Review Olight S10 L2 Baton XM-L2,400Lm,1x(R)CR123A +3D pics

Still loving mine. It’s a great light - I had thought about taking the magnet out, but it had proved useful.

I have the original S10 version, which I modded to upgrade the emitter to a 500k XML2 T6 neutral. Great light. I love the new shortcut the L2 version has to max.

The S10 is one of the best pocket EDC lights available.

I think so. It doesn’t seem to get much attention though?

I just received mine a few days ago and it has a definite green tint in all modes. Not excessive but the green is there.

Oh yeah. I had this problem with my L1 S10 model. I fixed it by replacing the emitter and the lens.

I read that they changed the lens in the L2 model. Supposedly the beam is still slightly greenish, but nowhere near as bad as it was originally.

The green tint is most definitely less severe than with the XM-L emitter, the S20 I had was quite green. The S10 I’ve got is slightly green in moonlight and low BUT I don’t think it makes any difference when you actually use the light. I generally use moonlight in the middle of the night, part of my business is looking after people’s dogs while they are away, and this often involves getting up in the middle of the night if the dog wakes me up for what ever reason - I promise you that at the times you need to use moonlight, you don’t notice the tint - but it is lovely to have a mode that doesn’t blind you!

Low is not much use out side, it just isn’t quite bright enough in my opinion (for walking) and the very slight green tint is not noticeable indoors when you are using the light on low, say for finding something or lighting up a tight space and so on.

I also think with current controlled lights you are going to have to accept some tint shift.

Its a practical light, a real user.

Agreed… for lower power settings. At max power there shouldn’t be much tint shift and I expect to not see any green tint.

Most of the greenish tint from the original S10 wasn’t caused by the emitter. It was actually caused by the coatings on the lens. Replacing the lens fixes it pretty easily.

Yes I have read that. As I say, the slight green tint on mine is only perceptible on moonlight and low.

I agree with all the above statements concerning the green tint. My example though is green in all modes but I will say it’s less in high.

However, it doesn’t bother me in real world use but if it was any greener, I would have sent it back.

I still say, (even with the green in mine), it’s a dynamite little light especially with the side switch. The build quality is excellent and the UI is so simple which I really like. I also like the extra bonus of the magnet in the tail as it does come in handy occasionally.

I have a Nitecore EA4 that I never use because, (to me), the UI is way more complicated than it should be and every time I go to use it, I can’t remember the UI drill.

Again, even though there is the green, I can’t recommend this light more highly for someone who wants a tiny, easy to use, quality built light that they can put in their pocket and hardly know it’s there.

The OP says rechargeable R123s won’t fit, but I believe some have used R123s successfully. For those that use R123s, can you measure the length of your cells? I’m thinking of picking up both the S10 and S20, but need the ability to run rechargeables.
On that note, anyone know if the S20 has problems with any 18650s?


love the S Baton lights. I have the S20 & S10, now need to add the S15 to my collection.

jsr,I posted a review of the s20 and s10 and the s10 was tested with AW icr 16340 and a tenergy rcr123 3 volt.The s20 took keeppower button top 3400 with no problem as well as flat top redilast 3100.The length of the two are 68.9 mm for KP and 68.8 mm for redilast.Hope that helps.@ Flashlion,excellent review and pictures as usual!

I’ve been using Efest 16340s in mine. Come out right at 34mm.

I didn’t write it quite well. I tested with Klarus and Keeppower 16340 and they are too long.Their protection circuit is not symmetrically packed and this could be the reason they don’t fit. So this light needs really high quality battery like AW or Nitecore.
I use Nitecore RCR123A and it fits in all lights I’ve tested.

I agree. The Nitecore NL166 RCR123A is a great cell and fits perfectly.

Thanks guys. Do you know how long the Keeppower and Klarus cells are? I haven’t bought new R123s on over 8yrs so I don’t know much about the new ones available. I just bought 1 new Xtar 16340 and it’s a good bit longer than my old 16340s.

Finally found my digital calipers and measured my 16340 cells. My blue ones are 16.3 x 34.3 and my Xtar one is 16.3 x 35.15. I’m guessing the Xtar cell will not fit, but will my blue cells fit? They’re 0.3mm lomger than the longest measured fitting cell.

I just received this flashlight and mine came with SMO reflector. Did Olight change the reflector recently?

Hello, here is my Olight S10 XM-L,

I found it in my pocket, In this way.
For three days ago I ask Olight, they do not answer.
HI OLIGHT!!! Do you have customer service? |( …… Aaaah, no customer service….

oK, I can use strong glue, but what if a piece is lost? What about the IPX8? Has this happened in most units?

That’s not confidence inspiring. Looks like the seal is made soley by the pressure of the ring which is only press fit in. This is giving me second thoughts on the S10 and S20.