A Neutral or Warm tint would be better but this is not bad at all :wink:

The driver looks the same driver as the Tool an the Worm, is Nitefox another brand of the same manufacturer?

Posted here yesterday how the driver looks!

Can’t say, but I guess Nitefox is not from LT! They have some things that resembles Thrunite (the ES10 flashlight, and maybe the UT20), though.

Here’s spare Tool driver that I have. It looks like the driver design is the same but the board and all components were re-done. China keeps amazing me!
Nitefox K3 driver (your picture) next to the Tool driver:

Wow, that’s really close, one to the other! Not knowing much about this things, I believe they work differently. But they must have a common manufacturer to these components, then the companies adapt them with other chips and stuff, and different UIs.

The one of this Nitefox is quite nice :wink:
I will try to reflow a different emitter on it to make it more pleasant to the eyes :sunglasses:

I do not have the K3 at the moment, but mine did not have the same branding as the OP. The diameter was the same all around.

Does anyone here have a Ti3 that they can also compare? I'm trying to get moonlight on mine or at least to figure out how it works so I can lower the output a little.

The GLAREE E03 has the exact same components as the K3. The tool parts can help me identity what is on it. Thanks!