Review: SkyRay STL-V2 XM-L T6 3 or 5 modes adjustable

How does this light compare to the sky ray 3800. I was going to buy that light but I saw some beam comparisons with tk70 and an olight and throw was very poor. Although i'm not that throw minded i was wondering how the spill of this stl-v2 is. And i suppose it has a memory?


The light does have memory. i don't own a 3xxml and i can't tell you how they compare to this light. either one you choose im sure you'll be happy with. why not get both.

Have you thought of getting the Yezl T9 Flood to throw. this seems like what youre looking for.

1 is 10 minutes on the X-axis.

That's pretty crazy how much brighter it appears despite using less power.

I've known that head structure(size) is quite an important factor to the flashlight's beam profile through Fenix TK50 & this monster.Wink

Candle lamp, your graph is wrong. It should be times 2, think you used 1-cell voltage instead of 2-cell. XM-L is basically a 10-watter. Laughing

Yes i should have mentioned that the voltage x 2 because i used two cells on both lights.

Yes, Y-axis values should double.

2X18650 is correct and I've forgotten! It's my mistake.Cry

Just fixed now.

I just received the Fandyfire version of this light and after close inspection of your photos I can say it is exactly the same flashlight with two mode groups(only a few $ less expensive)

A crazy bright trower (can almost compare with my 35w pob HID)

That's good, PHEW.... glad it is working and exactly the same thing OEM, just rebranded.

I purchased the same one from DX, should be arriving soon one of these days.

But remember, this is the first "batch/version".

pipopopo, does yours use screws to hold down the white pcb?

Back when we were talking about doing a shootout between the 980L and a number of other lights and i had the X8, i thought yeah the X8 can probably keep up and maybe do better. The STLV2 in my opinion blows them all away. I know theyre all different configurations but just looking at sheer brightness.

Mine is still going without any hiccups. never really knew the meaning of regulation until i did my own test of both the X8 and the STLV2 and im quite impressed. Both lights are keepers.

Yes it does; why?

someone received one that had no screws just thermal compound.

Does anyone know if this lights throws better than an M3X or M3C4 XML?

it probably does, but will tell you when i get this here, i have already here a m3c4 xm-l.

Hey, i thought your M3X is 59k? BTW the Fandyfire STL-V6 glass cuts 5.6% of the light. :)

The triple M3C4 should be very close to this by figures. But seriously unless you A-B the lights very very carefully, such small differences cannot be detected. And if it is less than 5% probably A-B also cannot detect!

Is it HAIII?