Review: Thrunite TH20 NW Headlamp (pics, beamshots, runtime)

Got one on order, what is the diameter of the body if I want to add a pocket clip?
(is the 24.5mm on the waist?)

The diameter of the spot where the rubber headband adaptor fits is 22.5mm. That is probably where you would put a pocket clip. The diameter of the wider end/cap is 24.5mm.

Thank you.
Now to find a source for pocket clips??

Just got one of these and pretty impressed so far. Very well regulated and fantastic UI.

Going to swap out the stock LED with either a 219c 3500k or 4000k, or SST20 hcri equivalent. If anybody has tried, do you think the SST20 will become too throwy? Not quite sure about the driver, but will it benefit from a low Vf led like the 219c?

I have this light on order and planning to put a sst20 in it. Did you do your mod and how do you like it?

I did modify it. The stock LED was very green and low CRI. I replaced it with a nichia 219c 3500k 90 CRI. So much better now. I find that the beam is a touch throwy with the 219c, so I often put DC fix on the glass to diffuse the beam. I will soon replace it with an SST20 as well as I find the color rendering on the SST20 is even better.

Thnx. I will receive the light today and have some 3000k ssts and xpl hi on the slowboat. Maybe I will try the 4000k fd2 ssts first. I have a hard time choosing between perfect tint and max cri lately.

Will post an update after the mod.

Got a Nichia 219b R9050 sw30 emitter installed. Very clean warm, excellent CRI. Highest output is dimmer than stock emitter, but it’s not a big deal. This is a near-field use light anyway. I’m just glad to be rid of that greenish/yellow tinge.

Interesting typo in the specs for this light. Wanted to get this in the review for anyone looking at this light. The infinity low run time is listed as 21 hours. Given that Thurnite is usually in the ballpark on their specs I am sure this is a typo and curious that it has not been fixed. The run time on infinity low should be listed as 210 hours!

Initially I kind of ignored that “mode” (level). Has a good moonlight and the infinity low is too bright for that. The other night I happened to put it into infinity low in a dark room and I was very impressed. Very serviceable amount of light. It reminded me of the Solitare I used to EDC before the LED era. Found the Solitare and it indeed puts out about the same amount of light. Wow what ringy beams we used to put up with! How far things have improved!

Did a bit of observational testing. (Don’t have the tools to be more accurate.) Roughly speaking the Maglite Solitare uses about 180 mA to produce 2.3 lumen. The TH20 uses about 11.25 mA to produce 1.6 lumen! I arrived at that by just timing and then dividing the charge put into the battery by the time. I pulled the battery on the TH20 after 96 hours and it took 1080 mAh to recharge it. Two tests with the Solitare 2.5 hrs on an old eneloop for 450 mAh and 5 hrs for a newer LADA that took 899 mAh.

By my calcs the TH20 would do around 217 hours on a LADA 2450 and that is why I believe the 21 to simply be a typo for 210 which would be in line with the typical in the ballpark Thrunite spec.