Review: Odepro TM30 (XM-L2 U4) Tactical Dual-switch Flashlight

I enjoyed reviewing this little torch. It has survived the drop and water submersion tests and has been riding around in my pockets for a week now. It has much going for it indeed.

In the spirit of benefitting the flashaholic community, this is now a formal giveaway for our newer members. If you want the light - and you qualify - just make a reply. Your post number will be drawn by and a winner selected by Tuesday, the 21st.

To qualify, you must…

- Be a new BLF member, not having registered before Jan 1, 2017 and/or with a post count above 200.

  • Be in the continental U.S. or be willing to pay shipping if you are international and you win.

I have enjoyed this light and working with Odepro.

I would like to be considered as a new member to the FlashAholic community, if I may. I resemble the symptoms, To A "T"

I would enjoy the chance to spend less, in my, already, over $400 expenditure in less than a

Rusty Joe contacted me last week, to inform me that I was the lucky (only member to respond to his review) winner. The light arrived in the mail. Postage paid at that!

The OdePro TM30 looks like a pretty decent torch. And thanks to Rusty Joe, thoroughly inspected and tested. While I was disassembling and looking at it, I tried a few lego options with parts from the Astrolux S1, and the short tube threads in place nicely to allow a single cr123 to slide in. Hey, it works!!

Thanks very much, Rusty Joe. Your decision to pass it along was/is very cool.