Review: Wuben T70 26650 Flashlight

Wuben T70 26650 Flashlight

wuben gave me one of these.
i still will be honest.

I'm going to have a lot of words.
other reviews have already had lots of pictures, i don;t think i can add much to that area.

it uses a 26650 cell, which is provided.
it's big, too big for most people to EDC.
good light, very bright, well made.
turbo is supposed to be 4200 lumens, and i think that is accurate.
the UI has some quirks i would rather not deal with. but they may not bother you.

it has a very wide, floody pattern which is great for looking for something if you don't really know where to look.
it isn;t any *brighter* than most 1x18650 lights, but the beam has about 6 times the area of most of them.

though it gets hot on high, it cools off fairly quickly.

the fixed light modes are nicely spaced - though i also want a lower 'low' like 5 lumens and a moonlight - 1 lumen.

it seems very well made, as well as the accessories - lanyard, holster, o rings, and the 26650 cell.

you can use the ramping [or variable, or continuous] output to set a 'muggle mode'.
this would be a simple mode where the switch just goes from on to off, with a short press.
(you might do this if you want to loan it to someone that doesn;t want to fiddle with a million modes and options.
like your grandmother.
and you also don;t want them blinding someone or burning the house down on Turbo).
(of course **you** can change the level or go back to the 4 fixed levels, but the 'muggle' would not be able to do that).
anyway, a 'muggle mode' is a good thing.
even though the instruction book does not mention this specifically.

even though the USB type C is still uncommon, they do give you a nice cable with a 'regular' rectangular USB input.
so you don;t have to buy anything, except to have a charger, to charge the light.

it has a fuel gauge function, (the LED in the switch goes red and blue and flashes) but i found it kind of hard to use.

things i wish were better:
the ramping is TOO slow.
which is made worse by having to go all the way up or down to reverse direction.
(some other ramping lights (especially one using software called "Narsil") let you quickly reverse light direction with a short press) ).

it is hard to find the switch because there is no feature to point to it.
most lights have a clip, so you can set the clip to 'point' your fingers to the switch, in the dark.
this one does not.

it;s too heavy and big for me to carry every day--price you pay for big battery and heavy metal.

the light color is listed as neutral but i consider it 'cold white'.

low level is too high - i also want a 5 lumen and a 1 lumen.

it could have been shorter if it had used a TIR optic instead of a long, cone shaped reflector.
the wide pattern could have been achieved with a much shorter optic (i like small).

2 seconds press for off, is too long - 0.8 sec would be much better.

i would like a 'beacon mode' where it flashes briefly every 1 or 2 seconds.
(i think SOS is useless).

ok that's it!