“REVIEW”: Skilhunt M150 – 1 x 14500 / AA – 750 Lumens – Double UI – Magnetic Charging [PIC HEAVY] (Beamshots added = Post#21)

Yes, it does behave differently, but, for me, it will be a matter of choice of what Group Mode will I prefer to use and then stick to it!
B is simpler than A, and the light can then be used with or without memory, “single” mode (single click ON/OFF - this is what lacks in many other lights in this category :zipper_mouth_face: ) .

If I need a lower low, I will opt for A, but then he UI is more intrincate…

Is the UI similar to the BLF A6?

MascaratumB, You've definitely got your format of review fine tuned! Comprehensive, thorough, abundantly illustrative! In short, thank you for the review!

No LightObsession! The reference above to bistro UI was only a small comparison, but the UI on these lights is not similar!

This is BLF A6! Please go to this thread for more information: Flashlight User Interface Cheatsheets

And this is Skihunt M150 UI, from the user Manual:

Here is the description I’ve made:

And here are 2 videos demonstrating the User Interface of this flashlight!

Group Mode A

Group Mode B + Unlock+ Location beacon

Thank you Nachtfeuerzeug :blush: I do the best I can and that I know honestly!

Some things are still missing (night beamshots and some “tests”) but I’ve been busy with other stuff! As soon as I can I will post those!
Thanks for reading!! :beer:

So much wasted potential in this light : /

Is that because of the UI and the emitter, or other aspects?

I guess there is no single light that will “fill the measures” for all of us!
Look at the FW3A, the D4 and many other lights beinge released! They all “lack” something and they are superb lights ‘per se’…

Only thing we can hope is for Skilhunt - as other manufacturers - to listen to the community to improve their lights…

  • It could be made smaller, including the diameter, by not having magnetic charging. Plus I’m pretty sure they price they ad for it is higher than a decent quality lightweight charger.
  • XP-L2 CW and OP is obviously a bad choice, XM-L2/XP-L HI 5D/3A or Luxeon V would be a much better choice, especially with a TIR or diffused lens.
  • It’s not modable I geuss (not 100% sure)
  • SOS is pretty dam useless

I tried to talk them into using blue locklite for the threads of the head in their Skilhunt H03, which is easily removable my a modder and impossible by a random, instead of red loclite which is a PITA to remove, but I didn’t feel they did understand the issue I was referring to.

BTW great review :+1:

Sorry for the late reply Ryzbor!
And thanks for detailing your points!

Hum, comparing it with the other side switch AAs, it is pretty small! The Manker E11 is smaller, but it doesn’t have magnetic tail. Sofirn SP10A/B is already a small light but this one is still smaller than it! About the diameter, of course, without the magnetic charger it will take more space! Unless it it was charged through the tail, Olight style, I guess this is the “possible size” for a light like this ! Untill a smaller one appears with the same specs :smiley:

Agree! NW or WW would be tremendous! After I take my night beamshots, I will put a Luxeon V2 5000K to see how it looks like and will report :wink:
The diffusing can be made through some plastic sheet like DC-fix or others! I will try that when I mod it :wink:

The LED is “changeable”. The driver, not so much!

I will probably agree. Even if it can be handy, it would not be needed. And even if I’m not a strobe fan, I’d rather have the strobe or flash only!

I saw their answer on the Skilhunt thread and I do understand their point about this. Skilhunt is not necessarily Sofirn, Convoy or Jaxman. They have a different range of products and a different relationship with the market, meaning probably many customers that are not “enthusiasts”. Therefore, they probably prefer to give them a “reliable” and verified product instead of something that can be modded/damaged more easily! It would be like saying to Olight “don’t glue your heads”…

At least here, on this M150, one can change the LED and the reflector/lens…

Thank you :smiley:

Adding some more reviews here and on the web:

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Looks pretty good. For some reason I thought it was bigger - maybe I misread the spec sheet. Relatively speaking the size looks fine for 14500.

For me the CW is a deal-breaker. And the sinewave UI is a dealbreaker. Both are easily fixed so maybe I revisit it in the future to check if Skilhunt make a revision.

So, today I am adding some (delayed) beamshots, showing how the Skilhunt M150 behaves outdoor and indoor too!

I opted to show mostly the different levels (from the lowest level to the highest) instead of showing the 5 preset levels on the group mode 2.

