[Review] Sofirn IF25A - The biggest selling flashlight in Italy

So many people asked me to review this or told me how epic it was, I’ve been too in love with my IF25 to get one, until now. Did I find it great?


Nice video. I really like your beam shots. The music not so much.

It’s just there for me really, 85% of vids are watched without sound so I put the text on for people and the sound on for when I watch them back.

Watching these on a 4k TV with a good sound system is part of the experience of Flasaholics reviews for me.
A YouTuber who doesn’t use the same generic copyright-free track in all their videos scores points with me.

I dig the music- “Gothic” as a lot of your imagery (I also like).

EXCELLENT review of one of my favorite lights of all-time- GREAT JOB :+1: :beer:

Reminds me of church. Not a biggy though. Just saying.

Do you have runtime graph on max ramp or “high” mode?

Nope as max ramp can be set to the users preference