Review: Solarforce L2X

The World's Brightest Meat Tenderizer?

When I first saw this flashlight, I thought it was some kind of freak show. It still seems a little gimicky but I've grown quite fond of it, much as you would a pet snake. After all, there's only so much that can be done to distinguish your L2P from everybody else's. The L2X does not suffer from an identity crisis then, but is it a good P60 host?

Yes sir, it is.

Bottom line: Not a cheap host ($23) and not a "cheap" host, the Solarforce L2X is the real deal. It's a flashaholic's flashlight all the way and there may just be something to Solarforce's claim of better heat management by virtue of increased surface area. The L2X is one solid chunk of a torch. It is a top quality P60 host that is easily worth the asking price and I strongly recommend it without reservation.

What I like:

- completely different aesthetics

- two tail cap o-rings

- unscientific evidence of possible increased heat dissipation

What I do not like:

- plain Jane bezel on an extreme design

- can't think of anything else

Solarforce L2X Special Edition P60 Host from


accepts P60 LED or incandescent drop-in

batteries: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123/16340

tail standing reverse clickie switch, 16mm boot

T6061 aluminum alloy


Foy finally answers the burning question on everyone's mind: how many damn little squares are on this damn thing?


Do they radiate heat better than an L2P?

Surface temperature comparison; L2X and L2P. Both lights used the same 3-mode UltraFire XM-L (unwrapped, pulling about 3.50 amps) and identical Solarforce 2400 battery and were left on high until surface temperature stopped increasing. Maximum temperature at the head:

L2P - 112°

L2X - 142°

I'm no enigineer so, I'll let you decide if this means the L2X draws more heat away from the source. You have to admit, it is interesting that the L2X got so much hotter at the same 3.5 amps.

Solarforce uses the same box for the extended version, reminding that you didn't pony up for the long guy. Even so, Foy likes a nice box.

If there is a negative, it might be this ho-hum bezel but I'm not sure bright bling works on a light like this.

Typical Solarforce machine quality and in case you were wondering, there are 243 squares on the head.

Battery tube square count: 234 . . .

. . . and, 72 squares on the tail cap. By the way, if you're a plaid-and-polka dot kinda guy, the L2X head and tail cap fit the L2/L2P perfectly.

The L2X shares the same "Golden Grade" mil-spec whatever-ya-call-it with the L2P.

Not exactly knife edged but, these threads can't be called square.

Likewise the tail cap threads, not square but you do get two o-rings back here.

Here's how the L2X stands next to Foy's much loved silver L2i.

Solarforce does not list an IPX rating for the L2X other than saying it is a "water-proof design." I took them at their word and after 30 minutes in the shower and 30 more minutes in the sink, the L2X admitted no water.

That's it, folks. This is a good host that takes your favorite drop-in and creates a spectacular flashlight. No kidding; I like this guy way better than the L2T. I'm not saying it's a better flashlight but . . . well, I guess I am saying that because - it is a better flashlight.


You are right, i also love my L2X better than my L2P/L2i/L2T/L2. It makes a very striking punchy look when dressed up with the MPP-1 head, L2X body and S8 tailcap. Something like Madonna. It looks "more premium" too.


AwesomereviewasusualFoy! :crown:

porcupine body

I find it strangely appealing. 142 degrees is hot. Great work foy.

thanks for the review Foy.was awaiting for you to do one on the L2x as it is my first solarforce light (got it a week ago). the "meat tenderizer" look really caught my attention as i waded through the other lights and i like it the most. better than the "toilet plunger" looks of the other bigger lights (but i may just end up with one of them in the future.hehe)

one thing with the little squares is that it gives me feeling of a handheld massager device similar to those slip in shoe soles with the little bumps in them...but this for a hand.nothing like getting a little hand therapy while holding the light.:)

another thing is that trying to do a cigar hold on it is kinda unsettling as the squares begin to dig into my fingers.

love my L2x.

Well you have done it again Foy awsome reveiw, it looks like it suck's more heat away then the "others" ive seen this host on the site and thought WTF but after seeing your top shelf pic,s i actualy like it and we all like a nice box Tongue Out


can we run imr 18650 batts on this light?im using solarforce 3mode xm-l dropin.

currently using a trustfire 18650 and am getting 1.5amps on high.hoping the use of imr could get me a higher amp reading ( brighter output ).

Great review , Foy . As usual .

Thank you for such a great review and nice pictures!!!

Picking it up by the head would always feel odd...

"Foy likes a nice box"...don't we all, Foy...don't we all...

Great pics as usual. 8)

Awesome light......dang i would of never counted the squares lol, glad you did though. Do you mind posting a pic of the light next to an L2. Dont know if you want to do this but can you scrap a smooth side with a knife to see how the HA3 stands up.

I love legoing my L2x

Current configuration:

Here you go, Alfred. I'll wait until the new wears off before I go scraping anno.


Awesome! I don't think I've seen one single review of this host before this one. I actually thought about buying just the head for some random lego fun :D

I agree that it has a strange appeal in its unique design. Thanks for the review Foy, I've been wanting to read up more on the L2X.

Great job as usual! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Mona's X is dope with the A001 head.

Legopalooza the L2X!


sounds like it really dissipates heat OR it closer to the heat source with the grooves cutting closer to the pill. dunno how you could measure it accurately except having a diode on the pill... seeing how long it takes to cool the pill. hmmm

any way seems perfect for max grip and i like it better than small knurling feel myself.

and it seems like its larger segments than the skyline handle - is that true ?

thanks for posting !


Actually df2, you are correct; they are smaller on the Skyline I.

Also, have been searching for a better verb than "squares." Will use "segments" until something better is offered.