Review: Planet Bike Superflash clone

Just got my Planet Bike Superflash “clone” last week from an eBay seller for $5.90. It’s also sold at DX for a bit cheaper but we all know how crappy their shipping times can be. It looks exactly like the original, and though the mount isn’t quite the same it does work good and you can adjust the direction like the original.

The two modes are the same as the Superflash (easy to use push button, with flashing and constant on), and I think it works very well. Using two AAAs, it’s pretty bright, and it can be seen from a long distance. I don’t own the original but another member of the forum, cehowardGS does and has said this is at least 95% as bright, with the runtime measured at 150 hours.

The guy was selling it at $5.98 at the time of this post (from what I understand it used to be a bit cheaper), and with a Best Offer option, which I tried but got countered with $5.90 (lol) so don’t expect anything unless you order two or more. The shipping was scary fast, 4 days from Fuzhou, China.

The only problem I’ve noticed was the rubber seal, which doesn’t quite fit on my unit, leaving small openings on both sides (as seen in the pics below). Not sure if it would really let any water in but you could always run some clear tape over it.

Here’s some pics, and a video of the modes:

That’s so cool!

Nice review luxi!

I have one of them, their awesome :-), cable tie it on though, mine bounced off its mounting, luckily I found it a day later. 8)

I haven’t had that problem with mine yet, but thanks for pointing it out! I might try something to secure it a little better, but I need to retain the quick release functionality for obvious reasons.

Thanks very much for the review! Sticky’d.

Great Review!!

For those of us that were able to get offers of $4.00 and $4.50 acepted, we are smiling broadly!! :wink:

Thanks for the great review. I have a few of those from DX as well. They are great when standing directly behind the light, however dont have the total output power of the 9 LED version when the modes are set to make the LED’s all flash at once for maximum visibility. Also, the 9 LED version has a superior peripheral signal since 2 of the LED’s are mounted to each side of the housing at 90 degree angles for side flash. I use one of each model to get noticed. Each light alone does a fine job of signaling. Both of them together are FAR superior.

Also, run these on Eneloops for maximum sustained output. On primaries, voltage sags quickly when all LED’s are set to flash simultaneously and output becomes greatly reduced.

Hi Luxi,

Looking at your vid again, I just noticed that your version does not have a mode to allow all 3 LED’s to stay on or flash simultaneously. For that reason, Id recommend the DX version for a far brighter signal. Several others have compared the DX version to the superflash and showed it compared favorably. The 9 LED version outperforms both.

Comparing the ebay and DX version shows they are distinctly different models with a similar appearance.

FlashPilot, you are on the ball!! :slight_smile: I have 3 of those 9 LED lights too. A great Budget Rear Light…

Now, here is another one that will give the 9 LED, and the Clone a run for the money for $2.50!!
They go for $2.99 free shipping, but they have the make an offer option, and I usually get 4 for $2.50 each… It is a sleeper.

cehowardGS, thanks for the observations and referral! Flashing blue/purple lights are usually illegal for non-emergancy vehicles in the US, but I’ll go ahead and order a few from your link and give them a try anyway. A bike is no match for a car in a collision, and one can never be to careful or visible.

Thanks again for the great tip!

cehowardGS, Thanks for that link! I got a kick out of the description (copied below)!


1. You can choose the right mode flexibly when needs
2. It has 12 LED looks more attractive
3. Also back there was the clamp
4. Single button control switch back
5. One holder is more convenient for you
6. A security warning can protect your health
7. Multifunction light is the best partner
8. Solid and light in weight, firmly sticks to your bicycle

Thanks Lux, cehoward and FlashPilot for protecting our rears! :bigsmile:

Some excellent discussion and different viewpoints concerning bike tail light safety:

Just inserted some fresh batteries. Even brighter, blinding if you stare right into it. Seems the price on eBay went down a bit as well. The seller keeps saying he has a limited stock, but that number never goes down when the total sold number keeps going up, heh.

I like the one FlashPilot linked, it’s got a better aesthetic than the SuperFlash clone. I also run a Keygos KE-5 up front which provides good peripheral visibility I think; however, the clone does put out a fair amount of light from the sides (definitely not as bright when viewed head-on, but it’s fairly visible).

I received 2 of these ($2.50 each with free shipping) and they are amazingly bright and noticable! 3 days from order to receipt… talk about fast shipping. It even beats the DX 9 LED in output and makes the superflash clone seem insignificant.

Again, Eneloops give them the required amperage to operate at peak performance while alkalines dim after an hour.


I wouldn’t put anything other than a red LED in the rear myself, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

I ordered couple of those colorful bike lights, one came defective, other one works fine, 3 modes if Im not mistaken.
Its OK light but Im yet to compare it to red-only rear lights.

Thanks for review, luxi!
Been looking at these but the price has put me off ordering them, 3$ or less is my light budget for rear lights :D!

Thanks for the link, it was a great read.

I’ve always thought shinning too many lumens in the eyes of the people who share the road with is not the safest way to get noticed.

I started reading up on this; found a Los Angeles area summary that said one advantage of the super bright rear lights is it gives a driver plenty of time to notice you’re there — of the crashes caused by drivers turning right in front of a cyclist, the “never saw him at all” kind — none of those were using the super bright daytime rear flashers. Sounded like a good argument in favor of being a little dazzling. But i like the idea of a less bright light plus aiming a very bright light down at the pavement — to make clearer exactly where the bike is.