Review: The P60 budget host trio from MF

Budgeteer: Do you have any Solarforce L2 variants? If yes, how would you compare them against the WF-504b?


+2, that's what mine looks like as well.

I have only a fake solarforce L2, a uniquefire L2 and some others... pretty much on par with those.

I've got a KD 'Solarforce' L2 and a 504B. The 504B has a slightly (~1mm) narrower battery tube and has less metal in the head than the L2.

Here is another comparison photo showing the 504B, the Sky Ray, a Solarforce L2 and a Solarforce L2i

That L2i is really growing on my; I like the fact it is shorter than the others.

So, you like the L2i, do you?


Yes, I like it very much. Shorter, CHEAPER, and I like the heft of the larger diameter battery tube.

Not much to dislike about the light.

Very nice Budgeteer! It's nice to see a comparison review. As usual, great photography. Thanks for the details!

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Its funny how thatL2i will grow on you. Im really loving mine. I even just ordered a new black one. I think my perfect light would be a 2mm longer L2iP.

The longer I own the L2i the more I like it. The knurling on it is better (I think) than an L2 or an L2P. Probably my 2nd fav light right now.

uh oh.

I feel it happening again. They still had those in stock, right?


Unfortunately I sold my Sky Ray, so I can't compare, but here is how the original switch looks like:

Here is a picture of a fake Solarforce L2, the 504B (use it often, so it has some marks) and my new Solarforce L2p.

I think skyray has done a remarkable job to clone the seraph. Either you hate it or love it. I like this star trek flashlights.


Now you made me order the Sky Ray. This thing is getting out of hands...

If you like the design, it's an excellent price. I will get a few more soon if they "run out". I wish the tailcap was made like the other UF hosts (internals) and the tailcap silicone rubber cover was black. No1 carry a dark grey one HA treated! Would pay 5 more easily for proper HA anodising!

A bit hard to find 16mm black tailcap covers these days...

And I would pay $5 more for a working (quality) switch... Seems my old DX one isn't working 100% either, just because I wrote that it was.

Kaidomain has also some Seraph clones. Also in silver. But no empty hosts, just complete lights. Might be tempted, but I have that Sky Ray coming...

I'm not in love with my Sky Ray's looks, but it has a nice feel to it with the two solid rubber rings on it. Nice light to handle.

I just received the Skyray (ordered on 5/8). That is the quicked shipping I have seen. The threads feel a hair cheap, but seem to function fine. The switch feels pretty good for a reverse clicky and it tailstands with a little waggle.

Unique design, but it does feel good in the hand. thanks!

I got my Sky Ray couple of days ago. Modded it with GITD tail cap (rubber) from Shiningbeam. In addition to glowing in the dark, it also enables waggle-free tail standing. Sky Ray is now the home of my UF 3-mode XML, and it seems to hande the heat very well. Maybe those fins actually work. In long continuous sessions on high it runs cooler than L2P, and that is with enough al foil to give best possible heat transfer.

I'm liking this one a lot. It seems to work well and those rubber rings provide good grip even as there is no knurling. It had one visible flaw in finishing on arrival (paint/anodizing, I don't know how it's coated), but not enough for me to demand a refund or replace. If I would have paid like 20$ I would have, but I accept the fact that when you pay with peanuts, you get monkeys.

Shiningbeam says that this set comes with either green or black. My set had blacks. You can take your shot at Shiningbeam 16mm tail cap lottery. Or if you really want one, maybe I can send you one. I think I could sneak one EU-area envelope of happiness to the mailing basket at work... I ordered those mainly for the GITD goodness and care less about the black ones.