Review: Small sun ZY-X1 lantern

I got my first lantern today, bought it on one of the promotions from wallbuys for 5.92$.

It is driven by a 18650 or with a included 3xAAA holder. It was very cheap and because of that worth the money. It has a for me unknown LED in it with a 3 mode driver High med strobe.

Tailcap measurements:

  • On high it pulls about 0.6-0.7A at 3.7V on 4.2 it pulls 1 A.
  • On mid about 0.16A
  • No regulation, current decrease continuously until 2.5V than there is no light anymore.
  • Thermal heatsink is not available, LED sits in this small “hat” without connection to the body. Body stays cool but LED gets really untouchable hot after few minutes.

My order

What a nice scratch.

When screwed together it is almost optimal focused, one wind of the aspheric lens will show a optimal projection of the LED die.

What a nice lantern :bigsmile:
For me it could be brighter(of course) but for normal lantern usage it is okay.
Just for fun I have hold the diffuser on my BLF A8 and that would be nice and bright, mid is far more than this light outputs

About 160mm long with extended diffuser, everything is screwed together also the diffuser can be screwed in the body for use as normal light or carry.

About 122mm long when diffuser screwed in.

Tailcap is solid, switch feels good too. It is wide enough to stand safely.

Opened up, I put that piece kapton tape on the negative connection to make reassembly easier.

16mm LED, in hollow pill.
Would have been nice if it had proper heatsinking, because of that I will not mod this until it fails. Too sad.
Could have be a nice light but I am sure I will let it commit suicide later.
I have no luck with my wallbuys orders…

I will let it run for an hour to see what happens, it smells a bit “warm”
edit now there was a purple flash so I have switched it off.
Switched on again, works like before the screw was not tightened…my fault.
So after a while walking through the dark house I have the feeling that this is a real useful lantern with 5+hours of work time.
It is not burned yet, but sometimes it don’t change modes, haven’t figured out this yet. I will let it run until the battery is empty and then post again.
I have thought about modding, but then realized that with this construction it is impossible to have a connection between pill and body. Because the diffuser is in the short mode between body and pill…should be similar on other lanterns. The only way would be to build this inner black plastic part out of aluminum.
So I couldn’t resist…after 1.5h continuously playing with it I decided to add some heatsink glue, it is now in my bench press waiting to dry. The black retainment ring was a bit loose so I have a valid legitimation.

Does it work as a lantern?

Thanks for the pics and review. The led looks like an OSRAM maybe the OSRAM Golden Dragon? Dont know for sure never had one of them.

How is the light out put when it is in extended lantern mode. Maybe a shot of it in a dark room if you have the time.


Heh, thanks for review, been looking at this type of lanterns myself ;)!

I had impression that they all have Cree LED’s, glad you made this review!

Thanks very much for the review! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

been looking for something like this.too bad about the lousy heatsink

I never use this lantern. But I use this Cheap lantern Small Sun ZY716 mod
A lot with a 18500.