[Review] Thorfire VG-15S

This is my first time submitting a review of a flashlight here on the Budget Light Forum. I hope you find it helpful if you have been considering VG-15S.

The VG-15S is an upgraded version of the VG-15. The light comes well packaged in a nothing fancy brown box that contains the flashlight, pocket clip, lanyard, 2 spare o-rings and owners manual.

Some specs:
CREE XM-L2 LED with Orange Peel Reflector
The flashlight runs off one 18650 battery not included.
Length 4.8 inch, weight 2.78 oz without battery
6 modes: Firefly, Low, Medium, High, Turbo and Strobe (double tap)
Modes: Firefly (0.5 LM), Low (50 LM), Medium (200 LM), High (600 LM), Turbo (1070 LM), Hidden Strobe mode (double tap). Strobe is also variable speed.
Run times: Firefly (360h), Low (22s), Medium (2hr 45min), High (1hr 25min), Turbo (45min step down at 3min)
Removable heavy duty clip.
Reverse Clicky, with memory mode
Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Waterproof IPX-8

Cree XM-L2 LED with Orange Peel Reflector

Square cut threads.

Size comparison with some other known flashlights.

It fits well in the hand and is small enough to be a comfortable EDC light.

The VG-15S is a great combination of size and power. It’s small enough to be a comfortable EDC flashlight, but big enough to give you over 1000 lumens at the click of a button.

I included some beam shots I took along a trail at about 80 ft. Shown are Medium, High and Turbo modes. Firefly and low modes did not show up on camera well enough to include.

When it comes to my thoughts on a review I take into consideration the overall value of the item. I really think the VG-15S is a great light for the price.

Full disclosure: I was provided a sample for review.

Thank for the review, I recently purchased this light and found it to be useful. Wish it came with a grip ring (like the predecessor) but it is good either way.

Good review. I bought one of these and liked it so much, I got another. It makes a good EDC.

I picked up one of those as well. Really like the beam and tint. Super simple. I like it. Use it quite often. Thanks for the review.

Thank you, I haven’t done many but I do enjoy doing them. I think it’s a great light for the money.

I really like that it’s a bright light for the size. Glad the review was helpful.