Review: Piece of Crap W572 "Multifunctional Flashlight" From Aliexpress\_

Hey Joe, I wonder if you could put in your thread titles that the review is a video, if it is one. Thanks :wink:

I used to do that, and kinda still do. Not very creative, IMO, but most of my content is a review of some sort. On here, for sure (added).

Thanks! But I was hoping you could specifically say it is a video review. Right now I’m in a place with other people around, so I read stuff but I can’t conveniently view a video.

I’m absolutely ecstatic about you’re honest emotion

lol Thanks. I honestly know no other way! And it’s gotten me in trouble in real life plenty of times!

Can’t really polish a turd

I think somebody actually tried, hence all the scratches.

I think you’re my next favourite torch reviewer :beer:

“…I’m done with this. Y’all have a good night.”

I watched the Imalent clone video as well

“This ginormous son-of-gun here will scream masculinity issues…”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Thanks for the lols

Thanks Rusty Joe :+1:
You just saved me $$ :smiley:
Was considering buying one to mod, but plastic is a no no.