Review: Olight S1A (XM-L2, 1x AA/1x 14500)

Finally got my replacement DMM.

I measure 1.4 microamps. Just under 100 years to 50%. :+1:

I’ve placed an order for the Sanyo unprotected UR14500p without reading reviews.

Does it work with S1A without the use of magnets?

Probably not. My similar Efest 14500 doesn’t.

The one on the left doesn’t work with S1A even if it isn’t recessed, the one on the right does.

For those of you who didn’t like the CW tint, emitter swap is feasible :

I love this little light and it instantly became my favorite EDC. But I noticed that it wasn’t remembering the mode I last used even though it’s advertised as having memory mode. I assumed it was defective and wrote to Olight in the US. I received a quick response that stated:
“The S1A will remember the mode just for 9min and then it will automatically change to medium.”
So it has 9 minute memory mode only. Not terribly useful. A minor inconvenience.