[Review] Thorfire TG06S (No Pictures)

Looks like I’m not the only one to have been asked by Thorfire to review a (supplied by them) TG06S. I have spent a bit longer on this one as I actually liked it a lot.
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First impressions out of the box were of a well done semi gloss coating and the build quality is excellent, the pocket clip fits tightly but gives an easy to extract from the pocket type grippiness.
This will run on both AA and 14500 batteries, the latter giving a noticeably brighter beam but the AA’s are O.K. and a good standby - available just about anywhere - if needed.
Easily pocketable - 20g with Nitecore 14500 750mAh and 23g with AA Duracell Industrial - and has provision for a lanyard - not 550 paracord sized but a smaller cord would do fine. The tail-switch boot is decent quality and gives access to the modes, well spaced I thought - 500/200/50/1 LM (I have no way of measuring so these figures are from the manufacturer) always starting on high with a half press going to the next down and back to high. There is a hidden strobe (quoted at 500LM) that is almost painful and varies the pulse from fast to very fast.
A neat touch is the green GITD O ring in front of the lens, I’m a sucker for GITD though so it might not be to your taste in which case don’t worry too much - it fades very fast.
Sorry about the lack of pictures in this review, I’m in the middle of a house move and my WiFi is absolutely crap struggling to get much above dial-up speeds, remember those, I know some people have no choice but once you’ve been spoiled there’s no going back.
Overall I like this light a lot, it has a lot going for it in it’s class, in the UK at least, I know you have better supply and pricing in the USA so you might have more options.
This is one I would seriously consider if I was looking for a AA/14500 torch if I was looking in the £15 range UK or $17 range USA. -APRIL ’17 prices on Amazon, Thorfire supplied.

Thank you Steve, for the brief but informative review.
These kind of AA form factor flashlights are starting to grow on me due to their compact EDC size, and can pack a punch with a 14500. I don’t think I’ll buy another AA flashlight unless it also supports 14500 now, since more are becoming available and prices will only get lower as time passes. Today I just purchased a TG06S and am eager to compare with my TG06 (older non-S version). I’m somewhat surprised that Thorfire didn’t try to upgrade the emitter from the XP-G2 along with the driver. Klarus’s Mi7 and UTorch UT01 use the XP-L. However, that might require better thermal management and would certainly drive costs higher.
Good luck on your house move!