“REVIEW”: RovyVon Aurora A23 Black – EDC – 1000 Lumens - Rechargeable [Beamshots Post #17]

I was messing around with one of my 10180 lights a few months back (I think my DQG Hobi+), and my sister-in-law (who is currently the tenant of my basement) pulled out the Aurora A1 I’d forgotten I got her and said “Mine’s brighter!”

Indeed it was, though it was marginally larger. Had to grab the D4 to assuage my wounded pride…

I’ve got both the A4 and A24 in titanium, both are fantastic lights.

Ahahah :smiling_imp: That is evil :stuck_out_tongue:
It is so funny when “they” think they have bright lights :smiley:
The A8 packs a punch if you judge it by the size, but so does a D4.

This weekend when I was taking the outdoor beamshots at night my dad was outside and asked me what was “all that light”! I guess he was impressed when I showed him the A23, so small if compared to the other lights I have at home :smiley:

It is probable that you made me feel a bit jealous :stuck_out_tongue:
I would love that the A23 black had the logo engraved on the head as your does :blush:

As promised on the review, and as habit on my reviews, here are some outdoor beamshots! :sunglasses:

For a small flashlight, it has a strong beam as you can see on the photos. I also think that it has a good level spacing!
It was definitely a good buy I did, I like it :wink:
Stay safe folks! Day and night :+1:

That’s actually pretty funny because I wish the A24 had some milling or anything on the head like the A23 does. It can get REALLY slippery with the smooth head.

Well, I can tell you that this anodizing is also slippery :stuck_out_tongue:
The thing that helps me grabbing it in a better way is the pocket clip!
I believe that these versions below (A23 pro, A25 and A28) are probably better in terms of grip, as both yours and mine needed some thing to help on that!

I would love if the head of my A24 had the same milling lines as those.

I guess that maybe it was a good change to propose to RovyVon, in case they “modify” the A23/A24 as they are (host).

But the TI as it is, despite the smooth surface, is a gorgeous light :blush:

Today I decided to “get into the head” of the RovyVon Aurora A23.
To mod it, of course :smiley:

How’s the head? Pretty simple.
It is supposed to look like this:
(pic is a link for a portuguese site of flashlights)

It is not glued. With some pliers the inner part of the head can be unscrewed.
It is constitued by:

- a transparent o-ring

- the TIR optic (standard size, not a “special one”)

- brass pill

- 1mm thick vs14mm diameter aluminium PCB with XP-L2 Cool White emitter

  • contact board with 2 screws (glued with red glue).

The mod:
I replaced the whole PCB for a led4power 16mm x 1.5mm MCPCB with a Luxeon V2 4000K. I had to file/sand/dremel it on the sides to shorten the diameter for less than 15.20mm

I also replaced the original TIR because after the mod there was a huge tint shift from corona to the center of the hotspot. I used other clear TIR, but with a larger diameter in the led opening, to reduce that shift.

Ideally, a pebbled optic would be better for that, but then it would lose a lot of throw! I opted to maintain it.


Comparison with the OTR 311 also with Luxeon V2 4000K (OP reflector)

Nice mod, much more juice in the spot :+1:

The design, especially around the switch, reminds me on the Armytek Prime. And momentary turbo is known from the Tube, a really nice feature I wish more lights would adopt.

The heatsink is interesting, but I imagine heat dissipation suffers from the brass-aluminum junction.

Thanks for showing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words :beer:
Yup, there is a more intense hotspot :wink: It is due both to the smaller size dome, and the larger opening of the TIR!

BTW, here’s the before and after right over the light:

The structure on the switch is nice because it helps preventing accidental activation. I used it last night as a back-up light in a walk and had no issues on the pocket. Nor with it lit up :wink:

Yup, the momentary Turbo is a plus in this light, just like the TIP 2017 too, and a really nice feature on a keychain/EDC light!

Well, I didn’t test it to the “limit” of heating , but this pill seems nice to spread the heat for all the head, while the “body”/circuitry stays safe :wink:
I am curious to check if the decrease on brightness will be different as I am now using a copper MCPCB and it will “accumulate” more heat eventually.

If I do any testing I will post it here!

Thanks for reading :+1:

That’s is a very pleasing and simple mod MascaratumB. It seems like after replacing emitter and TIR lens there is no more artifact in beam. It also tighten the hotspot.
Nice job. :+1:

Thanks Anthony! :+1:
Well, there are still some artifacts but my photo didn’t portray it quite well. However, the tint improved a lot, and some of the rings in the artifact are no longer there. Others have surged, though!

One thing I am thinking is…maybe this light would be good with dedomed leds, XP-L HI, Osram White flats… I don’t have any to test, but with the original TIR maybe that was a good option :nerd_face:

I’ll check how it behaves outdoor tonight :wink: Indoor…it is much more pleasant :blush:

So…that tint shift was still bothering me, so I made another mod!
I replaced the clear tir for a frosted one! And now, there are NO shifts or artifacts :partying_face:

I tried 4 or 5 different TIRs and even some reflectors (none of which fit perfectly…), and ended up with the frosted TIR!

I did some beamshots yesterday and this is a comparison between the original settings (LEFT) and the modded light (RIGHT)!
Less throw, somehow less spill, much much better tint :wink:

Love IT! :heart_eyes:

I had the change to receive another of these flashlights and made a video review and video beamshots!

The flashlight was sent by https://flashlightgo.com/ .

Thanks for your nice review

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Many thanks for your review.

I manage to win an auction for the A29 in brass and it spots a Nicia 219C led. Smitten by the simplicity of this light that I bought the A23 Pro. Both of these came with TIR and Nichia 219C.

Are both the XPL and Nichia having the same TIR lens?

Any recommendations on which angle to get for reolacement? I would like to have more throw with some spill and mitigate the artifacts of the original beam pattern. Tint is just perfect for my tired eyes.

Any advice on the above is much appreciated.
Best regards,
Meor A.@jumpstat

Thanks for the review!
I’ve had this flashlight on my keychain for quite a while now.
I don’t use this keychain flashlight very much, but this is my favorite of this type of flashlight. :raccoon:

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I cannot reply to your first question accurately since I only received samples with XPL led inside. However, I believe that the original TIR optics are the same on both cases.

Concerning the recomendation for replacement, honestly, I am not sure which angle would suit you the best. For me a frosted optic was the best choice, for a floody beam, as I didn’t want/need throw in this light so much. So, I cannot be sure which would be the best for you :zipper_mouth_face:

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