Review: Tank007 TK-566-5 Cree Q2-WC 1xAA 5-mode

Hey there Al, I just have a regular old alkaline AA in mine. For off an on usage it lasts forever. It appears that this light can NOT handle 14500 voltage, but as I mentioned in the review, it's very bright even with a cheap alkaline. I bought this light from DX, and their price is about the best. But I later found it here for a bit less:

How is the mode changed......what im really looking for is a site that sells most of the Tank lights, instead of hunting for them.

Ah, sorry, I forgot about that part. A half-click of the tailswitch changes the mode. lists all their current models. I think DX and KD sell almost all of them, and random ebay sellers also have them.

Okay willing to get one because i would love to try one out. For the price one pays it seems that the quality is excellent for the average user, and i just would like to have one in my collection.

I think it'd be a safe bet. What size / battery configuration you looking at?

More into a single celled AA light......i went to Tanks main site and im really digging one.

Yep they're nice. I'd say either the TK-566 or maybe the TK-568. I was checking this one out before you posted the link...seems to be a nice light, but taking a look at the pics does it come with an extension tube for 2 AA configurations.

Nope, I don't think it comes with the extension tube. This one here has the extension with the TK-568 body, but it's supposedly only one mode.

Thats the one that i was looking for....thanks bud. I remember seeing one that came with an extension tube. Looking at the Cree it seems to be using a P4......The single celled version comes with a Q3....hmmmmmm- now which one to get.

I would tend to believe the specs on DX (they are lower specs), which claim it has a P4-WC.

Well im really digging the price so i would not mind going down on the emitters.

Come to think of it, I should have ordered the TK-568-5, because it tailstands. Although it doesn't have a GITD switch.

You can always change the switch out to a gitd........for me i like to change the black ones to orange since they look better with black.

The ones that can take 14500 are often dim on alkalines/NiMH as they are really designed to be bright with 14500 - often at the expense of heat, runtime, and just about everything else - there is no present way to get something like 200 lumens out of an AA light without making it huge to handle the heat or just letting it burn people's hands

I have updated the quality rating from 3-stars up to 4-stars, since I think I have identified the source of the flicker as loose light and switch modules. Now that they are snugly seated it seems to be totally flicker free. I really do like this light now.

Cool......glad that was all it was.

The new tank 566 -5 is a q4 and takes the 14500, actually the q3's take the 14500 equally well .I have multiples of both andsince they all take the extra body tube I assumed the 14500 on the q3 would work as well..BUT just to be sure I added not just a second body tube ..But a 3rd as well just for fun and slipped in 3 semi run down AA Alkalines totaling about 3.8 volts .Not a problem and sort of fun to have a triple double A light .After that I put the 14500 in 4 or more of the q3' single modes and the q4 5 modes as well as the 568-5 mode .All bright and beautiful with the 568 having just a bit bigger hot spot . they have rings indeed but what smooth reflector doesn't . the color of these lights is in my opinion some of the best I've ever seen .very similar to the blf light or the eastward A very accurate white /without being cold ..It's one of the best i've ever seen ..all of them have been very very close to the same colorMakes a lot of good lights look bad . There are .2.50 cent extention tubes available from manafont To make them 2AA"s.Green glow in the dark tail for fun and a well built body makes these hard to hate.

Quote ...SB56637 said >>should have ordered the TK-568-5, because it tailstands. Although it doesn't have a GITD switch.<< it does tailstand and the shape is nice too.

Quote ...Don said >>The ones that can take 14500 are often dim on alkalines/NiMH as they are really designed to be bright with 14500 - often at the expense of heat, runtime, and just about everything else -<< I haven't found this to be true of these lights at all they are bright without the 14500 and much brighter with the 14500 battery ..i've heard what you're talking about before But these run hard both ways ..a little like the aa-s1/I know what you're talking about and have lights that no matter what you put in it you get the same out ..and some are lame on regular batteries but killer on lithium ion .. These just do what you'd want from a light ...Bright .and brighter :without sacraficing color or feeling like it wants to self destruct .They shrugged and said "Hey I'm a TANK ".

If there is a downside to these lights . it's hard to find it .one may be that you can't break into them to modify them ..the upside is .. there is no need ..It's a great light .buy one

Hi there Boaz, thanks for the update. Links please to the TK-566 and the TK-568, if you don't mind sharing your source?


earlier version was suposed to be 3 mode but they sent single modes instead … they came from focal wholesale WSdeals as did the 701 ssc u… edit T-6 and a few other lights .

The last group of tanks came from dino direct ...they did a true 50% off sale early thanksgiving morning. I knew I had the "Tank bug " so I bought all the way across the board missing only [360 and eo6 ? the 2 AAA light] . i bought black cat 703 701 566 568 etc . in quantities of 5. The 566's were supposedly q4's and though I doubt dino directs descriptions on many things ..I sort of believe them on this .Most of the tanks were 6$ to 10.. 566's were just a bit over 8$ . almost exclusively tanks . total was over200 $

If they didn't screw up everything by changing prices ..i probably would be seriously broke right now ... but very very happy ..

tank 566 single modes at focal /Wsdeal were 10.50 $ before fairly expensive shipping ..probably about the same as DX ( they were supposed to be 3 mode but turned out to be single modes) i only bought a few so who cares ..I was learning how bad chinese wholesalers really are receipt . wrong items .bad packaging ,no contact after the sale ..exciting to say the least .


the 8.40$ tank 566 is probably pretty near dino's cost after having to handle and ship it ..

13~15 $ from most vendors is a normal price .. it's a nice light ...

would do it all over again .. great stuff .