Review: PALIGHT Xlamp A8-X960LS U2 - PALIGHT H900 26650 or 18650

In some shops the flashlight named H900, on the flashlight itself is written:* United PALIGHT XlampA8-X960LS U2 *
I got it from Aurabuy for the review. Thank you Kevin for this sample :slight_smile:

It takes around 3-4 weeks (to Germany) and is well packed.

The flashlight is supplied in a cardboard box that has been pushed a little bit during the shipping, but otherwise makes a good impression.

A short overview of the technical data:
Length: 13.3 cm, head diameter of 4.5 cm, diameter of the lamp 3.3 cm, weight approx 170g
LED: Cree XM-L U2 Cool White, SMO Reflector
6 modes (high, mid, low, strobe, turbo, SOS), no mode memory, reverse clicky
Li-ion Battery 26650 or 18650 (with included adapter tube).

Who speak chinese, here is the link to Homepagge: or here

The image shows all incl. items:

Flashlight, packaging, business card of Palight, hand strap, battery charger (with U.S. plug) and 26650 protected battery (also a 18650 adapter tube)

The lamp is well made, but has some tiny flaw: Small dents under the anodization and a cooling fin to see this here.

The modes are changed by tailswitch and it is installed a reverse Clicky. It is tailstandable and the lanyardhole fit only very thin lines (as with the supplied wrist strap, so unfortunately no paracord).

The order of the modes is a bit unusual, so probably also a lot of shops write that is has only 5 modes. Correct is 6 modes (high, mid, low, strobe, turbo, SOS), no mode memory. At the first testing, I thought - 4 modes (high, mid, low, strobe and then high) but I was surprised when another blink mode came. Then I thought: Two times high and came out only at the measure that it is a turbo mode (because of the high mode is not directly in front or behind is not struck me on the right).

For the first time I have now recognized the advantage of no memory mode when the lamp. If you switch from one mode to hold the button for 2 seconds, it comes back immediately to the high mode. This way you can skip the flashing modes, but also the turbo mode, which is framed by them.

I measured the following values:
High: 2.08A, mid, 1.06 A, 0.07 A low, turbo 3.00 A.

The driver is hiding something and I was not able to turn the aluminum plate (maybe he’s stuck). But I could discover a Palight lettering on the driver - so it’s at least a modified for the company or a complete production. Unfortunately, you can hear a slight buzzing noise from the driver (in all modes), as long as it was within 30cm from my ear. As a rule I do not pick them at head height, so I do not mind this fact.

Both the driver and in the bottom of the torch is a spring installed, which prevents slipping of the battery and also a fall and is shock resistance.
The lamp itself has only two parts, head and body, no cap. If it is soldered to the one below the head (similar to the Nitecore EA4, Skyray King). I find the bezel, by design, more beautiful than a completely smooth (which exists in the sister model HXM-900LS (often found under H900) and it’s not even sharp.

I find this particularly interesting, as there are many good tests to 18650 (in the meantime there are Panasonic, Sanyo and Samsung batteries at moderate prices), 26650 are somewhat less represented (King Kong are good, but unprotected , Enerpower are great, but at about 20-25 € per piece a completely different price region)

The supplied battery pack is a 5000mAh protected 26650 from Palight with. The protection circuit is seated but not at the end, but in the headboard. Right and left are connected to the end of visible and tangible. Since I have no way to measure the capacity, I have not touched the battery and tested with my 18650th The 26650 has a small dent on the negative, but this does not affect the functionality and security below.
Dimensions of the included batteries:
Diameter: 26.27 mm (at the widest point - where the PCB compounds lead to the pole), length 66,32 mm.

By the two springs the battery fits very well, even my Samsung unprotected batteries that are 65.02 mm long. But to the side walls he has some space, but it is because of the springs to not loose noises.

The adapter tube is better than the average, which is otherwise at the China flashlights so there.
Here is an overview of what I have got that.

