Review: Old vs new - JM07 side-clicky (**Pic heavy**)

The new Shadow JM07 with Side-clicky.

In my quest to find the perfect cycling flashlight, I’ve decided that pairs is the way to go, for looks, a clean beam profile void of different tints and double the lumens, and that flashlight just got a little better. The new look JM07 compared to the old looks like it’s finished a hard day in the woods, blinged and tuxed out and ready for a dinner party.

The new look JM07 is definitely JRapproved!

My new addiction to flashlights go hand in hand with my latest night riding hobby, and there is rarely a night where the first flashlight I pick isn’t the JM07.

What I like:
• Wider OP beam profile, much better at distance for cycling than a more spotty C8
• Seems to throw as well as my Ultrafire C8 and JM05 clone
• 2 hour runtime
• Wider 26650 girth
• Side clicky
• Feels natural in hand
• Stainless steel bezel
• Beautiful sleek new Mercedes like finish
• Heatsinking and heat fins

What I don’t like:
• 3 Amps would be nice or a turbo mode would be nice.
• Less heat fins compared to the old pro
• Side clicky sometimes looks a little funny and doesn’t suit, although I keep changing my mind.
• Retaining SS ring around the clicky could have used some more polish
• No mode memory

The JM07 is a compact all purpose light, not a dedicated thrower but almost throws as well as a C8, and produces a wide enough beam and wide spill to be considered floody. With its wider 26650 girth, heat fins and solidish feel it’s a fairly masculine light, and well balanced between brightness and long runtime. At 2.45A I wouldn’t say it’s under driven and it’s plently bright, although 3A or a turbo mode would be nice.

Features: (form Int’l outdoors)

*Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
*Power supply: 1/2*26650 Li-ion
*Orange Peel Aluminum reflector
*Brightness: 800 lumens
*Modes: High-Medium-Low
*Hidden Strobe, accessible by double tap
*Mode spacing: 100–50–10%
*Switch: Tailcap tactical switch/head sideswitch
*Regulated current circuit, constant brightness (2 Batteries)
*Low battery voltage warning function
*Finish: Hard Anodize 3
*Stainless steel bezel
*Low voltage warning function
*Reverse polarity protection
*IPX8 Waterproof
*Dimension( mm ):
Single cell:146( length) x 32(body) x 43( head)
Double cell: 215( length) x 32(body) x 43( head)
*Weight (without batteries):
Single cell: 220g
Double cell:240g

So after some further testing, JM07 current measurements as follows off a fully charged King Kong ICR 26650.

1 cell : 2.38A
2 cells: 1.25A (2.5A)

Trustfire 26650:
1 cell: 2.2A
2 cells: 1.25A (2.5A)

Looks like it regulates and performs better in the 2 cell format.

Here’s a runtime test comparison with the old pro in single cell format.

Tailcap readings every 15mins with 5min cooldown with a King Kong 26650ICR:


I got 2.5 hours runtime on the new JM07 on a different test before voltage warning kicked in, the old JM07 2hrs and 6mins.

A win on performance for the old Pro in single cell format, unless you want more runtime. Of course the new JM07 can be run with an extension tube with 2 cells.

Out of the box

No problems with the packaging. Spare O rings, Lanyard and lense.
The side-Clicky

The main selling point of the new version. At first I wasn’t sold on the clicky, I thought it kind of looked a little out of place amongst the fins. You can also see from the picture the retaining metallic ring could have used some polish, probably the only blemish on the otherwise sleek finish. However the more I look at it the more I like it. Being recessed amongst the fins means your thumb rests perfectly on the button.

Mode changing has never been more convenient, and the new double click hidden strobe feature is highly practical. If ever you needed to use this feature for self defense you would most likely need it in a nano-second, this is now feasible with a fast double click. There are 3 modes (high-med-low) not including strobe. Those with well defined play station thumbs may need to learn how to be patient with mode changing, however it’s hardly a con worth mentioning.
The tailcap has forward clicky functionality and functions only as an on/off (no mode changing) and there is no mode memory.
The new bezel:

Real classy.

Bezel and head design is one of my biggest bug bears when it comes to flashlights. It’s especially noticeable when using the bare reflector to see how much spill is unnecessarily cut, not to mention loss of lumens. See below:

You can see from this picture the inner bezel diameter is much wider than the reflector, and yes the already wide spill of the JM07 just got noticeably wider.

The above pic shows the wider bezel design when compared to the old pro.


From left the new JM07.

The old JM07 had a flaw in its tailcap design, although this may depend on where you got yours from. For mine the inner tailcap was too far recessed and caused eventual connection issues, a problem easily resolved by placing 2 thin washers underneath.
The new version isn’t as recessed, and I’ve had no issues in single cell format.

New Jm07 on the left.

Nothing here really to see, I couldn’t remove the driver without force, it’s either press fixed, bridge soldered or glued in place. I’m not yet willing to mess with it. Further the bezel is also fixed/glued, and I really don’t want to try and remove it just now for fear of getting it scratched. Perhaps in a couple of weeks I’ll freeze it and try and remove it, for now I can’t show much of the internals.

Old vs new

Overall, a win for the new JM07 for its sleeker look, the Bezel is a real winner and goes better with the smoother body…….

Or does it?? I can’t decide. I do prefer the old body for its grippyness.

Which brings me to my next point, you can play lego with the new and old! But not that well:

New version on the left.

Tube is shorter with a taller and slightly wider tail cap. The old tube does fit almost perfect with the new version and works (note: my pics show the old tube with the o-ring exposed, when flipped around it fits fine) , but the new didn’t work so well with the old, although I’m sure with some minor adjustments it would.

An URL that actually works, who woulda thought!

