[Review] - Wurkkos TS30S SBT90.2 5700K - By Argo

1) Disclaimer
2) Premise
3) Introduction
4) Packaging
5) Materials, assembly, processing, finishes, anodizing
6) Specifications
7) User interface
8) LEDs, light output
9) User experience and beamshots
10) Conclusions
11) Aspects positive
12) Negative aspects
13) Neutral aspects
14) Final grade
15) Tips
16) Bonus

1) Disclaimer

If my English is good, you can congratulate me. If my english is bad, you can blame google translate ;)

The flashlight was sent to me by Wurkkos for review.
Actually I have been sent two units, you will understand why by reading the review.

More and more often I find myself using flashlights during my excursions or in daily life, therefore I define myself as a user who has also become passionate over time.
In addition to indicating objective data and measurements, I will always try to be very clear in highlighting strengths and weaknesses, in explaining the impressions during use and what I would like to see or obtain.
All photos, info, measurements, unless otherwise indicated, are my own flour.
I do all this because I enjoy it, mine is a hobby and a pleasure, in life I do anything else, so I apologize in advance to the professionals of the sector, to the enthusiasts and to the simple users for the mistakes that surely are and will be present in mine pages.
If you notice errors, typos or have other reports to make, please let us know, I will be happy to update my pages with your reports.

2) Premise

The medium format is one of the most aggressive sectors in the world of torches, there are in fact many models, declined according to the most varied preferences, and it is possible to choose without problems the model that best suits your needs.
This time we are faced with an average with a decent size reflector, the powerful SBT90.2 LED and the Andúril firmware.
The ingredients for an interesting recipe are all there. Let's see how it will behave on the field.

3) Introduction

The TS30S is the evolution of the TS30 and from this it inherits the form factor, but grows in size and weight, while the LED compartment goes from 3X SST40 to 1X SBT90.2, both powered by a single 21700 cell.
(the following images are taken from the Wurkkos website)

4) Packaging:

The flashlight comes in a single wave hardcover, in the classic white and yellow Wurkkos graphic.
Inside the synthetic material shaped to host and protect the contents:

- instruction manual (English and German) and first use (English)
-2 spare o-rings
- lanyard
- usb-a / usb-c cable
- 21700 to 18650 battery reducer tube
- 5000mAh 21700 battery
-strike bezel

as highlighted on the manufacturer's page, the new torches made will be shipped with only the embattled bezel, the strike bezel will no longer be present in the package and in fact the second unit I received did not have this accessory.

5) Materials, assembly, processing, finishes, anodizing:

The torch is made of 6061 aluminum in the classic black anodization.
The manual shows a type III type of anti-abrasive finish.
The metal processing and anodizing are more than good, the latter has a slightly more glossy finish and a slightly deeper color than other torches.
The only defects found were the small specks of black powder, inside the lens, on the reflector and on the MCPCB. The second unit received, does not have these defects, resulting flawless.
Well the threads that run smoothly and without uncertainty.


my (first) unit comes with two bezels, both steel and both with a matte gray finish.
The first, more compact and light, is of the embattled type, the second of the strike type, more important in terms of size and weight, is really impressive and aggressive.


tempered mineral glass.


aluminum, turned with mirror finish (SMO)


Below the bezel, we find milled fins, well made, without sharp corners, which increase the heat exchange surface interspersed with longitudinal grooves that prevent it from twisting and rolling when placed on an inclined plane.
Next we find the switch with a soft gray cover that reveals the color of the two small LEDs below, surrounded on the outside by a small electric blue ring. On the sides of the switch, milled fins, lower than the previous ones.
Inside the switch, the two LEDs provide information on the charging status, and are programmable for intensity and type of flashing, clearly visible both with the torch on and off, even under the sun.
By turning the flashlight, you will find the silicone plug that waterproofs the USB-C port: well done, slightly larger than the milling, which closes the passage almost by pressure. The feeling you get is excellent watertight.
The USB-C is quite centered in the milling of the head and the insertion of the plug is smooth and precise.
The lettering of the prints, present under the bezel and under the switch, is well done and has no smudges or errors.

