[Review] Wurkkos HD10 - A great formfactor Anduril 2 90° headlamp

Nice, happy to hear that about the flashing pads. Well, I’m probably getting a few more when it releases anyway so in that case maybe I’ll leave my prototype as it is.

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I still have a buck driver on my “may do some day” list. Would have preferred boost, but that won’t work without a removable mcpcb

Maybe you could ask the seller for help. They will provide a video to show how to remove.

HD10 webpage is up

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Sadly no mention on the page and no reply to the feedback from users on social media and here whether or not the flashing pads are there, and if it uses a fixed firmware. Terry promised both will be present on the production model, but we have no confirmation that management did not take a shortcut and ignored them anyway. I am waiting for first reviews of production units before recommending the light to anyone.

Seems like I made it into a video by @LuxWad :smiley:

I have yet to watch the whole video, but it looks like an interesting watch. I am especially concerned that this light will have the same issues as the TS10 they mention - driver should be more or less the same. If you put a high discharge vapcell 14500 into this light, I could see the emitters fry on turbo.

In my lab PSU testing I limited the PSU current to 5 A, and the light sustained 5 A down to 3.4 V. I do not know how much current the CSP LEDs can take, but 5A shared for 3 of them is already a lot, and a cell that can sustain this will push way, way more when fully charged.

For the time being, please do not put high discharge current capable 14500s in your HD10s, or limit turbo/ceiling to something below 100% in Anduril…

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looks like your pcb will come in handy after all…

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Yeah… The moment I tested it I will push it to github. It still requires a full disassembly of the light to solder a thin enameled wire though :confused:

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The HD10 does not ship with the latest Anduril revision.

discussed in detail here

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New batch found its way here, this time in the correct thickness. I will try if it works (got a flat top cell to test now), and then publish the files on GitHub.

5pc are ~5$ incl shipping from China, so cheap enough to just order a few!

Works! The highest point is now still lower than the button. I stuck some Kapton on just for peace of mind, but it works with flat top cells now :slight_smile:

EDIT: PCBs are now on github.

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