Review: Protected NCR18650B from Wallbuys

Cells arrived “professionally” packed in 2 pink rubber iPhone cases. I’d still prefer a normal 18650 case though.

Cells were at 4,17 after some rest when fully charged.

I believe if I used lower termination current and lower discharge values, I could squeeze out the last 100-200 mAh. The last 100 mAh is probably not there or very hard to reach. At voltage below 3V, direct driven flashlights will only glow.

So these are obviously genuine unused batteries since no other cell has such capacity nowadays.

Short circuit protection works and resume immediately.
Tried high load at 4,25A so the cut-off is higher.

Maximal diameter is 18,7mm.
Lenght is 70mm sharp including the button.

PS I will publish an internal resistance chart where you can compare different batteries later.

Thanks for the review!

Just like my last two shipments of NCR18650As.

Now I've got four pink iPhone 5 silicone cases and four purple iPhone 4 cases. Hmm.. Maybe the next giveaway.. ;)

..but the price was good at $13.21 - $1.32 w. coupon WBQYMONSTER = $11.89 (for 2 pack => $5.95 each), so I'm not complaining. :)

Ps. The same coupon seems to work also for those NCR18650Bs, bringing the price down to $15.83 for 2 pack ($7.92 each) - not bad at all.

That’s how my TF 26650 came packaged. Sandwiched in-between two pink iphone cases. I beleive mine were in a yellow envelope as well (with yellow tape all over - I think they do that to give the envelope extra resilience). I got cases labelled 5G. I don’t have an iphone, so they’re not too useful to me.

Thanks for the review… I have bought 4 of these from WB. I have not done any technical testing, but they seemed to perform as good as my other NCR18650B from various sources.
WB had the best price I had ever seen when using 10% coupon. Price was slightly lower when I ordered… At the moment FT is cheaper when using 5% coupon code.

Just ordered 3 pairs/6 of the protected Panasonic NCR18650A earlier today. Over $5 cheaper than Fastech, 6 cells for less than $35. With Fasttech if you use the quantity price, you can’t use the discount code. With Wallbuys you can use the quantity price and discount code together.

Thanks a lot for the review! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.