Close ups
Inspired by Foy’s masterful reviews:

As you’d expect from shadow’s quality knurling and ano is flawless.

Here’s a close up of the fins:

And the tube:

The finish does seem to attract dust particles……

Pn the mountainbike:

Now that is sleek……

And here it is tail-standing like an old pro. Yes I know very punny! (O.k I’m just tired……)

Overall Impressions
Very happy, Shadow as always have put a lot of thought into their design. It’s a slight improvement on the old version, and they look great side by side on the mountain bike. I’m sure the JM07 could find a welcome home in any flashaholics collection, and it’s there to be used.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

P.S I’ll add some more pics with comparisons to other flashlights later.

Thank you for the review whokilledJR

That is some seriously nice pictures you've delivered. Flashlight pron deluxe! TY :-)

Thanks Ledsmoke! Taking the photo’s was kind of fun.

Nice to know someone looked at my review. :~

Thanks for the nice review! Very Foyish.. ;)

Awesome pics.

Great review, Thanks!

Thanks the! It turned out a lot more foyish than I anticipated. Looks like Foy’s reviews have really stuck in my head…

Thanks Chicago X and JohnnyMac! If there’s enough interest I can try and get a better look at the internals, just want to get some more use out of it first before I potentially ruin it…

Hey whokilledJR,

May I ask where you bought that bike mount from (for the JM07 PRO)? And is it recommended in your eyes or is there a better alternative?

Hi Shopbot, I’d recommend them as a cheap mount for single cell flashlights, in particular as they can be used with 26650 and 18650 bodies. I’ve never had a problem with them and they are convenient, you just push the flashlight in and the rubber grips. They are stable enough on the handlebars and won’t move if you screw them down tight enough. I got mine locally in Vietnam, but they are available at nearly all China/Hong Kong flashlight dealers, here’s a link to manafont:

Another one I use that works well with 18650 tubes:

This one works well with my trustfire 3T6 in 2 cell format, a little more stable on the bars and decent build quality.

Beautiful job on your first review, thanks very much! Superb photography.

Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

Hi whokilledJR,

Is your one the same as the manafont link? The link looks like it will only fit 18650 tubes. I hope theres one for 26650 tubes online somewhere… Damn…

Thanks SB. You know how much I was itching to post it…. :wink:

The first link is definitely the same as the one I’ve got, description is wrong and it will work with a 26650 light. Because they are so cheap I’d recommend ordering perhaps a couple of different types, these ones are fairly popular.

There’s also this one I haven’t tried, but everyone seems to recommend:

Awesome! Thanks JR!

Awesome pics :beer:

Great job .

So after some further testing, JM07 current measurements as follows off a fully charged King Kong ICR 26650:

New JM07 + single cell : 2.38A
Old JM07: 2.42A
New JM07 + 2 cells: 1.25A (2.5A)

It’s driven slightly less in single cell format compared with the old pro, but it’s not noticeable to the naked eye. With 2 cells in series it’s driven slightly more.

With both lights on high, after 2 hours voltage measurements:

Old 3.34v
New 3.4v

Thanks to my chinese DMM crapping itself halfway through a current regulation test I’ll have to add this later.

Awesome review and awesome light, JR! I've been wondering about this one as I agree that the JM07 is the best cycling light I own. This is definitely on the list now, but it's going to have to wait a little while, as I ordered a Shadow BL-21 last week - I'll post a review later but I can tell you since several friends have them that it is a fantastic little light. I will point out that the new JM07 is slightly cheaper ($53, $50.40 - VIP) at and that price includes shipping with tracking number. A few questions for you:

1. Does the SS bezel cause a ring in the beam? SS usually does with a SMO reflector, not sure about OP.
2. Can you post a pic of the washers you used to fix the tailcap slop in the original? I've been having issues lately with spontaneous mode change after hitting bumps.
3. What battery you using? I have both King Kong flat tops and TF Protected (which I haven't used in JM07). Any issues with fit?

The swivel mount you linked to is also available from It's a good mount and versatile, although it won't fit some of the newer, thicker handlebars. Night Riding season kicks off tonight so I'm going to try it with my JM07 on the cross bike and see how it does. I agree with you that for the price, you should buy several different types of mounts until you find the ones that work best. I have a half a dozen of the TwoFake lockblock style velcro mounts and use them frequently. They work ok but are a bit bouncy with the bulk of the JM07. Seem to work well as a helmet mount and for smaller 18650 size torches.

One last thing: I can't believe you took all those photos with a cell phone! Excellent pictures.

Hi Between rides, thanks and I’m looking forward to your review of the BL-21, in particular I’m interested in it’s spill and if it’s as wide as say a magicshine clone.

To answer your questions:

The SS bezel causes no rings, artifacts or any form of interference. The inner diameter is much wider than the reflector and purposely designed not to get in the way of the beam, as such the new JM07 has a wider head design and a slightly wider spill which is great.

For the washers, they are placed underneath the retaining outer ring of the tailcap which can be unscrewed. I tried to add a picture during the review, but had some problems getting it off again. I’ll try again and add a pic.

I’m using King Kong ICR flattops, I also have the trustfire 26650’s which I’m going to test. There are no problems for fitting with either cell in single cell format, athough I don’t have the extension tube to try it in 2 cell format.

I’m in the middle of doing a current regulation test using King Kings, I’ll post results shortly. One thing I can say is the new doesn’t perform as well as the old in single cell format. The current is lower, although that does mean an increase in runtime.

Thanks for the info on the mounts, I’ll take that into account next time before giving advise. In total I’ve got 4 different kinds of mounts, and I have the Fenix mount on the way. I’m going to order the lock blocks you’ve mentioned as well.