Review: Thrunite TS2 Lantern

Thrunite TS2 is a very cool very unique lantern I got on a flash sale on Amazon and I thought I'd come over and leave a review.

I've never owned a light quite like this. It's essentially a bulb that fits nicely on top of a very cool 21700 battery with a USBc charging port built directly into the battery.
You could use it just like this if you wanted, but it also slides into a well made plastic/polymer sleeve with a solid "thunk" magnetic hold. On top of that, there's a strong magnetic attachment that has a carabiner style clip, so there are multiple ways to hold, stand, or attach this lantern, including dual lanyard holes.
Light/Diffuser - I don't know the LED but it's a comfortable warm light with a very functional frosted dome diffuser that throws enough light in all directions. I haven't tried removing the diffuser. Don't see why I would.
Button/Modes - It's a simple single small button that starts on low and has three modes. In a camping or emergency situation low is the way to go. Stand it on a table or hang it from the top of a tent and play some cards.
Construction/Quality - I like this and have always had good luck with Thrunite. This is no different. It looks like it would be equally at home in tool box, emergency kit, camp site, or bug out bag, and though I havn't done any drop tests but it seems strong and not "plasticy" even though it is plastic.
A lot of lanterns feel like flashlights that have been retrofitted and this really is purpose built. I recommend it for anyone that wants a reasonably priced easily charged emergency lantern or if you've read all the way down here get it just because it's a cool and unique flashlight and you've probably spent more for less.

Thanks for the review. I have not seen anywhere if this lantern is waterproof or not. Do you feel it is ?

I couldn't find an IPX rating either. probably fine if it gets splashed but I'd try not to submerge it.

Not waterproof and mine can only be charged with the included cable. I got mine off Amazon and ,at the time, had a 10% off coupon and a 3.00 dollar clip coupon also. Sadly battery was DOA. Amazon stood tall and refunded in less than 24 hrs. Second worked great. It is cool little light. I bought 10 of the cr123 twistys off the bay that I like too.
The magnet and clip on this unit would be very handy for camping