Review: The little red AA host (fron CNQ) White wall shots added.

I think you should do a battery life test and if possible some lumens estimate. Other than that great review and thanks!

Temperature and run times added to the first post

heh man. I know im bugging you but can you please add a white wall pic? :stuck_out_tongue: This will make me get a better idea of the hotspot/spill. Thanks for a great review!


{Touch wood Quote}

FYI. You must ‘peck on wood’. If you touch wood, it will not take hold.



Thanks budynabuik. Here in Aus the saying touch wood is added when you say something and dont want what you said not to happen. Or in other words put bad luck on what was said.

I have tried to take white wall shots and they failed miserably with my camera. I will have to try and work out how to use my sons camera on manual and give that a go. It has been a lesson in frustration these white wall shots.

Thanks very much for this review! Very well done. Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

Thanks sb. Now to work out how to use the template properly.

White wall pictures added to the first post.

Nice DNF like the comparison shots. I like red body lights. Been eyeing that one for a while.


Well your review made me order this host and I received it yesterday. I have a question though about the assembly of the switch. Do you have to solder the tabs of the switch to the blue disc on the edges where the gold colored parts are? Hopefully that made some sense. Then the retaining ring makes contact with the other side of the blue disc for for the switch to work? I have never built a switch before.


Yes you are correct. The retainer for the switch connects to the tail cap of the torch for the earth. In the top picture you can see the trace that runs from the centre to the outside. When the switch is activated it puts the negative from one side of the switch through to the other side to the battery board and then through the flashlight body. I hope that makes sense. The only problem I had though was the switch with mine was faulty. I would also advice to solder the spring on the opposite side first to keep as much heat as possible away from the switch as possible. Good luck.

Ok thank you for the information.

Now to just decide what driver and what led? Maybe a U3 with with custom driver from E1320 or i have a couple of aa drivers from dx? Hhhhhhhmmmmmm

The reflector will not take a XM-L U3 LED as the hole size for the led is to small. I would suggest an XP-G or XP-G2. What are the AA drivers you have?

Very nice review/build - thank you for sharing. I've looked at this little host a few times while going through CNQG's site, along with their SS hosts. Might be time to order a few.



I guess I was thinking of the F20’s I got in and they are big enough to handle the xml. I fill like deleting the post now…… :frowning:

Will let you know what drivers I got they are at home and Im at work right now.