Review" Weltool T10-HG "Devil Incarnate": long-range flashlight with a green light for hunting

Weltool T10-HG “Devil Incarnate” - a long-range flashlight with a green light for hunting

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A very specific thing. Most of flashlight user dont need such a thing, but for a certain part it would be an awesome help. or not? lets take a look.

Weltool is a new company, and it is gratifying to see that from the very beginning they stood aside from making “here is another flashlight”. In their small assortment there are quite specific things. You won’t surprise anyone with another long-range hunting flashlight. But a powerful long-thrower, flashlight with a green light is another matter.


There are a bunch of beautiful promo pictures, if anyone is interested.

it is appropriate to tell why the green light in the lantern is generally needed for hunting. Here is the information I found.

_Green light is better perceived by the human eye compared to red or any other at the same brightness. Animals, on the contrary, see a wavelength of around 555 nm worse due to the different structure of the retina. According to hunters who dealt with the green light, animals still see it. But in most cases they are not perceived as a threat.

green light also penetrates fog and dust really well. _


The packaging may not sparkle with design, but it is thick-walled and reliable. The chances that something will happen to the flashlight along the way are zero.

Inside, in a thick layer of foam rubber there is a flashlight itself, a gun mount with a hexagon key and a user manual, o-ring.

And there are comments. Okay, I don’t think holster is so necessary here, it’s still supposed that the flashlight will be used mounted on the gun. But where are the o-rings? Where is the lanyard?

The appearance of the flashlight is not bad. There may not be any design revelations here, but the flashlight does not really like copy of any other model and does not make the impression of “another long-thrower \ hunting flashlight”.

The dimensions are not that frankly large, but I would not call it really pocket thrower, the head is noticeably larger here. Let me remind you of the dimensions: 163mm length x 53mm head diameter, x 25.4mm case diameter (suitable for all standard gun mounts). The same C8 + will definitely be more compact.

Since the flashlight is suppposed to be used gun mounted, it is logical that the springs are here on both sides.

Flashlight on alert.

The threads are small, well lubricated. But there are unexpectedly two o-rings here, just like a diving flashlight.

There is no native remote button, but FENIX AER-02 should be suitable for this model

Deep spiral cuts pass through the small rhombic knurling. The grip is quite reliable.

The tail-cap is covered with deep grooves, it will not be difficult to twist it even with thick gloves on. It is open to the fingers from all the sides, sticking out like a nipple. The move is deep, with a noticeable click. What i did not like - there is no lace for lanyard.

The head is quite massive, with deep cooling fins at the base. It is sealed: this applies to both the bezel and the junction with the battery compartment tube.

The bezel is symbolically toothy. The height of the teeth is no more than enough to understand if the flashlight is on or off, if you put it upside down.

Deep smooth reflector closed with AR couated glass.

At the bottom of the LED Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED. It is dedomed, i.e. there is no silicone dome, that increases the focus of the beam. The LED is really tiny, almost the size of some XP-G

That’s all. The flashlight has its own pleasant and recognizable appearance. Although for a hunting flashlight one could expect that it would be neglected. I couldn’t get into the insides, but at the superficial level everything is worthy, the only complaints are the lack of the ability to fix the lanyard


Extremely simple.
There are three modes - Low \ High \ Beacon, switching between which is by (half) pressing.

The flashlight always turns on at Low.

How the Weltool T10-HG shines

In terms of light distribution - 100% ” piercer” with an exceptionally bright small center and dim side light. There is no visible PWM flicker.

If you hold the flashlight beam up, then in the smoke it resembles a laser saber from Star Wars.

Turbo drops somewhere to 70% on the timer, somewhere in 2-3 minutes. This is good, because if you wish, you can turn it on over and over again if you need it. In fairness, these 70% - more than enough level.

The stabilization is excellent. I did not see the obvious effect of cooling, the head is massive enough not to overheat at maximum.

Well, the most interesting thing is how does this flashlight shine.

As I said, there is almost no side light, but everything is perfectly visible in the center. Looking around, the flashlight just cuts through the air.

However, if there is something on the sides that collects side light, then there will be quite good peripheral lighting.

It is clear that this was a warm-up before real distances.

It shines very far. The claimed 158 kilokandel is a frankly unimpressive figure. Reality is quite far from these numbers.
i picked Convoy C8+ as most known budget flashlight that is enough for most of everyday needs.

50m for this flashlight is generally nothing distance.

75m - also playfully, here you can do without problems in LOW

But at a distance of 175m it is already makes sense to work at higher brightness.

400m? not a problem. The same C8 + here is largely pass.

Well, as the crown of it all, 800m. Just then, “Batman, Batman!

I was surprised to see that even the minimum brightness gives some kind of light, it is not decorative here. And the maximum illuminates quite brightly.

I’ll say right away, with regard to the use flashlight gun mounted, I do not see any practical meaning in the light at such a distance, except that we are talking about sniper shooting. Without optics, nothing is visible here at all, see the photo above with distance marks, for the naked eye the house at this distance is really the size of a matchbox.

there is video review with english subtitles. there is bunch additional material included.


This is an extremely special flashlight. But this is its advantage. I don’t remember any model similar in functionality. Yes, you can put the green filter on a regular flashlight, this is a common solution. It will allow you to use a flashlight with its usual light, but green will be noticeably dimmer. In short, it will be needed only to hunters, and even then not to everyone. But who needs it - it seems that the choice will be uncontested and the user will be satisfied.

light has exceptional penetration power, despite its rather modest brightness. I am objective enough not to undertake to evaluate its real practical sense for hunting: my hunting skills range from duck hunt (good) to running around in de_dust_2 with AWP (bad).

I evaluate this model only as a flashlight.

+ exceptional throw

  • good appearance

  • seemingly good build quality

  • gun mount included

  • I do not know any competitors with a green light comparable in throw

  • compatibility with a widespread remote button from the Fenix

  • full stabilization

  • the ability to turn on the turbo over and over again

    • UI is simple and convenient, but I do not see the practical meaning in the beacon mode

- there is no lanyard.