From left to right:
TrustFire A8 BLF Edition, Palight, other China flashlights

With it numerous batteries can be charged. It fits 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 26650. Slightly irritating is the charge indicator LED. If a battery with 3.5 volts is inserted, it is red, then changes to flashing red, orange / green, red / green blinking, and with some time, the green phase is getting longer. When the battery is full, it will change to solid green and just flashes red once every 4-5 seconds.
The charger will indicate 4.17 V without battery, with battery charge at 4.18 V. It should not be too much on “a battery is only at 4.2 V completely full” is. 4.17 V is only slightly less (I guess I just have only 96% of the battery, but equally it may be due to the measurement tolerance of my multimeter). Some XTAR charger, charge only to 4.16 V and I say: Little less than too much.

Here is the label information: Model: JG-106Li, Input: AC100-240V/47-63HZ, Output: 4.2V + - 1%, 600mA.
The actual charge current is likely to be lower because it requires a 18650 battery with 2400mAh to 6 hours (from 3.6 V to 4.17 V).

The battery was removed with 4.18 V and occur after about 30 minutes I measured 4.17 V (later after another hour again and it was still 4.17 V shown).
So the charger seems to work properly, although it is a cheap charger, but you have at the time to be patient. I advise to keep the charger in the first loading operations in mind and check the battery voltage.

Beam Shots: iso 200, 50/1 sec. Distance from the wall about 1 meter

Turbo / high / mid / low

The package is a good combination, especially for beginners who have nothing at all.
It is flexible and you can use 18650 or 26650.
The charger works reliably for me and also different batteries can be charged with.
The processing of the flashlight is quite a recommendation in order and considering the price.
But you have to put the 6 modes apart or use the flashlight as described above (push switch 2 seconds for the first mode (high) come).

Thanks for the review! Nice looking light, but why in the world the goofy mode order???


thanks for a review Buwuve

Thanks for this review!

Thanks for the review, Buwuve! One of the things not mentioned is the lens material. Palight states the lens on your model is plastic, not glass, and Aurabuy confirmed this with me before I chose the HXM-900LS to review. Now that someone actually has it in hand, can you let us know if the lens is plastic as they say or glass?

Also good to see that your charger works. Mine didn't work at all. The battery they include is a low capacity cell much like the Ultrafire cells and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a rebranded version of those. Without going back to my review to verify, I recall the Palight 26650 only having 2700mAh capacity when discharged at 1A. Less than a good 18650 but ok to have as a backup cell.

The driver should be the same exact model as mine since the only real difference in our lights is the head and knurling on the body. With a proper cell (King Kong 26650) mine really came to life compared to the supplied cell.

thanks for the review.

It feels like plastic.

I don't try the Palight 26650, because I love 18650 and 90% of my batteries are 18650. With an unprotected Samsung the flashlight is really bright (I measure 3A on turbo).

Another small different point is the design of the tail. Your HXM-900LS has a really good tailstand ability, the X960LS could also tailstand (not as good as the 900LS), but it has a convexity for the thumb - it's easier to use the switch.

One question:

this silver looking ring around the tailcap, can it be removed?

It is a ring (there is a small gap between ring and body), but I can not move it. I try it a different times (without gloves, with nitrile covered gloves to have more grip).

thanks for the review… but why would Aurabuy choose 2 people from the same forum to review the same light?
do they expect the other review to be different from the same light? :~

who cares, as long as they send us the lights :D

P.S. for 30-something bucks this fl is a bit let down, I think!

First it is not exactly the same flashlight. Second Kevin gave me the chance to choose a flashlight by my own. I have about 25 flashlights, prefer single cell 18650 (this flashlight works with 18650 and 26650) and I like the design. These are the reasons, why I got this for the review. I think it is important that the reviewer can choose a flashlight, because he is more motivated, can compare it similar flashlight he owns and it's also nice for him to have a new flashlight he likes.

Yes. They are not the same lights. Similar, yes, but entirely different bodies. Glass lens vs plastic lens, smooth body vs knurled body, different heads, different tails.

For me it was nice to see if the charger on this one works and how his examples quality may vary from mine in order to get an idea of brand consistency.

Thanks for the review.

Some of the packaging copy is hilarious:

"Make better ! for LED steamlight"

On the cell:

"CaroNite - Top USA Technology"

So I guess this might throw as well as a Skyray Ao?

Thanks a lot for the review! Sticky’d.