Review: Yes Watch Kundalini - The ULTIMATE watch for flashaholics! (or photographers, or astronauts, or ...) (PIC HEAVY!)

Yes Watch Kundalini 24/24 Founder's Edition

Reviewer's Overall Rating:


Battery: CR2032 + V364
Switch: Four buttons & Crown
Modes: Too many to count
LED Type: "Reverse" backlight
Lens: Sapphire Crystal
Tailstands: No
Price Payed: $595 ("Suomi" special), regular price $895
Date Ordered: April 2013


  • Gorgeous design (polished titanium case, dual tone titanium bracelet, sapphire crystal)
  • 24h dial, the most natural way to follow time
  • Shows up to three time zones simultaneously (Dial, bezel & digital can be set to show different time zones)
  • Continuous display of sun rise, sunset, moon rise & moon set (to know when to play with lights)
  • Sun rise & sunset alarms! (30min before -> you know when to head for beam shots)
  • Shows also moon phase (for darkest possible surroundings or "beam to full moon"-shots)
  • Sun/Moon calculator can tell exact Sun/Moon information for any city & any time
  • Comes in a great looking wooden box - suitable for a 50th birthday present (or something similar)
  • Water resistant (up to 10 ATM)
  • Works a makeshift compass
  • Comes with extra leather & rubber straps & tools for changing them
  • Price is not bad for the unique feature set!
  • If it's robust enough for Adam Savage, it must be for me too


  • Date not visible by default (shown after one click to button "S")
  • Can be depressing for flashaholics (shows how short the dark time is during summer here at north )

Features / Value: ★★★★★

The watch arrived very well packaged in a cardboard box, which contained a white box, inside of which, surrounded by proper foam, was a gorgeous wooden display case with lock:

Inside of which was the watch itself:

The looks of the display case & the watch itself are even more great in the real life! These photos simply don't do justice to it. It looks so great that I'm seriously considering buying one of these for my father for the next major birthday.

The display case contains also a manual, key, leather- and rubber straps, and tools to change/adjust them:

Here's that all shown in one photo:

Feature list is loooooong, but I'll try to remember them all:
- 24h dial with analog time
- 24h bezel for another time zone
- Digital time (separately for Home and Away) - Can also be turned off for "holiday watch"-mode!
- Date (day, month, year, day of week)
- Week number
- Day of year
- Sun rise (analog)
- Sun set (analog)
- Moon rise (analog)
- Moon set (analog)
- Sun & Moon calculator (digital), telling exact times for: (for any city / location in the world & any date)
- Sun rise, solar noon, sun set
- Moon phase, moon rise, moon set, next new moon & next full moon
- Solstice & Equinox indicator
- Alarm
- Sun set & rise alarms (30min before)
- Stopwatch
- Timer
- PET countdown counter (Phase Elapsed Time, used to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to a specific event)
- Automatic adjustment of Daylight Saving Time (based on time zone)

The absolutely best feature of this watch is the ability to easily follow the natural sun & moon cycles, displayed constantly as analog representation (dial for sun & ring for moon). This watch has raised my awareness of sun & moon with at least a decade!

Another feature I really love is the ability to display of two time zones as 24h analog time.

Here's an example what can be seen at one glance: The main dial & digital time are set to display Finnish time, and outer bezel shows the current time in California (location of one of offices of the company I'm working for). Summer is here soon, so the sun set is only after nine o'clock and sun rises after five. It's almost full moon, but the moon rises only at midnight and sets at seven am).

Here's a graphical presentation of the same thing: (photo borrowed from

And here's a my collage of Sun/Moon calculator showing information for New York, 4th of July 2013:

There's no other watch I know with all these fantastic features, so the value for money is "priceless"

Design / Build Quality: ★★

Build quality is very good. The case is polished titanium (very light, but durable), bracelet is dual tone titanium (polished & satin), and the glass is sapphire crystal. I really like this combination!

This watch is quite big, looking very impressive in my wrist, but surprisingly light weight (titanium, you know..).

Polished titanium at it's finest:

The design is great, down to the small details like bezel edges or "yes"-logo at case:

The logo can be seen also in the clasp, which has nice two-sided locking mechanism and good adjustments:

The back of the watch shows the brand too + has a unique serial number:

Yet another beauty shot to show the dual tone bracelet:

Customization & adjustment: ★★

The watch can be customized to suit different situations simply by changing the bracelet. A leather (classy) and rubber (sporty) bracelets are included, together with extra pins & tools for changing it yourself. I'm not a watchmaker, but let's give it a try..

Hmm.. Which one to choose?

Ok, let's try the rubber one first.

But the titanium bracelet must be taken off first. Let's see.. It's better to open bracelet from the clasp first:

That gave me a good access to locking pins:

Ok, first part of the bracelet is off - and then the next one:

Then just connect the pins for the rubber bracelet and we are done! Totally new look for the watch.

Nah. Not for me. Maybe with the leather strap then?

Looks classy:

Would be good for a dinner party. ..but I still like the titanium bracelet best.

