Review: Thorfire TK01

Review sample was sent by Thorfire via Amazon to me here in the Philippines.

So another fast delivery arrived from Thorfire via Amazon took only 4 days this time.

Thorfire is known for making high quality, value for money torches. This time around it’s TK01, a well built and inexpensive keychain light.

A no-frills cardboard packaging with foam which includes:
TK01 Led Flashlight
Key ring
2 O-rings
User manual


This light comes very small at only 7cm and weighs in at only 22 grams without the cell. It is well built with an aluminum anodized body.

It is further impressive with its 1 output mode of 85 lumens, very ample enough to light your immediate surroundings provided by the orange peel reflector. And comes with the Nichia 219c emitter.

The light is powered by an AAA cell, which is common and easy to acquire. For it's operation, it is very straight forward since it is only 1 mode with a twist to the head to turn it off and on. The twist mechanism doesn't completely unscrew the head so no worry of it falling off. To provide grip, there are spiraled with slightly big gaps of embossing or grooves, still provides a nice grip to twist the light. The body has small squares embossed design to provide grip as well.

The label on the light can be clearly read, however the model make and the on-off label seems to be a little faded or maybe for my copy only.

Manufacturer Specs:

Led: Nichia 219C
Max Output: 85 Lumens
Mode: 1 mode(High)
Beam Distance: 100 ft
Impact Resistant: 6 ft
Waterproof: IP65
Reflector: Orange Peel
Battery Type: Common AAA battery (Not Included)
Length: 2.75 inch
Diameter: 0.6 inch
Weight: 0.78 oz (excluding battery)
Color: Black

Below are creative shots and a beamshot of the light:

Beside a 26500 cell size comparison

Beside the BLF-GT for size comparison

The view from below to up top

Beam shots:

Spotted this toad at about 5 feet:

Plants are about 15 feet away:


This is a very well built handy light which you can put in your keychain or lanyard for easy illumination of your immediate surroundings as it gives an
impressive amount of light for it's size. Enough for a quick walk to the kitchen or a quick trashcan trip outside. I am definitely happy to have been given
the opportunity to carry this no-frills light. Definitely a must have in your edc arsenal! Good job Thorfire!

Thank you for reading my review. I accept brutal insights and constructive criticisms as well :)

Nice review!

This flashlight doesn’t seem to pretend it is something it is not.
Just straight forward keychain light with decent tint and no frills.
Like it.


That comparison shot against the BLF GT was unfair. It was cold in there…and you just didn’t get it at the right angle. Lol!
Nice review.

I particularly loved the tint on this light and it’s brightness output for a very tiny size. I’m glad you liked my review. Thank you as well c=

Haha ikr? Sorry but I am no professional photographer, but I am still learning though. I will try to do better next time on the angles c= Thank you