I also compared it with some of my other AA/14500 flashlights.
I only used 14500 cells in these beamshots. With AA alkalines or Ni-MH rechargeable cells, the outputs will be different, namely giving lower distance range on the higher output levels.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

First the evolution through the 8 levels: indoor vs outdoor!!

Tint Comparison:
Left to Right
Wuben E05 (Luxeon V) > Sofirn SP10A (XP-G2) > Skilhunt M150 (XP-L) > Manker E11 (XP-L) > Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 (XP-L)

Wuben E05 > Skilhunt M150 > Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 /////// Sofirn SP10A > Skilhunt M150 > Manker E11

Skilhunt M150 vs Wuben E05 > Manker E11 > Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 > Sofirn SP10A

And some beauty photos! And others :smiley:

Thanx for lot of pics!

The light itself is great, the UI is acceptable, but the tint….is uglyyyy.

Yup, specially if you compare it to this one :wink:

Thats nice!

I bought few XPLs and XML2s in 3000K and itstalled them in some of my lights. And immediately became the big fan of the warm tint. So the cold white tint of the M150 is like nightmare to me… :person_facepalming: :smiley:

So, after some delay, I finally got to mod the Skilhunt M150.
I took out the Cool White XP-L HD emitter and put a Luxeon V2 5000K bought a while ago from Led4Power.

You’ll see the difference below :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

BTW, I also measured the PCB. I was a bit disappointed, as I thought it was thicker. NO! Also, it didn’t have any kind of thermal paste below! Ok that this is not a hot rod, but still, it should have some. So, so besides replacing the LED, I also put some thermal paste!

BEFORE [XP-L HD Cool White] >>>> AFTER Luxeon V2 5000K

Comparisons with Luxeon V 4000K (under a TIR, on the right)

Luxeon V2 5000K vs Luxeon V 4000K (with SMO reflector)


This is my first light with a Luxeon V2 5000K!
And I love it! :heart_eyes:
And it is so much better than a CW LED in this flashlight!
And if it is not completely perfect, it is much more pleasant than a XP-L HD CW emitter!

Skilhunt, if you are reading this, please consider offering this light with Neutral White emitter!!!
The lumens may be lower, but it will be much better and more pleasant!!!
Also, altough I am getting used to this UI, consider the suggestions given in the Poll you organized! :wink:

BTW, the mod is not difficult! You just need to reflow an LED on the PCB so that it works well and solder it again! :+1:

Thank you for a very elaborate review.
There is one remaining question. IMHO bezels are made to protect and serve.
That nice blue bezel, is it made of (stainless?) steel, or just colored aluminum.

Thank you Henk4U2 !!
Well, I cannot answer that clearly due to my lack of knowledge , but I will try give the tips to ascertain that:

- it is lightweight (well, it is thin, and has a hole, so… :stuck_out_tongue: )

- it is not magnetic

- if it is “painted” it doesn’t scratch easily (meaning, it is not easy to make it look “bare metal”)

  • in the interior part of the bezel, where it sits on the head, it also has a purplish look, like if it was heat treated

From these specificities, can we draw a conclusion?
I really don’t know if it is SS or ALU; but if SS is not magnetic, I would say this is SS bezel, maybe…

According Skilhunt its a PVD coated SS bezel ( Physical Vapour Deposition )

Thank you guys!! While my wallet softly weeps.

I asked because unlike a lot of people people believe:

- SS is not always magnetic

  • SS does not always have to be “shiny”.

Well, I’m not lying if I say that I don’t know what’s that, but it surely looks a fancy thing to be done! :smiley:

And it actually looks great on the bezel :wink: It’s a classy touch !!!

Thanks for the clarification Henk4U2!
That was what I thought but couldn’t be 100% sure, so thanks!!

As I mentioned in the “What did you mod today thread” I started using this light yesterday after the led replacement!
After having it on the “coin pocket” in my shorts for almost 6hours, it suddenly turned ON in the pocket!
I didn’t lock the light as I wanted to perceive in what conditions I should carry it to prevent the activation! Despite my efforts it turned ON.

But, it took 6 hours and it had a Vicks inhaler and a knife at its side that may have done some pressure in some position I made sitting or standing.

The awkward thing was…I was in a meeting with my boss when I felt it warm in my pocket :smiley:

Embarrasing :stuck_out_tongue: Well now I will carry it locked or with the tailcap slightly twisted !!