Inside, on the driver, which seems glued, we find the positive pole with a large contact surface, unlike the tail where there are two springs of different sizes.
On the driver I would have liked to find the contacts for the firmware update: it is a detail for geeks, but I bet that many would have liked to be able to install an updated version of the firmware.

Disassembling the flashlight we find different components, proceeding from top to bottom:
- steel bezel
- aluminum bezel
- center-led ring
-MCPCB with led


milled with a geometric checkered pattern, it has both anodized threads, so it is possible to physically lockout from both sides.
It cannot be used with arbitrary orientation because the diameter of the section in contact with the head is greater than that in contact with the tail.


wide, with longitudinal grooves that improve grip and grip.
There are two shoulders that allow you to take advantage of the tailstanding and on which the lanyard can be installed.
There is no tactical switch.
Inside, in the negative pole, there is a double golden spring.


All of good workmanship, there are no burrs or machining defects, the segments screw very smoothly and easily.
There is a uniform layer of grease.


There are 4 o-rings: the first two, larger, positioned above and below the lens, the remaining two located on the body near the head and tail respectively.

classic black lanyard.


A 21700 Wurkkos battery of 5000mAh declared is supplied with the flashlight.
In the capacity test it recorded 4532mAh, so a 9.36% variation from the factory data.

6) Specifications:

• LED: Luminus SBT90.2 5700K 70 CRI
• UI: Andúril
• Material: 6061 aluminum alloy
• Anodizing: type III
• Low voltage warning: yes
• Reverse polarity protection: yes
• Lens type: tempered mineral glass
• Reflector: smooth
• Switch position: head
• Memory: yes
• Tail stand: yes
• Luminous flux: 6000LM (declared)
• Throw: 952m (declared)
• Battery: Wurkkos 21700 5000mAh
• Head diameter: 55mm
• Length: 153mm
• Weight of the flashlight without battery and bezel: 221g
• Embossed bezel weight: 25g
• Strike bezel weight: 70g
• Battery weight: 74g
• Water resistance: IPX8

7) User Interface:

Andúril is my favorite UI because it can be customized and configured according to your tastes or needs.
The TS30S as firmware uses Andúril 1 by ToyKeeper, it is not the most updated version, but it always does an excellent job.

8) Led, light output

The led is a Luminus SBT90.2 5700K 70CRI
Below are measurements at level 7 of power on 18% gray card.

The LED on the first unit has a greenish dominant visible especially at the lower power levels while the color temperature tends to rise passing from level 1 to the turbo. The LED on the second unit has less green cast and here too the temperature tends to rise by raising the brightness.
This difference between leds is a normal thing, not all leds are 100% the same and in any case the difference in my samples is minimal.
Considering the type of LED, I consider both the tina and the color cast from power level 5 up to be good, while below this level the green is visibly more present but it is noticeable only when using the flashlight on white surfaces or in any case a lot. clear.
Measuring the peak power we are far from the declared 6000LM, I think that at best we do not go beyond 4500lumen.


I set the thermal break at 55 ° C, but for use without gloves a value of 50 ° C would be better.
Comparative 20 minutes runtime with sampling every 30s in the first 5 minutes and then every minute after the fifth minute.

What is clear is that by cooling the flashlight significantly higher performance is obtained: the turbo is kept at very high levels for about 3.5 minutes and with a more than decent total lumen output.
The performance without cooling is very depressing, the current cut greatly mortifies the capabilities of this flashlight.
In real use, with autumnal night temperatures what occurs is a middle way between the two different measurements (with and without cooling), i.e. it is clearly felt that the flashlight immediately generates heat especially at higher levels, however managing in careful way the power level you can get a decent output for some time. Due to the heat generated it is certainly not the most pleasant torch to use on night outings, because from time to time one is forced to lower the power to manage the temperatures.
If this flashlight will ever be updated, this is where I expect and wish an improvement, with better energy efficiency, perhaps using a more performing driver and better thermal dissipation.

