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A lot of good we can read about some Imalent flashlights, whether DM21T also belongs to this group?

You will find it in the store like Gearbest - (my reflink)
With the code: DMTT - lower the price to $ 24.99

We get the flashlight in a minimalist, nicely made package:


- a flashlight

- 2 spare Oars

- user manual

- holster (typical average shelf, ie hard finish, but no protruding thread, etc.)

- USB cable

  • 2600mAh cell

Standard dimensions, standard color (black), which is quite standard flashlight, without any water vapor

In my case, the LED was badly centered, the SMO reflector - clean, fast with the covers and the most important, the warm LED of the XP-L Hi!

The LED is very easy to access, the factory a lot of paste, no problem we can replace it. LED anodization unfortunately, the substrate of the diodes made of copper

From the cycle “we improve the manufacturer” I replaced the paste, I set the diode “as it should”, but I have the impression that you have to play with the pads

The head in the spot of the headlight is a regular roller, where the driver is located, patterns appear (I just do not like) and shape, which reduces the rolling of the flashlight from the inclined surface.

Centerpiece with delicate knitting

Threads factory dry (smeared), visually nicely made, although on the side of the cap I would like it to be slightly longer. By turning the back part we feel that it is spinning too lightly, it has some unnecessary play (which is not quite in good lanterns) - in my opinion, this element is to significantly improve

Only the model and brand appeared on the cover. Performing good, simple, “standard”

Unfortunately, we will not place the flashlight in the candle position, the USB port here and the On / Off button

USB port is poorly protected … Watertight = 0, the eraser goes off and out of its glue there is not much we can do

And what to change modes? We do not find a button that performs this function, and the knob does not work as well as the Nitecore SRT7GT - it does not even look like it, it has a slight play, it rotates nicely. Sorry about the control, I can not say that it is pleasant, holding the flashlight in one hand, changing the brightness is a big challenge (especially if we do not want the flashlight to fall) - in my opinion the buttons are still up!

The spring is gold-plated and quite hard, but … but too short, so many links even with a flat boost that could work - they do not work. When plugging the flashlight, bypassing the cap “to the meter”, it showed the current even over 4A, unfortunately using the cap is much worse. There are several possibilities - the spring limits the maximum current; construction of the cap has errors; The manufacturer has not predicted a current of 4A torches.

Control is very easy and intuitive. Turn on the torch with one click (On / Off button), same off.
By turning the potentiometer we change the brightness, according to the manufacturer 30-1000lm, in my opinion it “goes down” a bit lower but it does not reach 1000lm. Even at 1000lm you can hear gentle squealing - perhaps it is due to poor quality of the cap.
Hold down the button below 1s, activate the strobe mode, its brightness also controlled by the knob!

The controller requires a low voltage circuit, I did not find the reverse polarity protection (and did not test it)

DM21T is not equipped with a temperature sensor, the brightness is reduced to about 52% after a few minutes - add your reservations to maximum brightness, I estimate these 50% at 350-400lm

For the unlucky cap, connect the USB cable to charge the cell. The charging current is about 1A, the torch ends charging at a voltage of about 4.1V and the charging end of the diode from red to green.

Weight is about 87 grams without cell,

Compared to EAGTAC, it’s about 25 grams more

Size comparison to cell 18650

And to Wuben I333

EAGTAC PX30LC2-R on the right - smaller and lighter

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s
The DM21T (with many disadvantages, the color is rather good, not as good as the EAGTAC PX30, but better than the Convoy S2 + from the XM-L2 T6 4C)

EagleTac PX30LC2-R Warm - I will say yes, if the Imalent wanted to emulate EAGTAC to some extent, it was successful on average. EAGTAC: shines brighter, lighter, has better driver, better reach - this is the result of a well designed headlamp and flashlight, and the quality of the diode is noticeably better - it’s a more pleasant warm color.

Nitecore EC4 (mod on XM-L2 U2 3C, ie neutral about 5000K)


EagleTac PX30LC2-R - and again the range advantage at similar sizes

Nitecore EC4 mod

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
It was supposed to be - a light diode, a simple, ordinary look, a lot of positive comments, unfortunately I was disappointed. Poor protection of the USB port, weak driver (and cap that can not “give” the maximum current of the controller), no protection against accidental activation (the button works very lightly), despite similar sizes to the EAGTAC PX30LC2-R - worse coverage.
Of course you can bring it to a state of “usability”, lock the USB port, bridle the spring + add a brass disc or try to change the pad under the headlight - just for what?

In my opinion, the Imalent defends only a relatively low price, a warm diode and maybe for some people control, the rest is worse than most competitors.

For my part - not worth it.

I ask you to ask questions!


Thanks for the review Eryk! The last picture is a pretty funny representation. An Imalent light with a bug, haha! :nerd_face:

Haha :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thanks for the review Eryk. Looks like a light that should be avoided

I reviewed this light as well

The USB cover is just against dust
The whole switch and USB PCB is outside the sealed flashlight internals, so the weak USB cover is not that big problem

I sildered a beryllium bronce spring on the front plate to get rid of the light shuts down problem when bumped slightly

Did you insert a flashlight into the water with an unprotected USB port?

You know, the flashlight should be good from the novelty - most people want to buy and use.

I did disassemble the light
The USB port and switch are on a separate board, the rotary part and cables to it are sealed with silicone

But still the light got some design flaws and disadvantages like low runtime in lower modes because of the relative low bleeder resistors parallel to the LED