“REVIEW”: ODEPRO B108/TM30 – “Tactical” Flashlight (18650) [PIC HEAVY]


This is my review of the ODEPRO B108 (also called TM30) flashlight! It was sent to me by Odepro Outdoors for a review! Thanks Odepro :wink:

The flashlight can be purchased on Amazon, here (non-affiliate): Amazon.de

I couldn’t find other reviews, video or written, so let me know if you find any, and I’ll add the links here!!

NOTE: Before reading, please note that some specs stated below were taken from this flashlight’s Amazon page (marked with * )


Body Colour: Black
Material: T6061 aircraft-grade aluminium alloy with premium type III military hard anodizing finish for scratch resistance*
Emitter: XML2 U4 (NW to CW)*
Max beam distance: up to 200 m*
Lens: Glass Lens (not AR Coated)
Candela: 8500cd*
Max output: Not specified
Impact resistance: 1m*
Reverse Polarity Protection: Not specified (I tested and the battery didn’t heat up, and the light didn’t turn ON)
Operating time: Up to 50 hours at medium brightness level*
Low voltage indicator: When the flashlight flashes and goes off automatically, the battery is almost depleted* [NOT TESTED by me]

Waterproofness: this is contradictory as the Amazon page states 2 different things:

- IPX8 (rain or snow) [NOT TESTED by me]

  • IPX-68, water repellent (rain and moisture) [NOT TESTED by me]



The flashlight cardboard box arrived inside an Amazon bigger box, Matrioshka style :smiley:
It arrived well packed and inside the flashlight’s box there are two thick pieces of foam to protect from impacts (above and below the materials).


What do we find inside? Well: 1 ODEPRO B108; 1 lanyard; 1 holster; 1 battery charger; 2 18650 batteries; 2 o-rings.
I can’t remember but…I guess there was no silica gel bag :person_facepalming: :smiley:

Unfortunately, and unlike the Odepro KL52 light I received before and also many other flashlights, there was no User Manual !!! Therefore, things like the “User Interface” and other “Specifications” had to be seen on the Amazon page. Also, specifications like runtime are not available and I have no means to test it.
More than that, as stated above, there were some contradictions on the information, namely the Waterproofness level.



My first impressions of the flashlight were that that it is very well-built, has a nice finishing and machining and no imperfections at all.

The anodizing confers a great feeling when the flashlight is held. It is smooth. As comparison, it is smoother than the Convoys S2+ and even the Odepro KJ52. I would compare this anodizing to the Nitefox UT20, that also has this “shining anodizing”.

The knurling on the body and the tail has no imperfections, it is provides a good grip but it is neither too deep nor aggressive.

The light has a removable cigar grip ring for “tactical” use and a removable pocket clip. Both are useful, but to use both, it is important to manage their position so that the pocket clip doesn’t interfere with the cigar style grip. The “cigar grip” has a hole for a lanyard.

One thing must be noted: if, on the one side, this flashlight is advertised/sold as Odepro B108, on the other side, in the battery tube is written Odepro TM30. It is not relevant for me, but it is curious to see this. Maybe Odepro Outdoors can clarify this :wink:


Not much to say concerning this! Here are “my measurements” and weighting!



This flashlight has an overall good body construction. On the head we can find some fins to enable heat dissipation. I am not sure if this light will get extremely hot, as it doesn’t seem to be a “hot rod”, but, either way, it is nice to have these fins to help it not to get hot.
It has a bezel above the lens and an o-ring between the lens and the reflector.

The Lens is thick glass. It is not AR Coated, and that is a thing that seems to have a positive impact on the beam, as there is no major tint shift.

The Reflector is made of aluminium, it is an Orange Peel reflector and it is pretty deep. It allows the beam to have a nice balance between throw and flood! Actually, it amazed me the first time I used it in the open dark space :wink:

According to the specs, the Odepro B108 has a XML2 U4 LED, that I would say that goes from Neutral White to Cool White. Above the LED plate (can’t say if it is copper or aluminium, sorry :person_facepalming: ) there is a black gasket that helps centring the LED / reflector.
Below the plate, there is a white silicone or glue, like on the pills of the Odepro KL52.

I didn’t dismantle the rest of the head but this is what it seems to me: it appears to have a removable pill, that will get out from the top of the head. Bellow lays the driver that will probably get out along with the pill, as it doesn’t have space to be retrieved from the bottom of the head.
Maybe later I will dismantle this :wink:

The bezel, not being “aggressive” or for self-defense, it as some “waves” that allows to see the light if the flashlight is left turned ON.



The battery tube has nice threads that arrived slightly lubricated . On each tip there is a sealing o-ring. On the one side, there is the Odepro logotype and the “TM30” that I think it corresponds to the flashlight model; on the other side, there is the indication for the correct polarity for the battery. As this indicates…the tube is not reversible!

On the “bottom” of the tube, there are also the threads for the cigar grip ring and a groove for the pocket clip .


