Review: Ultrafire C11

Ultrafire C11 XM-L


Key Features Flahlight
Model NF-C11
Emitter Type CREE XM - T6
Brightness 950 Lumens
Power 3W
Bulb Quantity 1
Light Color White
LED Lifespan 100, 000 hours
Modes 5
Mode Arrangement Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS
Lighting Distance 250 - 300 m
Battery Configuration 1 x 18650 battery
Input Voltage 3.6 v - 4.2v
Runtime 3 - 4hours
Switch Type Clicky / Clickie
Switch Location Tail - cap
Lens Coated Glass Lens
Reflector Aluminum Smooth / SMO Reflector
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Dimensions 5.90" x 1.77" x 1.06" / (15 x 4.5 x 2.7) cm (L x Head Dia.x Body Dia.)

184g / 6.49oz

TMART @$27

Bought for discount price $13

This is the Ultrafire C11 it has the same reflector as a normal C8 but the design is different and better than a C8

Build Quality

First of all let me say that the build quality of this light is excellent is defiantly above budget range quality.. The anodising has no scratches, marks or dents. The anodising is a smooth uniform matt colour, it fells good to the touch and looks good. There are no machining marks to be found on this light. The Knurling is shallow but of good quality, uniform around the entire head, body and tail.

Uniform matt black colour

The reflector is the same size in height and with as a normal C8 so the throw should be on par with a normal C8 light, it's made of aluminium and has a quality reflective surface, when the light is turned on in low mode there is no fogginess or liquid marks on the reflector. The pill is average solid pill of the C8 and the LED sits on a 14mm base with Thermal glue.

Crystal Clear Reflector , also the LED is centred perfectly

Aluminium Reflector

The threads are of good quality also and are smooth in motion, with no roughness associated with budget lights, as we all know budget lights are getting better and better and this light reflects this.

Triangular threads Head end

Tail end

Even the lanyard hole is neat and well anodised, normally on budget lights this is a problem area.

The weight of the light is 172g but when I measure the individual parts they came in at 170g, so the sum of the parts is greater than individual parts.

User Interface

This light has the typical High, Medium, Low, Strobe and S.O.S. The blinking are not hidden. S.O.S is perfect. Like all budget light it uses PWM on medium and low but this is at a high rate and does not effect enjoyment. It has a reverse clicky and has 2 second memory of the last used mode. The clicky has a solid sound and a positive feel.

Beam Quality

As you can see from the indoor shoot the beam is as good as it gets, the hot spot is well defined and there is not ringy to the beam. Out door beam shoot will follow.


The maximum voltage of this is 4.2v therefore it cannot take two 16340 batteries, all my batteries fir this light Trustfire Flames 2400mAh being the longest. The flat top do not work in this light but this can be fit by soldering a spring, for me it no big deal.

Amps High Medium Low

Ultrafire Blue 2400mAh (4.14v) 1.80amps 1.00amps 0.20amps

Trustfire Flame 2400mAh (4.21v) 3.10amps 1.57amps 0.29amps

Trusfire Flame 3000mAH (4.18v) 3.24amps 1.65amps 0.31amps


This light is a great light for the money but it's not excellent for that it would have to be sold at $20.

I really like this light because of the head design, it has a large surface area which aids cooling. In use the light warmed up quickly therefore the heat as escaping which is good. It's better than a C8 light in terms of design and weight. There are many C11s out there on the market I have seen this light from $15 to $35, it's hard to choose which one to buy, we cannot always see every inch of a light and feel the quality before we purchase it, but I would recommend this light.

Nice review, the m10 has the same isolation pad set up on the reflector, I like that a lot as your led always ends up centred.

Nice light with good out put too, thanks for sharing. 8)

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