Review of a cheap, cheap C8 (XM-L)

Uh… The bad one was from AMAZON!!

Not that you are wrong in any way, just that this isn’t that.

And here I thought “short-head C8” vs. “long-head C8” was weird enough! Now we have much more to worry about!

And that “insulator” looks almost identical to ones (black and white) I have found inside switches… NOT an XM-L insulator!!

All in all, I want to thank you sincerely for taking the hit on this!! I am surely not the only one who would tend to assume a higher level of Trust of Amazon — until now.


rofl! Thanks for the share!!

Every one has heard of the term “Law of diminishing returns”

That law applies to both ends of the spectrum. On one end, as more money and effort is put into the performance of a light, one gets less and less in return, performance wise.

At the other end, as one tries to cut back on the cost of materials, a point is reached were even very small cost savings impact the performance very negativily.

A “most bang for the buck” kind of guy would like to stay somewhere in the middle. You and I are that kind of guy.

Only consolation I can offer

See that capacitor at 9oclock

Scrub a pencil across it to get a heavy line, it will allow the capacitor to bleed off retained voltage and give a "timeout" on the next mode memory of about 5-10 seconds...then give it to your neighbor or grandparent or whatever

I got a crappy S5 like that...super thin...let the kids use it as the "kids" flashlight, hung it on a hook by the front door so when they have to go out in the dark, they have a light to use...not my good Convoy S5 :D

I bought one of these type of el cheapos from ebay once. Same thing, I took it apart and never put it back together. Surprisingly, the brass pill that FT use to sell threaded into it. Only C8 that it fit for me.

It looks like you scored an AR lens though:

i think there's a pink light in the fixture? I noted a really pinkish hue in several of the other pics

:stuck_out_tongue: I think everything in the picture is purple, not just the lens. Look at pics #2 and 3. EDIT: unknown00101 beat me to the punch :wink:

You guys are sooooooo unappreciative. I present to you the worlds worst C8 and all you can talk about is the hue of my pictures :smiley:

I do have consolation however in that no one else can top the screwing I got on this light. I paid $8.92, now if you just gotta have one, it’s only $5.09 :slight_smile:

Why is the light not pink in the Tmart lens?

Ah, I think I know. 2 different lights on at the same time. One is purple. dchomak, what you doing with purple lights bro?

Looks like of like one of this style of lamp to me.

You guys are freaking amazing!!!

Wow, wight is a frickin genus. He's starting to scare me.

I have one of those lights…… it works fine and is BRIGHT! Brighter than my sunwayman d40a