[Review] Sofirn SP31 V2.0 1200 lm

The Sofirn SP31 V2.0 is the latest version of the SP31 and the newest 18650 light from Sofirn. Although this is my first Sofirn light, they are known as a quality, budget friendly flashlight company. I’ve had a chance to use this light and put together a review and specs that might help you with when considering this as a purchase.

What’s in the box:

1 Sofrin SP31 V2.0 Led flashlight
1 Sofrin 18650 battery 3000 mAH
1 USB Charger
1 Lanyard
2 Spare o-rings
1 User manual

First Impressions:

First of all Sofirn has upgraded their packing from a plain brown box they have been known to send out. Everything about the light looks and feels like a quality build. The stainless steel clip is sturdy and already installed. The knurling gives the light a good feel and nice grip. The user interface is easy and simple to use. I really like the modes programmed into this light. The moonlight mode or Eco as they call it is 5 lumens and good for close up work and the 1200 lumen mode is super bright and really lights up an area. My only complaint is because of the design the light will not tail stand. I have been informed this will be redesigned in the near future.

Features and Specs:

  • 1200 lumens in turbo mode
  • Cree XPL-HI LED
  • 200 meters throw
  • 5+2 light modes
  • Variable strobe for more disorientation
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish
  • Impact resistant 1 meter
  • IPX8 water resistant, it can be used in heavy rain
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Low Voltage Warning and Protection
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Mode Memory: record the last mode, when used around 2 seconds
    2.54 oz (72g)
    *113.5mm length, 23.4mm head
  • Smooth reflector
  • 1pcs 18650 Battery or 2pcs CR123A Lithium batteries
  • 5350K-5700K, Neutral White
  • Working Voltage: 2.8-8.4V
  • Copper base
  • Toughened glass lens with AR coating

For size comparison this is the Sofirn SP 31 in between the Convoy S2 and the Thorfire VG10s.


The Sofirn SP31 operates with 2 switches, the tail forward clicky switch turns on and off and also provides a momentary on. The side switch has 5+2 modes. 5 brightness levels and 2 hidden modes, strobe and SOS.

5+2 Modes: Eco (5LM) → Low (50LM) → Medium (160LM) → High (500 LM); → Turbo (1200 LM); hold 1.2 seconds for Strobe & SOS

Runtime: Eco (5LM) 291 hrs, Low: (50L) 26 hr 49 min, Medium: (160L) 9 hr 45 min,
High: (500L) 3 hr 41 min, Turbo: (1200 L) 2 hr 37 min.

The SP31 features Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR). The light will automatically adjust the brightness levels when the driver temperature goes above 140F (60C). Also on turbo the light features automatic step down after running for 3 minutes.

Battery Capacity Indicator (LED on the side switch)
The indicator is on for 5 seconds every time when light turns on. It shows green or red to indicate the battery power.
Steady Green: good power
Steady Red: low power
Flashing Red: running out of power. Time for a new battery.

Tail and Head

Smooth Reflector

Overall Impressions:

I really like this light. I wasn’t sure how much I would like the two switch operation but I can really see how easy it is to operate. I love the different light levels from turbo at1200 lumens down to moonlight or eco mode as they call it at 5 lumens. I’m finding that I use the moonlight mode as much I do the turbo mode. The turbo is super bright and really throws the beam. Strobe is easy to access and it is separate from the other modes, so I don’t always have to cycle through it. Great light and a good value.

Full Disclosure: I was provided a sample for review. Please know I have given my honest thoughts on this product.

Kewl, I forgot about the ’31.

Is the tailswitch forward- or reverse-clicky?

I really like the SP31. The dual switch and the tint was really nice. It is also very modder friendly. I might buy more if they fix the tail standing.

I recently bought the SP30A, which is basically the SP31 with usb recharge. It has an improved UI where it goes from L>M>H>L>M>H instead of L>M>H>M>L. I wish it used USB 3.0 instead of micro USB though. Sofirn disappointingly applied glue to the thread of the SP30A but if you have the tools to twist it open, it is also very easy to swap out the 16mm mcpcb.

I believe that the Sofirn SP31 V2.0 is going to be in a Lightening Deal Tommorrow at 6:05 PM EDT on Amazon.com. The silver ones looks nice.

It’s a forward clicky.

The link is for the SP32, which is similar but not the same as the SP31.

Apparently the tail stand issue is something they will be correcting soon.


Sorry, but it appears that this item dropped out of the Amazon Lightening Deal line up for tomorrow. This is not unusual. Deals often get moved in and taken out - especially if they are further down the pipeline.

No problem at all, the SP32 looks like a good light and would be worth picking up in a deal.

