(Review) ThorFire TG06S set, 14500 LED flashlight

Supplied via ThorFire for product review

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Specs listed by Manufacturer
CREE XPG2-R5 Led with 20+ years lifespan
Length: 3.78 inch
Boday Diameter: 0.83 inch
Weight: 1.3 oz (excluding battery)
Color Temperature: 5350-5700K
Single tail Switch for on/off and output selection
High efficiency lens

Other Features:
With one considerate metal clip, you can clip it to your shirt pocket, or reverse the clip to be used as a hat cap light.
One cooler thing is that the O-ring behind the lens glows in the dark, which makes it easy to be found in the dark.

On and Off
Fully press the turn on/off, tap to change modes, double tap to activate Strobe mode for emergency.
Mode Change:
1,When use premium button top 14500 battery, the brightness can be High(500LM) -Middle(200LM) -Low(50LM)-Moonlight (1LM ), and Strobe(500LM);
2,When powered by AA battery, the mini light gives out High(150LM) -Middle(80LM) -Low(20LM)-Moonlight (0.5LM ), and Strobe(150LM)

First look:

Comes in a small box and is packaged well


1* ThorFire TG06S Led Flashlight
1* 3.7V 750mAh 14500 button top battery
1* Single slot battery charger
1* USB charge cable
2* Spare O-rings
1* user manual

Up close:

Nice strong threads and spring

XPG2 Neutral white in color ~5500k

Has a tail switch with 4 brightness modes + multi frequency strobe


Light runs 500 Lumens max with fully charged 14500
Outputs 100 Meters at 12000cd

With AA in flashlight

Moon: 0.5 Lumens
Low: 20 Lumens
Med: 80 Lumens
High: 150 Lumens

With 14500 in flashlight

Moon: 1 Lumens
Low: 50 Lumens
Med: 200 Lumens
High: 500 Lumens











Conclusion: I like this light for its size, it is fairly bright and lights up what your doing very well. I’ve been using this light at work a lot and it has held up to its standards and hasn’t failed me yet. For anyone who is looking for a small and bright flashlight with easily accessible batteries this is definitely a good option to keep at hand when purchasing one.