As mentioned above, this flashlight has 2 buttons, one in the “bottom” and one in the side of the tail. The tailcap has a nice knurling, and it has a hole for a lanyard.
Despite it seems to tailstand, it doesn’t! The silicone button protrudes a little bit; so, due to that and to the weight in the head of the flashlight, it will be difficult to tailstand.

I “half dismantled” the tailcap as I didn’t want to damage it. Here’s how it looks like on the inside.

Both buttons act very well and respond well to the pressing/clicking!


The flashlight arrived with a lanyard attached. The manufacturer also added 2 spare o-rings (for the tubes).

They also sent 2 x 18650 batteries, Odepro branded, 3000mAh, 11.1Wh. The cells are protected.

The battery charger included is capable to charge 18650 batteries but not smaller batteries. It has 2 indicators on the top to mark when the batteries are charging / charged.

Odepro also included a nice holster for this flashlight. It is super well made and practical.



This flashlight has the following modes: Turbo > High > Medium > Low + Strobe + SOS.
It has memory for the 4 regular modes. The mode changing always operates from the highest to the lowest output levels.

Also, as seen above, it has 2 switches on the tail: one in the side – momentary switch (SS); one in the “bottom” – forward clicky switch (FCS).

So, now I’ll explain how the UI works.


  • Press and hold the SS:

- Half press the FCS:
light turns ON momentarily in the last regular used mode ( T / H / M / L)

- Full press the FCS:
light turns ON in the last regular used mode ( T / H / M / L)

- Half press the FCS + “Single” clicking SS:
light turns ON momentarily in the last regular used mode ( T / H / M or L) & clicking the SS changes the modes.
A 3 seconds press on the SS while the FCS is half pressed activates SOS .
To exit SOS : click the SS (goes back to the regular modes) or release the FCS (turns the light OFF)

- Full press the FCS + “Single” clicking SS:
light turns ON in the last regular used mode ( T / H / M or L) and clicking the SS changes the modes.
A 3 seconds press on the SS while when the light is ON activates SOS .
To exit SOS : click the SS (goes back to the regular modes) or full click the FCS (turns the light OFF).



First, a tint comparison:
Convoy S2+ (XML2 U2-1A) >>> Odepro B108 (XML2 U4) >>> Convoy S2+ (XML2 T6-4C)

As can be seen on the image above, there are some “traces” on the beamshot.
Yes, this is one of the things in which this light might be improved: the flashlight has PWM in all the modes. The highest mode is the one that has a lower level (it seems to me, seen through the cell phone camera).

Above the head: Turbo > High > Medium > Low

On the Wall: Turbo > High > Medium > Low

Above the cork: Turbo > High > Medium > Low


And now, some outdoor beamshots :wink:
I must say I was surprised when I first turned it ON in the dark night! The Odepro B108 has a very nice beam and illumination range! It provides more than 70-80 meters of useful visibility and the lowest mode is very useful for a 3-6 meters range.

Please note that it reaches a higher distance, but above 70 meters, the dark spots are difficult to avoid despite its power!

5 m >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6 m

15 m >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 20 m

30 m >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 50 m

70 m >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 90 m



  • Overall built and the flashlight feeling in the hands – the finishing and anodizing is really nice and I think the Odepro B108 has a very good built quality. No imperfections, no scratches, nothing. The materials seem to be of good quality, not “cheappo”.

- No significant tint shift – when directed towards a white or clear wall, there are no major shifts or artifacts. The beam has a nice mix of throw and flood and travels a very good distance, so nothing to point concerning this!

- The accessories :smiley: – Well, 2 batteries, a charger and a holster are enough accessories to like this package. It complements a already good flashlight by itself!

- Responsive buttons - both switches function pretty well and help to use this flashlight smoothly, despite the ergonomics of the body is not always so practical.

- Tactical Strobe - being designed with tactical purposes the instant access to strobe is nice



  • PWM – Well, it is not really annoying as it can only be seen through a camera;

- No User Manual – That would nice to have, not only due to the User Interface, but to know some specifications (Low Voltage Protection/indication; Reverse Polarity Protection; Runtimes; Max Output; …)

- Contradictory Information - Amazon page must be corrected to specify if this is a IPX8 or IPX68 flashlight.

- Memory - Well, unlike in other flashlights, I guess the Odepro could have one of two things: a) programmable memory, to enable/disable the possibility to always start on Turbo or on the other modes; b) direct access to Turbo through a shortcut, turning it into a tactical light for instant bursts of light.


As you can see, the light itself doesn’t have any significant issues for me! It works pretty fine and has a “tactical” feeling due to the “cigar grip” and the Side Switch. I will try it again next weekend on my village to test it a maybe take some more beamshots :smiley:

I wanna thank Odepro Outdoors for sending another nice flashlight and for the opportunity to review it!! Thanks :wink:

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments :+1:

Best regards!!!

pretty good, thanks for everything you've done~~

Thanks Odepro Outdoors!
Honestly, this is a great flashlight! Even the things I mentioned that could be improved, do not interfere with the regular use of the flashlight! However, I hope you can take some of the suggestions to improve the product if needed :wink:

Huh. That’s… interesting… with the dual switches in the tail. I’ve never seen that before.