I too was given a Sofirn SP31 v2.0 to share my thoughts and feedback.

I agree with Mr. Brown in his thorough review. It’s a solid light and honestly, it is a really great choice both for someone interested in getting into li-ion lights (mine came with a Sofirn 3000mAh cell and a single slot charger) and for someone looking for an affordable but quality light.

Some thoughts to add to this review:

I like the all-in-one package and am considering buying some for family who like my collection of flashlights, don’t want to spend a bunch and don’t want the hassle of sourcing their own cell and charger. I do wonder what the cell is under the wrapper though…

It seems to be of similar quality as the Astrolux S1 or Convoy S2+ lights I own but Sofirn offers a few more choices to suit different people’s needs or wants. I have a Sofirn SP32 and an SP32A and use both of them pretty often. I wasn’t sure about the tail switch for on/off but I’m seeing the usefulness of the forward clicky switch to quickly turn it on and off or to play signal games with my son in the woods. I prefer a single switch so I use my SP32 a bit more. I thought I’d like the ramping feature of the SP32A but as it was reported in other threads, it’s a bit on the slow side with a pause in the middle somewhere. I switched it to modes and it works better for me. If someone likes ramping, Sofirn updated it to a quicker setup. It’s also nice that Sofirn offers different emitters. The XPL-HI of the SP31 v2.0 is throwier and more focused than my other Sofirn lights and has a nice tint between neutral and cool. I’ve got three other lights with HI emitters and I can see why it’s so popular. The anodizing is very nice and that sweet spot between glossy (which I hate) and chalky/matte (which is fine).

I like how Sofirn seems to pay attention to feedback. The side switches on my three Sofirn lights have appeared to be increasing in quality as the new lights have been released. The SP32 switch is fine, but the SP32A and SP31 switches are a good deal more tactile and it’s nice to have the battery indicator on the SP31. Like I said before, they worked on the ramping of the SP32A and the little touches like grease on the SP31 threads were applied with more care than on the earlier lights. Sofirn also seems to pay attention to their competition. Their pocket clip (while not a deep carry model) is more refined than the ones I have on my Convoy and Astrolux. It fits the tube well and has a nice tension. No tweaking was necessary to get it to grab well.

I don’t like that it’s a bit longer than a number of my other 18650 lights and the tail switch makes it about a 1/2” longer than my S1, S2+ and other Sofirn lights. It’s considerably longer than my Zebralights and my Emisar D4 too. Not being able to tailstand isn’t a deal breaker for me but it’s nice to know that they are working to fix that.

Overall, it’s a solid choice. I appreciate the chance to review it.

The battery that came in the package is a 3000mAH button top18650. I tested the battery and it came in as a 3123 mAH battery. So it is quality on some level.

Can anyone tell me is it normal for the S.O.S. to flash at 50 lumens and the strobe to flash at 1200 lumens?

Mine doesnt tailstand either, just came in the mail 3 days ago :frowning:

Yes normal behavior for strobe and sos.

More like tailwobble.

Still a solid light for $20 or so.

Thanks for quick reply, I just checked the manual and indead its says 1200 lumen strobe 50 lumen sos. Tailwobble is what mine seems to have as well. A bit of a bummer, I was hoping it would tailstand like the sp32 v2.0

My SP31 v1, purchased on Sep 2018 (both the flashlight and the invoice say SP31 without v2), has the same UI with 5 modes like the SP31 v2 but a XP-L2 HD led (the dome is quite noticeable). Runtime in medium is very high with a 3500mA Sanyo NCR18650GA. I had to stop the test after 11 hours because of a call, but the output (from ceilingbounce app) was at the same level as when started and the battery was still at 3.25V, impressive. In fact it even has the battery indicator. I guess at least a batch of the SP31 v1 was made with the v2 driver and battery indicator.

Mine seems to tailstand stably after the tail switch is switched on, though just barely.
It’s a bit annoying but in most use cases that’s adequate.

Haha, thank you for posting this. I never tried to tailstand with the light on yet, works perfect.

I like the SP31A. It’s very similar to the Fenix PD32, PD35, Nitcore P12, Nitecore TN12, etc with forward clicky tail cap power switch and electronic side switch for mode selection. It’s a popular format that has been around for years…………one of my favorites. However the SP31A is a lot less money.

I do have a question for you guys that have one. If you turn the light off in the lowest level and then let it sit off for awhile; when you turn it back on, do you get a momentary preflash of higher brightness? This happens on mine quite often. I know its not a reliability issue and tends to be an issue with feedback stability with a driver circuit regulation. But just curious if anyone else has seen it on this model.

Amazon has a Lightning deal tonight and thinking of getting another one.