Review: Prometheus Lights Alpha Series XM18-B (XM-L T5 4C | 1x18650)

Yeah, his site does showcase a bunch of unique custom orders and limited run batches that he's made and notes that he's definitely up for custom orders. I think his biggest advantage will be his expiramenting with different finishes, from the Electroless Nickel to Cerakote to raw copper, he's got a lot of various finishes.

After reading thru his blog though I'm mostly impressed with his modded McClicky switch. The gold plated wavy spring makes a heck of a lot of sense to me, and I don't think I've seen that elsewhere.

Thx again guys! Yes, Jason does custom work (bespoke models), feel free to hit him up with your request.

Beautiful light and great review. “INITIAL CONCLUSION” I like that.

Thx guys!

Quick video summary and runtime on shorty tube added (search 5/15).

fishinfool, PM incoming. =o)

this is kind of an artisan lite. very nice, very $

Weight measurements & AW IMR 18350 runtime added (for full details search 5/16). Basically it's (without battery):

4.13oz (117.2g) w/the shorty tube

4.79oz (136.1g) w/the full tube



Thanks for another excellent, detailed review! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd... and check out that teaser picture! ;)

Darn, Tim, this is the third review I'm reading and I must admit: amazing reviews in all aspects! Hands down :O I just read them because of the quality :bigsmile: I know that I will never buy any of those reviewed lights :bigsmile: But it's a pleasure to read your reviews ;) Hope to see you doing budget review as well :)

Thx guys! I most certainly will review a few budget lights in the future.



An absolutely spectacular review. Probably the best on this forum . . .


Aw shucks Foy, thx! BUT, we ALL know you're still the best because it's not really approved until it's Foyapproved!

That is a stunning work of art! Thanks for a great review, turboBB.

That is a really nice light. I don't quite see the point though as its not particularly bright or compact for an 1x18650 light. Its cool looking, but thats a heck of a price point.

Hopefully we won't wind up like CPF with people gushing how they "wept for pure joy" when they first saw its beamshot, and how its "the most important light of their life", and all that BS. ;-)

An awesome review.

Awesome review and enjoyed the vid.....very nice light indeed and good start up package for anyone.

Although I'm personally more a fan of Cha Chang Myun (or Neng Myun in the summertime) I wanted to thank you for your excellent review.

I would never consider buying this light but it's very inspiring and fascinating to see what can be achieved with enough dedication. And the quality of your review(s) is at least on par with the flashlight's. Thanks!

damn, now i want bowl of those noodles! (and the light too..)