Funny thing is, I’d take right to it, because I always hold lights “icepick” style, so could easily flick the SS with my thumb. Most people who’d hold the light “sword” style would probably have a hard time adjusting.

I’d still get rid of all the crap like the “tactical ring” and clip before even putting the battery in it. Those things just bug me.

Surprised… only 650 lemons? Thought an -L2 would belt out more than that.

There are some other lights with 2 switches, like the Wowtac BSS V3 ! That one also has a strike bezel!

After using the flashlight for a while, I find it more “practical” to use the index finger to click the Side Switch, leaving the thumb in the tailswitch!
About the clip and the “cigar ring” the only reason why I didn’t take it out is because otherwise I will get my hands dirty because of the grease in the threads :smiley:
And because it helps to have a better grasp in the light!

Also, I didn’t mention, but the “cigar ring” is not plastic, it is aluminium :wink:

About the lumens, those are the specs on Amazon page and I…believe it (naked eye measurement) as it doesn’t seem as brighter as my Convoy S2+ (8*7135 chips, XML2 U2-1A). But these are not objective or scientific measurements.

In any case, this light throws and floods a lot!!
Next weekend I will try to get some more photos to show its range in a different perspective!!

Yeah, I can see that. In fact, just holding Generic Flashlight like that, it seems the index finger would be easier, too. No twisting/sideways motion.

When I first got my VG10s (plural, not singular ‘S’ type), if anything, it just got in the way. Bugged me. Came right off, as well as the clip.

Even on my side-clicky AA lights where you can spend 20min in the dark just trying to find the sideswitch by feel, it’d be so much easier to use the clip as an index, but even so, nope, it had to come off. Just bugged me.

Lanyards, too. Why anyone can stand having all that crap hanging off a light, I have no idea. Must be those guys who put those chrome “eyebrows” on their wheel-wells and all other chrome crap. Yecch.

Unno, never saw one that wasn’t. VG10, VG10S, L2, etc. All were metal rings.

Yeah, could be a misprint. Unless it’s designed for more runtime than brightness?

Thanks for the review. Is the strobe single or dual frequency?

I took the lanyard out as well on this! And yesterday I took out the ring and the clip. It feels weird because I was used to the ring but, surprisingly, it doesn’t feel as awkward as I thought it would be!

I also noticed that the SS ligns with the face where the “Odepro” logo sits! Nice :wink:

The pocket clip hangs well without the ring, but due to its shape, it travels through the groove when not pressed by the ring!

About the cigar ring, the only light I had before this with this ring is the Nitefox UT20, and its ring is made of plastic, hence my previous observation :wink:

And maybe you are right, this light may be focused on the runtime and less power! Makes sense, being a “tactical” flashlight :wink:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that! The Strobe is single frequency! Maybe not so desorienting as others I’ve recently seen, but maybe it’s good for wall painting :wink: :+1:

Wellp, like my EDCed ’502, it only draws something like 1.0A or 1.4A (forgot), so has multiple hours of runtime.

I’d really have to work it to even have remember to recharge it.

Been looking to post this here for a while!
2 weeks ago I went for a walk in my almost pitch black village!

With a bunch of flashlights to chose, I had to pick 1 or 2 (well…I took 4), to carry me through the darkness! The main was the Odepro B108/TM30 and the Amutorch AM30 (my little beast :smiley: )

After seeing what the ODEPRO light is capable of, I decided to take it with me!

BUT, it was not (only) because of its illumintation range: it was mostly due to the instant access and momentary strobe !
Yes, you read that: the strobe! I am not a strobe guy as some may already know, but I needed strobe to warn cars of my presence on the road.

But I didn’t use just the light, I also used a diffuser (bought from Convoy Store, and I guess it is a diffuser for the M1 or M2).
It allows the light diffusion effect on almost 360 degrees, ideal for letting cars know that you are there.
I really worked fine so I wanted to share it with you folks :wink:

Some photos: the dark road, and the Amutorch AM30 lighting it up! And then the TM30 with the diffuser!!

Hey, what about the TM30 without the diffuser?

Without the diffuser it also works, but being more “directional” I might incur in the risk of “blinding” the drivers.
The storbe is always a strange light, so taking it directly it’s harder to react. When I saw the cars, far away I immediately pressed the tail side switch.

The flashlight was not directed to the ground; I was holding it on my side (towards the road, not the roadside), as it is more visible for everyone.

Also, when some cars were coming in opposite directions, with the diffuser it is easier to mark my position as the cars in the front and in the back of me could notice my presence!!

I never thought to use strobe (in this situation), but it came in handy :wink: