Review Olight S10 L2 Baton XM-L2,400Lm,1x(R)CR123A +3D pics

Moonlight mode on this flashlight is pretty useful in full darkness. And the best thing is that it can be activated directly from Off anytime when needed. No need to cycle through all modes. This feature makes the flashlight twice more useful.
Enjoy it! 8)

Sucks it doesn’t have real thermal regulation :frowning:

You’d think when they updated to XML2 they woulda done that.

-Jamie M.

I think all lights should be thermally regulated,because manufacturer don’t know where we’ll use the flashlight.
But probably they are not ready for that and could cause more problems than benefits.Just my opinion. :steve:

My new Zebralight SC600w MKii L2 is fully thermally regulated, I was hoping I would see that show up in a bunch of the new generation lights :frowning:

-Jamie M.

At twice the price or more, the ZL should be fully thermally regulated.

the 3D picture make me dizzy :~

Thanks FlashLion for another nice review. Fantastic pictures as usual.

Glad you like it. It’s a complete bargain at that price, I think.

Sorry :bigsmile:

Nice review! I just had to buy one just now,to make company for my 3 day old Fenix PD-12. One can never have too many lights!! Thanks,HB

Wow FlashLion, great review! Very professional. This light to me, seems to be the perfect EDC. Side switch, (which I love in lights), simple UI, very small and powerful. What’s not to like? :slight_smile:

The green tint. …the only the holding me back :confused:

wonderful review!

I regret selling mine :frowning:

Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Great review!


Still loving mine. It’s a great light - I had thought about taking the magnet out, but it had proved useful.

I have the original S10 version, which I modded to upgrade the emitter to a 500k XML2 T6 neutral. Great light. I love the new shortcut the L2 version has to max.

The S10 is one of the best pocket EDC lights available.

I think so. It doesn’t seem to get much attention though?

I just received mine a few days ago and it has a definite green tint in all modes. Not excessive but the green is there.

Oh yeah. I had this problem with my L1 S10 model. I fixed it by replacing the emitter and the lens.

I read that they changed the lens in the L2 model. Supposedly the beam is still slightly greenish, but nowhere near as bad as it was originally.