Light beam
Unlike other pure shooting torches, of this size, which generally have a much narrower spot and a very weak spill, here we have a larger and equally bright spot but above all a spill which due to its brightness is very usable even when you need a flood torch. There are no rings or artifacts.
Using the strike bezel, the light beam is slightly modified: spills with a smaller diameter and a flower petal profile.

Some comparative shots with other flashlights.
WB 5000K

9) Experience of use and beamshots:

Medium sized torch with a 55mm outer diameter head.
It is possible to carry it in the pockets of trousers or jacket, but the dimensions and especially the weight will be felt over time, so if you have to walk a long time it is better to put it in the backpack.
On a dimensional level we can consider it a C8 in an oversized version.

The overhead electronic switch is one of my favorites: great visibility, great travel, great tactile and audible feedback.
The satin steel bezels are very beautiful, both aesthetically and to the touch, they give a feeling of solidity and sturdiness and it is always a pleasure to find accessories in the package, especially if the product has a very competitive price as in this case.

By placing the flashlight on the strike bezel you can use it as a lamp.
In this position it is very stable and aesthetically reminiscent of a departing rocket.

The handle and grip are good, the head is heavier than the body-tail, especially with the strike bezel.
The weight is mainly located in the front of the flashlight, however the balance is not bad.
It is used as a medium-sized flashlight with the thumb that is immediately positioned on the switch, but I would have preferred a tail with the same diameter as the body to give more continuity to the handle, because when I hold it I notice the difference in diameter and I find it less ergonomic than to other torches. We talk about subtleties and personal tastes, so nothing that can affect the proper functioning of the flashlight, but I prefer to write it as I did with other models.

The first field test I do is diving:
I left the TS30S in 20 cm of water for about 10 minutes: the glass fogged up and the inside was flooded.
Failed exam and for a flashlight sold as IPX8 certified it is not a good result.
If you look at the photo with the flashlight in the water you can see how on the left side of the bezel there are air bubbles, which alas were premonitory.
The seals on the USB port, tail and body held up well, while those on the head did not:
the water entered the head reaching the bottom of the led and most likely also on the circuit.
After a while the flashlight stopped working properly.

It can happen that a unit has failed, that an o-ring has gone out of place or that not enough grease has been put on the threads, so I contacted customer service to explain what happened and ask for an explanation.
After asking me for more details of the event, they replied that the TS30S is IPX8 certified, attaching a video with their dive test and that they would send me a new unit to conclude the review.
After receiving the second unit and taking the last photos and measurements, I immediately tested it for diving and this time it came out unscathed from the test, surviving 15 minutes of diving without consequences.

At night, in a natural environment, you immediately notice how this TS30S is equipped with a beautiful light beam, an incredible shot and a wide and bright spill that allows you to use it with satisfaction even at short and medium range.
The images speak for themselves: a wall of light that cuts through the darkness and illuminates the path.
A monster of power when we consider lumens, shooting and the large illuminated area.
Turbo is pure fun.

ISO 1000
26mm f1.6



It is a pleasure to have all this light available and even very distant targets at 300-500-600 meters are not a problem.
Some photos with targets at a distance of many meters.

ISO 1000
26mm f1.6
1 / 21s

340m 1115ft

340m 1115ft

460m 1509ft

640m 2099ft

This Wurkkos would seem like a perfect flashlight: compact size, great shot and excellent spill, but alas, not all that glitters is gold.
All this power in such a compact flashlight is felt, so much heat is generated that in a couple of minutes leads to a drastic cut in performance. The over 20A of driving the driver, in turbo, negatively affects the battery which is drained in a short time.
So in turbo it is great, but in no time it gets hot and greatly reduces the battery charge. It is not a flashlight designed to be piloted to the maximum for a long time.
If you want to use the flashlight for a long time it is best not to go beyond the power level 6.

