Review: SkyRay STL-V2 XM-L T6 3 or 5 modes adjustable

Just got the Fandyfire, clone of the clone skyray. Quality against M3X is worser, but it is still quite good!

As for performance, i am measuring about 48200 lux, not like the 59000 i got from olight, but still quite a good number, better than thrunite catapult!

THe OTF is 690 lumen, olight is 770 OTF.

Overall, it is a very good bang for buck for sure!

Yep, the Fandyfire is good huh? Sealed

Probably yes, still have not taken some time to play with it, but i guess, a more efficient circuit(that gives a solid 2,93amp like the M3X, this one draws 1,42amp, doubt if it gives more than 2,6amp on the led, will know soon), a better led, a better glass and we will be getting almost the performance of a M3X. This is a copy anyway, though i think that they could have watched out some details.

+1 and I have the two Cool screws

ergotelis, do you have the Sky Ray? They may come from the same place (ie OEM branding), not clones of each others.

Just got my skyray version. I think the solarforce MPP-1 still throws a little better at long distances (300+ yards) but at the shorter distances the output of the Skyray blows away the MPP-1. I am happy with it, seems to be good quality for the money. Mine has the two screws.

Sorry, no, i don't have the skyray, but it looks like the same thing. They could have made it a bit better i think!

TO add something here, i carefully noticed that a M3X has slightly larger inner reflector diameter. 56mm vs 54 of the fandyfire. A tiny difference, but in this size it is enough to give some lux more.

THe height of the reflectors is the same.

The glass has worse quality on the fandyfire, not AR coating seems to be present.

Also, the pcb seems to be smaller.M3X has a bit bigger pcb.

Thanks for the update. good to know its still good. I dont know how much MF has sold, probably not that much with the cheaper fandy at dx. so they probably still have the first run available. just ordered some 18500s to make it a bit shorter. mine is still going with regular use. i find it too bright for some applications but its still amazing outside in full darkness.

I have bought a second one (Fandyfire version from DX).

The output is almost identical compared to the first one. (man I love this light!)

anyone has a link for a cheap AR coated lens??

Great quality here:

I bought 2 x UCL for my DRY triple XM-Ls and 1 acrylic diffusion lens. Unfortunately they do not have 59mm size which the STL-V2 or Fandyfire STL-V6 needs.

Even more spam, Mable? Why am I not surprised?

Ordered, and now I'm running on walls and waiting impatiently :D

Did you order the Sky Ray or the Fannyfire? I have the Fannyfire and am pleased.

First ordered FannyFire but it was back ordered (DX site says ships 4-7 days), canceled that and ordered Sky Ray from Manafont.

EDIT: And Manafont is fast as usual... ordered yesterday, they dispatched today :)

Which Fannyfire?

STL-V6 of course :)

Now is good time to buy this from DD

With coupon code:THANKSGIVING

only $41.19 :O

Thanks for info! I just placed an order to them. $41.19+2.00 insurance+0.99 return postage.

Received mine today.

It had screws unlike candle lamp's and plastic around emitter was white.

Measured 1.45A from not quite full 18650 TF Flames.