[Review] Thorfire TK15 and TK15S

Both products are quite new and just recently have become available on some big flashlight retail stores.

Let’s start with the packaging.

The flashlights are packaged very carefully.
Foam padding is used to sandwich the contents while the light itself is enclosed inside bubble warp.

Except from the flashlight, the box also contains a simple manual and a couple of replacement

Their finish is excellent. Just like most flashlights, they are anodized.
Both come with a removable pocket clip. The clip it touch and has been mirror polished.
The side switch is also polished with a circular grind.

As you can see the flashlights look a like each other.
The main difference between the two models is the lack of a tail switch on the TK15, which allows it to be more compact than the TK15S.

On the other hand, the head of the TK15 is crenelated and its heatsink grooves are deeper, which give it a more aggressive look.

Both lights have square threads that arrived well lubricated.
The anodization goes all the way through the threads.

Here are the lights disassembled on their basic parts.
As seen, the tail of the TK15 contains just a thick spring.
The battery tubes are almost identical - the one of TK15 has a couple more threads.
Despite the busier-looking head of the TK15, the TK15s’ head is a bit heavier.

Here’s a shot of the tail caps. Both can easily tail stand.

The drivers look identical and are retained by a reverse threaded brass ring.
The spring is thick and tough.
Both heads can accept button-top and flat-top cells.

Due to the crenelated bezel, the front part of the TK15’s head can be easily taken apart.
Of course, there is an o-ring between the glass and the reflector which should help in retaining the water’s entrance.

Unfortunately, the head of the TK15s is more difficult to disassemble.
In order to gain access to the pill, the driver and the switch assembly has to be removed first.

Here’s a closer shot at the TK15’s pill.
The LED star is held in place by a screw, while the star itself is made out of copper.

As advertised, the flashlights come with an XP-L2 installed.
Both heads are using centering rings so the LEDs are centered perfectly.

User Interface

Thorfire TK15
Due to the lack of a tail switch, everything is controlled by the side one.

  • Turn on: Single press of the side switch
  • Mode switch: Single press (Low -> Mid -> High -> Turbo)
  • Moonlight mode: Constant press while turned off
  • Strobe: Double press
  • Turn Off: Constant press while turned on

Thorfire TK15S

  • Turn on/off: Single press of the tail switch
  • Mode switch: Single press of the side switch (Moonlite -> Low -> Mid -> High -> Reverse order)
  • Strobe: Double press of the side switch
  • Bike: Constant press of the side switch

Tailcap Measurements

The measurements were taken with short 18AWG leads and a Samsung 25R.

Thorfire TK15
Mode - Current (A)
Low - 0.04
Mid - 0.24
High - 0.94
Turbo - 2.55

Thorfire TK15s
Mode - Current (A)
Moonlight - 0.02
Low - 0.12
Mid - 0.95
High - 2.5

Judging by the measurements I got, I believe that the 1050 Lumen that the manufacturer claims is a totally viable output.

Locked Exposure Beamshots
Thorfire TK15

Thorfire TK15s

Edit 25/9
Thorfire gave me 20% coupons for both flashlights. Feel free to use them if you want to.
They are only valid for orders on Amazon.com


Too bad they didn’t come with batteries. I got one and it works great at the beach or just walking at night .

Yeap, both lights are great for everyday use.
They are compact and have nice output.

A minor bump.
I added a couple of –20% coupon codes provided by Thorfire in the OP.