10) Conclusions

The TS30S with a price of about 70 € (battery and shipping included) on the official store is an interesting product, especially if you consider that only the SBT90.2 led mounted on the MCBCP is on the market for about 35-40 € shipped.
Thinking of an ideal user, I would lean towards a user that needs a lot of shooting and a large area illuminated for a maximum of 1-2 minutes, for example those who need to control an estate, a private area or animals.
It is true that thanks to the large and bright spill it is perfectly at ease even in everyday use, for example for short trips in the dark or to walk the dog, with the advantage of having an excellent reserve of power and shooting. to use when needed.
With a pair of speakers (one white and one red) in the package it would also be a good candidate as a torch to take on a camping trip together with a frontal one.
In conclusion: if I consider it as a whole, evaluating price, size, power and shooting, I can say that I liked this flashlight and that it is an interesting product, provided however that the purpose of use is not mistaken.
If you want to buy a flashlight to try out the SBT90.2 without passing out it is definitely a good buy. If you are looking for a torch to keep at level 7 or in turbo for long sessions, then it is not the right product.
I think that with some improvements, even in the face of a weighted price increase, it could become a great all-rounder.

11) Positive aspects:
1) Power, shooting and light beam
2) Price
3) Compact size considering power and shot
4) Steel bezel

12) Negative aspects:
1) The light emission specifications are not true: the peak lumens, in my case, vary by 30% from the declared.
2) In turbo a lot of heat emitted and rapid battery drain
3) the tail design is not ideal for tailstanding, especially when installing the lanyard

13) Neutral aspects:
1) manual present only in English and German
2) the new torches produced no longer have the strike bezel in the package
3) in the Wurkkos catalog I would have preferred to find accessories such as speakers or a larger and more structured cord

14) Final rating:


15) Tips:

I try to make suggestions, indicating what I would have liked to find, aware that any improvement could lead to an increase in the price, even a considerable one, going to distort the price target.

1) What I consider most important: a more efficient and performing driver and better thermal dissipation to manage the high amount of heat generated.

2) I really appreciated the double steel bezel, because I like the ability to customize the flashlight, however I admit that it is not the best of comfort to have another accessory to put in the backpack.
I would like a 2-in-1 solution or a bezel that can be rotated as needed as on the Mankerlight Striker and maybe a diffuser can also be screwed onto.
(the following photos are taken from the website www.mankerlight.com)

3) It is possible to take advantage of the tailstanding with this flashlight, but the situation becomes more complicated when installing the lanyard.
The advice is to change the design of the grooves on the shoulders of the tail, so that the line does not get in the way.
I find the design of the tail of the Convoy M21F very useful and rational, a similar solution would be very convenient.

4) possibility to update the firmware, through contacts on the driver or with a driver not glued.

16) Bonus:

I thought it would be nice to use this Wurkkos as a lantern, so I created 2 speakers:

1) The first was by making a Xiaomi Yeelight E27, whose external diameter is the same as the head of the TS30S.
The initial idea was to thread the diffuser so that it could be screwed into the bezel seat, but the internal diameter and thickness were not suitable for this solution.
A special thanks goes to @ alex74 of cpfitaliaforum for his advice on a possible turning and for having dispelled all my doubts about it.
To secure the diffuser to the flashlight, I fell back on a solution that is as simple as it is effective:
a plastic ring of a few cm, made from a plastic bottle, subsequently shaped with the heat of the flame of a lighter.

The result is excellent: the component is so firm and stable in its position that you can even lift the torch from the diffuser, without it coming off. The dimensions are very small and it is easy to carry it even in your pocket.
To install it just place it on the torch and lower the ring.

2) the second, much simpler and easier to obtain, is a pack of chewing-gum, the diameter of which adapts perfectly to the head of the flashlight. Just remove the film with the product graphics and that's it.

Both DIY diffusers perform very well, they diffuse the light very well, however I prefer the first solution for the size and for the material suitable for handling high temperatures.


Thanks for reading the review.

This is a great light, they are basically giving it away at $55. Last chance before they are gone.

65€ 70$ without battery, but in this moment is out of stock on Wurkkos Site.

I paid $55 for TS30S, not surprised it’s out of stock. $30 for TS30. It does not get better than that. In all honesty, the build quality is so much better than. Convoy.

Of course Sir,
if you think that the led only is found at 30€ on market, it is a great attack price for this flashlight.