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Sofirn IF24

At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars. In each topic I will bold the key sentences, so it will be easier to notice what’s the most important. Enjoy!

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IF24 on Sofirnlight: https://www.sofirnlight.com/products/sofirn-if24-rgb-flashlight-2000lm

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Table of Contents:

  • General parameters

  • Package content

  • Appearance, parameters

  • UI, runtime and charging

  • PWM

  • Waterproofness

  • Light pattern, tint

  • Gallery and Summary

General Parameters

Type Description
Material AL6061-T6 aluminium alloy
Color Black
Reflector SMO
Lens Glass
LED 1x SST40 6500K + 22x CSP1313 5000K + 15x FY-1615RGY RGB
Switch Rotary magnetic switch + e-switch
Brightness 2000lm max (SST40), 550lm (side white light)
Throw 251m / 15800cd
Modes (Main light: 5 + strobe + SOS + beacon) / (Side light: 5 RGB + 1 white)
Power 20W
Mode memory Yes
Battery 1x 18650
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Low voltage protection Yes
Waterproof IP66
Impact resistance 1m / 3.28ft
Size [Diameter: (Head/Tube: 27.5mm)] / Length: 126mm
Weight Flashlight: 95g / Flashlight + battery: 140g

Package content

Inside were:

  • Flashlight

  • Lanyard

  • 2 spare o-rings

  • USB C charging port

  • Manual

Appearance, parameters

First of all, the flashlight is really nicely packaged. The box itself made a very positive impression on me. I think this flashlight would be an ideal gift for someone who likes flashlights.

I am really impressed—the packaging is significantly different from what many Convoy flashlights come in (sorry, Simon).

Now let’s focus on the flashlight itself:

It’s quite large for a flashlight powered by an 18650 battery. At least, it might seem that way, but you have to consider that Sofirn included a USB charging port and an additional 37 LEDs as a side light.

The front of the flashlight is protected by a steel ring, which, apart from its practical functions, is also simply aesthetic.

Front glass (with AR coating) also add to the protective features.

Thanks to SMO reflector, the flashlight has a good throw (250m). Of course, these are theoretical values, and I wouldn’t expect a flashlight with such a small reflector to effectively illuminate something over 200 meters away.

The rotating switch + e-switch is a unique solution. I associate this type of switch with diving flashlights. The ring itself rotates with a slight but not too much resistance.

The electronic button has a nice texture and a pleasant, distinct click.

On the side, there is a USB-C charging port, covered with a rubber cap. Next to it is a small aux light that shows the battery level and indicates charging.

The cover sits flush with the housing.

There are grooves on the sides of the flashlight that give it a modern look. They probably also improve the grip, but even without them, the flashlight would feel secure in the hand, so this is mainly an aesthetic addition.

The side light consists of 22 white LEDs and 15 RGB LEDs. Everything is covered by a slightly frosted plastic panel.

Sofirn asked on BLF a while ago whether a slightly frosted or completely milky panel is better. People seemed to prefer a completely frosted panel, from what I saw, there was even such a version available for purchase, but ultimately it is a slightly frosted panel.
The LEDs themselves are very small, so this type of panel still provides even light.

The flashlight came with pre-attached metal clip

Rear cap with good-looking, lubricated threads, a lanyard hole and a strong magnet.

The magnet is useful when you want to use the side light. Sofirn advertises this flashlight as good for car repairs because you can attach it with the magnet and shine where you need it, but I’m not convinced anyone would buy this flashlight specifically for car repairs.
A headlamp with a magnet would work much better for that.

The lanyard itself is standard, nothing special.

You can attach it, but most will probably put it back in the box (where it belongs).

UI and charging


The rotating magnetic ring is used to turn the flashlight on and off and to change the light source (main light, side white light, side RGB light).

The electronic button is used to cycle through modes.

In terms of side light, Sofirn came up with sort of a party solution: RGB light, flashling effects, fancy modes.

There is also a white light option, in case, you know, you would prefer to repair your car in normal light rather than flashling party RGB one.


The built-in charging via the USB-C port eliminates the need for an external charger. The rubber cover easily flips open and is better thought out than in the SP33V3. Additionally, a small aux light indicates the charging process.


PWM is not visible / noticable by naked eve.


It has a declared IP66 rating, which means the flashlight is not resistant to any immersion in water. The large side panel is probably the reason for this.

However, the flashlight is resistant to weather conditions such as rain (even heavy rain), so there’s no need to worry.

Light pattern, tint

The main light features a Luminus SST40 6500K LED with an SMO reflector.

The side LEDs include 22x CSP1313 5000K and 15x FY-1615RGY RGB. The white LEDs, despite being 5000K, have a warm and pleasant hue. As for the RGB LEDs… well, they’re just RGB. They have many colors and modes, perfect for a party while fixing your car, I guess.



The Sofirn IF24 flashlight is equipped not only with an SST40 6500K LED but also with a set of side white and RGB LEDs that provide even and diffused light. Due to the side panel, it does not have the highest waterproof standard, but it does have a solid IP66 rating.

With 2000 lumens plus 550 lumens of side light, it will satisfy most users. The 18650 battery is affordable, and the built-in charging eliminates the need for an external charger.

In addition to the unique set of RGB lights, the flashlight also features a magnetic switch.

The combination of elegant, high-quality packaging with the flashlight’s numerous features makes it an excellent gift.


  • USB type C charging port

  • Stainless steel front bezel

  • Elegant packaging, good for a gift


  • RGB modes are not intuitive to cycle through

If you have any questions, put them below, thanks for sticking for a while :slight_smile:

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