However, it's a bit too long for my wrist. So let's try the shortening tool.. Bracelet has even guiding arrows to show the opening direction:

The pin is removed easily:

Same treatment for the other pin:

Remove the unnecessary piece and push the pin back with same tool:

After connecting the clasp and some final adjustments.. We are done. Perfect fit!

In real use: ★★★1/2

After using the watch for about three weeks, I have to say that I'm very happy with my purchase!

Before this watch I had to guess the best time for evening / night time photography, but now I'm well aware of the sun & moon cycles. A quick look at the watch tells me whether I can still do some modding or is it time to go taking some beamshots.

Driving towards the sunset:

15% of moon, about an hour after the sunset: (note also the nice reverse backlight!)

Full moon rising behind the houses:

The only negative point I have noticed is that it would be nice to see the date number by default. Now it's shown only after pressing a button. (Small thing, but worth minus 1/2 star)

Summary: ★★

A very unique, one-of-a-kind watch for any flashaholic! Also recommended for anyone interested in photography, astronomy or space travel ():

..or if you are into busting myths: (Zulu is another model of Yes Watch, very similar to this Kundalini)

Or if you are simply interested in following the sun & moon cycles, which is very fun indeed. After all, this watch has so many unique features that I simply couldn't resist buying it. The price isn't exactly budget, but still very affordable when taking into account the feature set it offers.

Verdict: Highly recommended!

Thanks for reading & watching. Hope you enjoyed the review! (even if it's about something else than flashlights)

Gorgeous watch! Congrats on your purchase. 8)

Thanks for the thorough review of a very cool watch. I'm usually not a big fan of LCD/digital watches, but I would wear this one in a heartbeat !

The included tools and extra bands are a nice touch, as is the box.

I’ve known about YES watches for over 3 years now and always admired their designs. I’ve also read a few reviews and have to say that yours is the best of the bunch, the. :beer:

The retail prices are quite a bit high for what I’d like to pay for a digital watch, but it does seem like you get your money’s worth. This is the quintessential conversation piece watch that is also seriously useful (not just novel in design). Funny enough, CASIO used to include moon and sun rise and set information in some of their watches, but they’ve abandoned that. You don’t get sun information and the moon is only represented in phases. But what’s so great about a YES watch is that you get a graphic depiction of what hours have sun and moon exposure. Very quick and easy to tell the information without having to do any mental calculations.

One thing I’m still puzzled by… The YES watch website says “There are 2 batteries in the watch” and then lists two types: CR-2032 for digital and V364 for analog. I’m hoping they meant “There are 2 different batteries used by YES watches”, and not that there are two CR-2032 batteries installed. Given the stated battery life is 1-2 years, that would be a very power hungry watch.

Incidentally, the “suomi” watch discount page is targeted for residents of Finland, however if you click “buy” you are able to receive the watch at other destinations (like the USA) while still getting the discount. :party:

Wow, that looks like a nice watch, but I have to ask: what advantage does this have over say an iphone, as they are quite similarly priced.

Nice watch!

What is with all the gadgets in your dashboard?

^ More like “what are those three things stuck to your windshield?” Phone mount, compass, and radar detector?

My watch (when I actually wore a watch) has a picture of a rather famous mouse and his arms/hands go around to tell the time… His finger points to the digits. I guess that makes it a digital watch.

Bullwinkle: “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”
Rocky: “I’d rather see you turn an analog watch into a digital one.”

this guy

Thank you all for your kind words!

^^This! Exactly the reason why I like this watch so much.

The manual says:

There are 2 batteries in the watch:

  1. LCD battery lithium CR2032, expected lifetime 12- 24 months.
  2. Analog hand battery lithium V364, expected lifetime 4-5 years.

Hmm.. Let me think.. You can't waste you time playing Angry Birds with this?

Mounts for two different GPS navigators (Tomtom + PhotoNav) and a dash cam from DX.

Good catch! I actually emailed them and asked permission to share the discount with you guys. Björn (the founder himself!) answered and gave his permission and a pointer to another active promotion -> feel free to use them!

"Suomi" (Contains the Founder's Edition, but is in Finnish, sorry!):

"Photographer promotion":

Beamshots anybody? What’s the lux reading?

Ah, OK — I get it now. I’d overlooked that there’s actually an analog hand on this particular model, so apparently the hand is powered separately… Ugg. Doesn’t that imply two separate time keeping systems, which means they will drift out of synchronization?

Eventually, yes. But since the resolution of the analog hand is about 15min, that won't be a real problem. Two systems with 1s resolution would absolutely drive me crazy.. ;)

Just FYI

I just got email from Yes Watch: The are having a father's day sale of some nice looking models with really nice prices (better than I paid)

I’m not really seeing the tie-in with Flashaholics though. I am pretty sure I can figure out when to use my flashlights, without a 900 dollar watch telling me. :wink:

For that price, don't they have a 24/7 worldwide special-ops-style service team to helicopter out to your yacht and replace the batteries for you? 0:)

Now that thing is a really ugly nerd watch.