Review: X-Power Galaxy AA XP-G R5 4C from Intl Outdoor - Pic Heavy

Review X-Power Galaxy AA XP-G R5 4C

Battery AA/NiMh/Li Primary/14500
Switch Reverse Clicky
Modes 4 – Memory L/M/H/Disco
LED type XP-G R5 4C
Lens Glass
Tailstands Perfectly
Reflector OP
Price Paid $34.50

Available HERE


  • Extremely well built
  • Low Low
  • GREAT pocket clip. Springy and low profile.
  • Memory
  • Heat Sinking
  • Light Weight for size.


  • EXTREMELY LONG for what it is!!!
  • Cost
  • Loss of modes with 14500
  • Really need button top cells without modification


My new EDC. Easily the best built light I have.

I have fought getting into the realm of 14500s up to this point, but after taking a chance and putting a 14500 in my MARATAC AA , I decided to take the plunge.

Features / Value: 4 1/2 stars

This is a relatively expensive AA light. That being said, it is so well built, I can’t bring myself to give it too hard a hit on Value.

Design / Build Quality: 5+ stars

The anodizing on this thing is a work of art. Threads came dry as a bone, and aren’t square, but are deep and absolutely perfect. Diagonal knurling makes light very grippy. Pocket clip is the best I have seen, and is easily removed. Did not find a single sloppy piece on the entire light.

Battery Life: TBD

Will get runtimes if there is interest, but here are the tailcap draws:


High: 2.00 A
Med: 0.80 A
Low: 0.04 A


1.8 A (Loss of modes)

Great Low Low. Good spacing.

Light Output: 4 stars

Nice beam pattern. Good hot spot with very useable spill.

Summary: 4 1/2 stars

For what it is, this is a fantastic light. I don’t have many other 14500s to compare to, and the output compared to larger 18650 based light prevents me from giving it 5 stars.

Now for the important stuff:

Comparison with CR123 Zebralight, Maratac AA, Galaxy AA, WF-501B

Close up comparison with Maratac AA

Did I mention how LONG this thing is? Just the head compared with an Eneloop

Another comparison

Business End

Close up of clip from the side

Pretty orange boot, and another view of clip attachment

Extreme close up, showing anodizing and threads

Basic breakdown

Close up of Main body

Head disassembled from the top

There is no pill. The star is mounted directly to a solid part of the head. Talk about heat sinking.

Positive contact end

Bottom of the driver. Was not able to get any further without prying the driver out.

Switch end disassembled

Close up of switch

My favorite blondes

With Silicone Diffuser in place for Lantern Mode


With NiMH




Compared to Maratac AA with NiMH

Color rendition is pretty accurate with my eye. R5 4C is much more natural and yellow than R3 1A.
The pics appear more ringy than in real life.
To be fair to the Maratac, it has a much wider spill, so the Galaxy over powers it with a narrower beam.




Nice review Sharpthangs. Is the light a lot brighter on the 14500 and whats the temp like with longer run times.

Nice review :slight_smile:
I have one in the same color for 2 months.
It is beautiful, light, robust, the best that I have with aaNiMH, (until I received the nitecore ea1). Enjoy it.

Thanks for the review and the very nice closeup pics.

@#$%!!! That’s two more lights I need :p. Shame on you Sharpthangs!

With the 14500, the light gets warm within 60 seconds or so.

It does not get too hot to hold or anything, but it gets pretty warm.

I have an IR gun at work that I’ll try to bring home this week and get some “real” readings.

I do notice that the entire body of the light gets warm, which suggests the emitter sitting on a cross member that is part of the body is really working to shed the heat.

There does not appear to be a huge difference between NiMHs and 14500 in brightness. I’ll take some pics tonight and see if I can figure out how to do a mouseover shot. That should tell the tale.

Thanks for looking.

Here directions for mouseovers are. (Credit to Pounder)

-click advanced editor
-put your mouse off image in the url
-click advanced and check the box use alternative image
-put that same url in the “mouse off” box
-put the mouse on link in the “mouse over” box..

Thanks, Scaru.

Will try that tonight. Should be able to figure it out.

@photon1k. Sorry to be of help. :wink:

Nice review, thanks for posting. That is a beautiful light.

Mouse off for Eneloop - Mouse over for 14500

By eye it appears that the 14500 is brighter.

Nice review! Those threads look pretty darn square to me.


Thanks very much! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.