“REVIEW”: Wuben E10 – Osram P9 - 1200 Lumens [Beamshots - post #15] (Pic Heavy)

Beamshots & Comparison with other flashlights


Here are some “stand alone” outdoor photos of the Wuben E10 beam and range. This light has an intermediate beam, not being very floody (despite the Led) but also throwing a good distance well above the 100meters and at almost 200meters as the photos show.

Beamshot Comparison
Part 1 – Comparison with Nitefox UT20 (XML2 CW, SMO, 4 mode – 1000lumens) & Zanflare F1 (XP-L HD CW, SMO, 4 modes used - 1350lumens)

I opted by these 2 comparison lights due to the type of CW LED they have, and also because of the mode spacing that is somewhat similar to the Wuben E10 . However, the Zanflare F1 modes used were ML , L, M & Turbo, meaning that High was not used.

ORDER: Nitefox UT20 >>>>>>>>>> Wuben E10 >>>>>>>>>> Zanflare F1




Part 2 - Comparison with Zanflare F1 (XP-L HD CW 1350lumens)
In this part I will only make some comparison with the F1 due to the lumen output, that is higher in this flashlight. The UT20 is good, but being around 900-1000 lumens and XML2 Led, it stays a bit below the E10 specs , so I shortened the competition.

ORDER: Wuben E10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Zanflare F1






So, this light is quite incredible in outdoor environment! It doesn’t do something that others don’t do, but it is very competent and has a very nice throw and intermediate beam that I wasn’t expecting.

Outside, the rings in the beam that were felt indoor, are not felt anymore as it blends with the environment. It matches the competition of several different types of lights such as the ones I tested, but I believe that it’s stability will take some advantage throughout the way if compared again.

Being coherent with what I mentioned in post#1, the UI is the things that will bug me the most in this light. If it had no memory or at least a real “last mode memory” it would be a winner. But not knowing which mode I will get when I turn it on is kind of a bummer specially if used constantly. Used as a backpack light, however, it will be great, as you would remember the last used mode probably. Also, its performance and also the blinky modes make it a great light for “emergencies”.