Review: ThorFire PF03 (XP-G2, 1x AAA)

ThorFire PF03

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Battery: 1x AAA
Switch: Reverse Tailcap Clicky
Modes: 3 Modes: Moon - High - Low
Memory: No
LED Type: 1 x XP-G2 (Cool White)
Lens: Glass
Tailstands: No
Price: $17.99 (With Amazon Prime)
Provided By: Thorfire:


Solid build quality.
Smoothly machined edges.
Tight tolerances/great fitting parts.
Solid Moon mode (Great for walking around at night, indoors).
Well spaced modes.


Very stiff clicky. Requires a bit too much force to activate.

Not much to grip apart from the clip.


Standard reverse clicky switch operation.

Click on. Half press for mode change. Moon - High - Low

No memory, it will come back on in moon mode if left off for more than a few seconds.

The moon mode is very good. Similar to the VG15 the PF03 seems to be in the 1-5lm range and is great at night for indoor roaming about in the pitch black.

The high mode matches my brass beauty's max output, and blows the Tank007's output out of the water.

Similar to the 2x AAA version (PF04) the clicky switch is fine without batteries in it. I actually like it quite a bit, but when you install batteries the spring is compressed and it drastically changes the amount of force required to engage the click. I only have eneloop NiMH, and some various alkaline stragglers and they all have the same negative effect on the switch.


Arrived in a small, well packed box. Included was a manual and a replacement O-ring.

Very sturdy clip.

Very good fitment among the parts. Nicely lubed, trapezoidal threads.

Comparison Shots:

From Left to Right:

Eneloop AAA, Eneloop AA, Brass Beauty, Tank007, ThorFire PF03, Thorfire PF03, Solarstorm SC01, Sipik SK68, Convoy S2+.

ThorFire PF03 next to the 2x AAA ThorFire PF04.


Apart from the stiff tailcap clicky switch there's not much else to note in the negative column.

Smooth, well-made threads, great UI, solid output, and a decent tint overshadow the unfortunate switch.

The ThorFire PF03 is a very nice AAA pen flashlight. I rate the PF03 a 4 out of 5.

Glad mine isn’t the only one with the super stiff switch.
Tried many different batteries, all the same result.
Great flashlight other than this, bit there is no way my wife could tolerate this switch.

Tint is blue too.

I would consider it just ‘cool white’. It’s not a perfect ‘pure white’ 1A, but it’s also not a poor bluish cool white. It’s a decent tint imo.

By comparison my tank 007 is fairly blue, not the worst I’ve seen, but pretty bad.

I would agree the tint is not as bs as other lights advertising “cool” white… It is bluish, but a very tolerable tint. I do not like the blueberry tints most lights have, this one is not one I feel like ripping the emitter out every time I turn it on…